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I recently went to Goodwill after being out of state for 9 months, and was shocked at the rise in prices, especially on some really shoddy goods. I was looking for some cheap jewelry to take apart and re-use for craft projects...forget it! I can buy better necklaces and bracelets new, for a cheaper price, at any store. Is the rise in prices, and subsequent loss of customers, the reason why they keep having 50% off days?

I have shopped at Goodwill Industries for years. I try to buy almost nothing new and live by the motto "reduce, reuse and recyle". However, the other day when I went to my local Goodwill I was shocked at the rise in prices. Books that used to be 70 cents are now from $1..99 to $4.50...for used, donated books! The clothing has also almost doubled in price and I can buy many items cheaper new at WalMart, which is something I don't wish to do. Shoes and purses are simply beyond my ability to buy them at Goodwill any more. They were asking $29.00 for a used purse! I was told, rather briskly, that I should be willing to pay the higher prices because Goodwill employs so many people from our community and I was doing a service. Shouldn't Goodwill be doing a service to their community and making things affordable to those who cannot shop elsewhere? Goodwill is losing money by raising prices because I know of many, including myself, who will no longer shop there.

I have been a buyer online @ shopgoodwill.com for years. They charge false mailing fees that do not allow the buyer any consideration as real low available fees for mailing costs for small items. They charge 5% , plus a handling fee on top, when they get everything donated. They need to learn how to employ all mailing companies, so the lowest fee for shipping helps the buyer,and allow the buyer to choose which vendor will mail their purchases, or better yet, mail all items free, and write off the mailing fees. I purchased some patches for 16.00 and they wanted a 3.00 handling fee, plus stated it would be mailed through UPS, the only carrier they offered,at a one pound rate for over 7.50 on top of the 3.00 handling fee. I informed them that this package could be sent for 1.75 in a mailer bag through the usps,including trackingas it only weighed less than one ounce , but they refused to offer any usps service as they said the post office didn't come to their store. This is a blatent lie, as they get mail every day through the post office i know for fact. so that charge is false. If shopgoodwill expects to avoid fraud charges through consumer protection or federal antitrust laws, they best get their act together to be user friendly to all buyers for online purchases. Recently we had a son die, and due to goodwills bad policies towards us as customers, we donated everything to the decons closet to be distributed to the homeless. That's how you can also beat goodwills thieving actions , as they are not good, and show no will towards anyone but their own conquests, and take advantage of the retarded, and homeless at slave labor rates they should be ashamed of. But thats another issue, they do not feel they have to be honest on mailing fees, and one buyer on one auction, bought a diamond ring i was following for 17,000.00 they charges him 5% on top , and even mailing fees plus insurance to boot, then if you didnt bid in that auction the price they gotand all just dissappears if you dont recall the auction number. I feel when they are donated such an item, by the way , that cannot be proved, as to who the other bidders are and many feel are shilled,the mailing should be free for all items regardless of the item. That way they show goodwill to all the buyers,and in this way give back for getting freebees purchased , and also have a write off as a loss for taxes, but do they pay taxes at all being a charity, so I doubt they should be listed as a charity since they have no program in any community i have ever seen that feeds or gives back for nothing to anybody in need. The federal government needs to get interested in this corporations illegal, and highly greedy practices of charging all these extra fees,and false mailing costs , and prove they really do give back, as they claim the stores act independently, but do not allow certain items to be sold, so they are controlled by the office in Santa Anna Calif. This seperating themselves from the stores also hires undocumented aliens, and should be illegal, and so this business makes billions every year at the cost of trusting individuals who never see a dime spent in their community,or ever give any cash to ever help anybody in need, except to hire retarded, and dis advantaged folks at slave labor rates.They may get some perks, but i doubt they get very much at all in benefits if so id like to see their quarterly reports published online every quarter for every store, and all sales itemized , and even the donors names given so they can benefit for the auctions as having a write off for thir taxes after the auctiuon is over, and show these trusting folks just what they gave away, and how much good will got, and where the money goes in a public statement sent to every donatee. Yes they are not showing any good will to anyone, and until they fix this false mailing fandango, they are flimm flammers , and do us as the honest public a large disservice when we fall for their begging for items. They wont even come to get donationsatyour home any longer, as they have become so lazy, they hire college students to do the job, and charge the donatee for donating with a pick up, and many of the college kids ateal these donations to supplement their income when they work for goodwill. How lazy can one get, then call themselves that name. Very lazy. There needs to be regulations for online auctions through any charity , so they have to preform fairly,be transparent with all financial disclosure to prove that they spend at least 35% back to every community, and do not be alowed to have that FU attitude you get when you complain, and so ,when you realize what they are all about , and not be forced to pay at the end of any auction if it seems to be unfair to you as a buyer you should not be forced to buy if it seems like it was a shilled aquction, and for honesty re run the item in good will.. They can relist for free, and yet they think they are like e bay,and just because you agree to buy the item doesnt mean you should have to if you feel it was mishandles or possibly shilled, when they are not e bay, and have no protections whatsoever e bay offers, like paypal protection. I once bought what was stated to be a diamond in gold, and it was a tiny chip of a rhinestone in a piece of an aluminum flower off a broken necklace. they refused to refund my 18.00,as it was groosly misrepresented, and even after complaining to santa anna, nothing was done to protect me to geta refund even when i offered tro mail the item back at my cost, and santa anna allowed the store to say ,if i mailed it back it would be considered a donation, and nothing would be returned, even though it was clear i had been flim flammed. Many of the stores have become crooks, and until goodwill undustries stops collecting their 20% from these independent stores who work for them, but publicly state they do not work for them,We as the informed public need to never donate anything to them ever at the shop goodwill online auctions, or any stores, as where i live they allow the illegal aliens to steal right under their noses, but ripp me off on online auctions for perpetrating or allowing false handling and mailing fees, and percentages , which is basicly double and tripple dipping into my pocket, when i feel just paying for the item and true mailing costs is the only fair way to sell online. They are fraudulent in their charges, and need to be monitored by citizens who are also buyers , and allow the citizens to log in these charges they falsely charge to online buyers, and then prosecute them at millions of dollars for every infraction till they get it right, and act as a true charity, be forced to spend a percentage , like 40% in all the communities they serve in back to the community in the form of food banks, and clothing outlets for the disabled and the poor, and be a real charity in this time of many not having work. Ripping off the public needs to be brought to the major media, and show how this charity is nothing but a front for scamming the trusting public , and has become BIG business now. DO NOT EVER DONATE TO SHOPGOODWILL OR ANY GOODWILL STORE, until they change their policy, and you can see them spend some of the money back in your community for the needy, and not just hiring retarded, and disabled folks at slave labor wages,and be forced to do good deeds in our communities ,as to date i have seen them do nothing but glean from the trusting public, who are fooled by their tricky name, and start acting right, or be forced to lose their charity status, and pay the 35% rate of tax the rich pay now, or be shut down for using a false name that should be changed to badwill, or evilwill, as its time they perform as their original founders intended, not as they do today...

