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shame on you!

Never again will I bring my donations to you. I will make sure all my friends, there friends and anyone else I can tell does the same. Shame on you Goodwill, shame on you!

won't donate to you again

in 2011 i donated a bunch of items to the randleman goodwill store stuffed animals and clothing i won't donate or shop any of stores until you pay minimum wafe .2 cents/hour? seriously that is ridicolous and wrong shame on you


I was appalled and disgusted by the Rock Center segment on Goodwill. Making many millions and paying not only less than minimum wage, but prison wages in many cases. All while CEO's are making near a half million. And worse yet, timing disabled employees and lowering their pay if they are not fast enough. I don't even have words for this. But you will never again see a penny of my money in any way. Can't wait to share this on Facebook and twitter. You are busted.

goodwill pay scale

I like most people feel good when we donate to charities like goodwill, we think we are helping the disabled to earn a pay check to help with their living expenses. I did not know that goodwill pays some of their workers 22 cents an hour, they could work 8 hours and not have enough money to by a quart of milk or a loaf of bread. What goodwill is doing to these people is unacceptable in this day and age and in this country. I should mention that goodwill also pays their ceo 1 1/2 million dollars a year while regional managers earn almost 1/2 a million a year. If I'm not mistaken murderers serving life without parole earn more than 22 cent an hour. I for one will find another charity to help, and I will investigate what the leaders of these organizations are paid.

Watched a report about your stores on NBC Rock Center Friday night 6/21/13

Are you kidding me! Your stores employ the under privileged and pay them less than the state minimum wage? .24, .58, 1.42, 2.00 and many other hourly wages below minimum wage. WOW that's great in the US! Those people can probably pay all their bills with that money, don't you think? Sounds like the employees in countries like, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Nam, Taiwan and many others overseas doesn't it? OVERPAID executives, once again making stupid decisions regarding their employees. Unbelievable, won't be dropping off nice unused clothing or shopping there anymore.


I was so appalled at the program on TV, never in my life would I think a so called helpful organization would stop so low , not paying the help at least minimum wage while the CEO's and other top leaders make thousands/millions. I will never donate to this organization again...

Corporate Greed strikes again

Again, "Shame on you, Good Will." We just watched the final episode of Rock Center where Brian Williams presented a riveting expose' about Good Will... specifically what it pays its handicapped employees vs what it, as a TAX EXEMPT CHARITY pays its top executives. Those pay ranges (gleaned from public records) for disabled/mentally handicapped employees were between 22ยข and $1.41/hour because of some loophole in the Fair Wage Act... while top executives in a number of states rake in $400,000-$500,000+ per year. We are appalled and disgusted and will never set foot in a Good Will store again.

Donation Not Accepted

Since when did Goodwill become so selective on donations? My husband and I did some major spring house cleaning and decided to down size on the amount of household items that we had. Instead of selling them we decided to donate them to the Goodwill. We waited in line for a good 1/2 hr. before we were told that unless the items were in the original packaging, Goodwill would not accept them. Since when do donated items have to be in their original packaging? Please tell me your company doesn't try to return them to the stores for a refund or credit. To have our donations turned away was disgraceful and we will unfortunately never donate to the Goodwill again. In fact you may want to change your name from Goodwill to ill Will.

price of wristwatch

Upon requesting to see and touch a mans wristwatch that was facing away and un-viewable in the glass showcase, the clerk looked at the price tag and told me $6.00. I offered to buy it at that price, but a supervisor then told the sales clerk that it was $9.00. The watch was marked