Goodwill is a joke! I can go to Walmart and spend about $5 more for something brand new, can get things on clearance at JCPenny, Sears, Macy's, etc for cheaper too! Not to mention the fact that the manager in that store is very rude and has no customer service skills what so ever!

i want to say my experience with the counselors in new orleans la they have the worst staff in their admin. building in the world those people were horrible mrs, gilllord she's not professional at all,she has a very nasty attitude like she's always angry or like she doesn't want to be there that whole administrative office on tulane ave in new orleans,la need to be fired and a new staff should replace all them even the receptionist. if i had a phone number i'd report them all but i don't so i'll post it here instead. they are lazy and missing in the field @ the casino's type workers they cover for each other in their wrong doings. so if your in new orleans la please don't nuy or support anything at the tulane ave. store until they get a better professional,nicer staff.

I have been shopping at Goodwill for years now. I have averaged about $200 a month there. Not anymore. It seems like good stuff never makes it to the floor anymore, and when it does, it is not even marked 50% off what the item would cost new. I see DIY projects marked for $25. There are 4-5 stores in close proximity to me. I have been to 4 of them in the past week and left empty handed every time, for two reasons: The prices are too high (a trend that has been growing there for the past year or so, with some stores less reasonably priced than others-this last increase, between $0.40 to a dollar for all flat-priced items and furniture prices increased by 25-50%) and the inventory is not like it used to be. I think most of us who have loyally shopped at Goodwill do so because the inventory was constantly changing and prices have been reasonable. Since the New Year, the stores I go to don't even have a place to put everything-there is so much over-priced junk cluttering the walkways and every shelf available. Most items now reach the $5.00 mark (including picture frames clearly marked by the manufacturer for $3-I actually laughed when I saw this). I will be heading back to Craigslist, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, eBay, etc. I am soured on Goodwill for now.

I love Goodwill for one fact, it serves as a wonderful place to dump off junk after hours under the cover of darkness, that can not be picked up by regular garbage collection. Why pay someone to pick up and dispose of old televisons, mattresses, broken furniture, soiled carpets, batteries, deceased pets or depleted uranium.

I work for store 251 in Myrtle Beach,SC..btw I LOVE suzy Qs post..you are SO right on..id like to add more juicy info about Goodwills EVIL and GREED..they receive money for hiring disabled persons and veterans or both..they actually get money for every damn body they hire,just more if ur "documented" as disabled..ok anyway..Goodwill is all about making money and "production" numbers..now these stores are supposed to be minimum 60% employed by disabled people..if these people DO NOT meet production levels..they can then be "time studied" from workforce development..so then by LAW they can legally pay these poor people SUBMINIMUM WAGES..and since labor laws of 1986..there is NO minimum..the can pay whatever they want..AND even if they don't collect disability or SSI..so how is this EMPOWERING or IMPROVING peoples lives through the diginity and power of work?..YOU ARE RUINING PEOPLES LIVES GOODWILL!!!..GOD IS WATCHING YOU!..also. they sell COUNTERFEIT handbags and everyone knows this..all you have to do is contact your State Dept and speak with an investigator..if they have these fake goods on the floor and selling them..it is ILLEGAL..they can be fined and prosecuted!...the money they make is used to open more stores and line executives pockets..ROBERT SMITH..CEO..YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!...you're a MONEY HUNGRY TYRANT..YOU HAVE NO SOUL..EXPOSE GOODWILL for what they really are!!!!...

Goodwill is a scam. They sell the clothes-millions of donated clothes-to other dealers for high prices!!They in turn sort the good stuff for their stores and sell it at high margins. They make more than Bloomingdales and Macys because they dont pay anything for them. Its a 5 billion yearly enterprise with most of the money going to individual directors. If you want to donate DO NOT DONATE TO GOODWILL. Give instead to Salvation Army or to sell your clothes over the internet!!!

here in post falls idaho, there is a major road that runs right behind the goodwill so you can see what people donate befor it goes into the store.i have seen many good things go in but never hit the floor to be sold. i even donated some good resellable stuff and went in the store every day for 2 weeks and it never showed on the shelves!!!. just tonite they had a brand new electric toothbrush next to the cash register, i asked if anybody could buy it and the fat b$$ch behind counter said No !! in a stern voice. well the hell with goodwill, their ripoff employees, their overpriced online auctions, and their bad attitudes!if you think of donating to goodwill, save yourself some time and just ask the people who work there if they want it, if it is any good they will end up with it anyway.

I am absolutely disgusted with the high prices being charged by Goodwill Industries here in Santa Rosa Ca. I have been shopping Goodwill for 40 years and have seen the prices rising higher and higher over the past 10 years. Why are mens t-shirts priced $2.00 but womens t-shirts are priced $4.00? Kitchen utensils $5.00 a piece?? Glasses $3.00 a piece. I won't be going back until these prices come down. Nor will I be donating and I am telling my friends not to donate either.

I went to Goodwill in Rocky Mount NC and buy same tennis shoe the cashier said they was five and ten dollar.But the sign post the shoes for $3:29 and them sold them for Ten and Five Dollar, and that like telling a lie a about the prices I call the manage he said they change the price with how they look and what shape they of in.

The goodwills in my area are hiking prices on everything. Also the online stores are kind of a ripoff. Their shipping charges are outrageous and don't make sense. For example an item that cost a dollar to ship size small and just weight a couple of ounces their shipping charges are $9-11 dollars, very ridiculous and on top of that they have in place handling charges that typically go for $2-4 per item, sometimes they dont allow combine on shipping forcing you to pay handling fees and shipping fees for every single item...what a scam they have for stuff they get for free...I smell corruption !

I have wanted to write to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village, and any other "charity" thrift store. WHY, on earth would you price stuff you get for FREE at 75% of new? It's broken, missing parts, no warrenty, and like I said...it came to you free. Reading all the other articles, I can see that your corporation is corrupt. (The CEO's reading this are probably having the last laugh.)The employees are under paid according to the above articles. Why do you have display cases with high end jewlery, or antiques? Some priced in the $1,000's and I am sure about 1% of your customers could even afford it. I saw a schwinn stingray priced at $289. Are you kidding me??? The tires were not original, it was in fair condition at best....e-baying it would probably on get you $100. A pair of faded jeans in the womens section was $49. Yeah sure they probably go for $100 new...but this is a THRIFT STORE. Your customers are low income. I have gone in with the intentions of spending $40 or more on stuff that I could use. I end up leaving having spent $0. Loosen up the prices, price it accordingly and remember you got the shit for freeeeeeee!!!!! I know I would spend more. But not at the current pricing.

I am complaining regarding the goodwills in the Santa Clarita Area. They receive donated items that they mark sky high, that either sit on the shelf until they are broken and are of no use to anyone. If this is a "win win" situation, then why aren't they marking items at a "win win" for everyone concerned. Many disabled, unemployed and consumers who other wise can't afford things should be able to purchase donated items at a fair price and not close to retail for a used item. I have noticed that they wait to bring out under-marked items for when their family or friends come it. On occasion, I see the staff lead certain consumers to rooms where they have stored items or hid items for them to retrieve. People are ripping off tags, changing tags and if you want an item that doesn't have a tag they will mark it up to what they feel that certain customer can afford in most cases RETAIL. One manager named Jim who works in the Stevenson Ranch store, is the rudest person and you hear people talk about him including the employes. He raises his voice in the store and rants and raves about different shoppers . Is lack of professionalism and management skills is disturbing. After shopping Goodwills at other locations, SCV by far has the highest price Goodwill! I will never donate to Goodwill again! They do not live by their Mission to help the needy. THEY HAVE BECOME SO GREEDY!

Glitter fascist sale shows poor customer service. First displaying red and black balloons. Forcing people and actually yelling at people to stay behind an elderly person that could not have been waiting out in the cold since 4am. Then claiming that there was a time limit on deciding to purchase items. Only to find out later that the stuff offered was mostly junk crap not worth a dime. Goodwill is not a community friendly non-profit and promotes and helps more naturalization than helping the people born here on the land. I hope karma takes over and shows the fraud for what it is.


i am a regular shopper with goodwill and heres my story, Last week i was shopping at the northwest side outlet in indy. I had finished shopping and was sitting in my car when one of the managers came outside and got in her vehicle no big deal i see it all the time, However when she put a brown paper bag to her lips it dawned on me that this job must be too much for her no wonder she is harsh towards the customers at times. It gets better another employee (a cashier) came out too she stood right next to her manager as she took another swig from her bottle both of these employess should be fired one for condoning bad behavior and one for demostrating bad behavior

Went to goodwill in Anderson s.c in the stuffed animal bin there was a Garfield the cat stuffed animal with a net on it all items suppose to be 50 cents in this bin got to front to purchase it and the guy said it was not marked to sell. I mean really WTF so he then takes it in the back and comes out without it says I can not purchase it they have to price it. Not only did it piss me off because it was in the stuffed animal bin but my daughter age 7 thru a hissy fit home! Y'all people are ripoffs everything is to expensive & it's not fair to take away from a child just because something ended up in the wrong bin as the manager said. The boy at register seen it came out of stuffed animal bin he also didn't have to be a dick head & just let me have it for the price the bin said even offered to pay more how cruel are y'all people!! The crap is giving to you needs new friendly staff and more reasonable prices....

I have recently three problems shopping at Goodwill. 1. Store would not accept their own $5.00 coupon that was issued at neighborhood grocery on back of dated receipt because Goodwill exp date of 12/2011 was torn off when reciept issued. I had shopped for an hour and had to pay full price if I wanted goods. Manager was no help. Town & Country issued me another Goodwill coupon and apologized. 2. At donate $2.00 , buy 1 pair jeans and get 2 free sale. Store clerk and manager didn't feel that corduroy jeans were included in offer but did include colored stretch jeans. 3. Brought pair of men's Polo jeans to clerk . Sign clearly stated "All Jeans $7.00 unless marked differently. Jeans had no price tag but did have plastic color used to identify prices during sales. Clerk said jeans should be higher price because of Polo name. She sent another clerk into back who came back and said $8.00. I was so insulted that I will never donate another item or shop regularly in Good Will again. They can be so rude to regular customers even though they operate solely on free donations given to them. This is not good customer service.

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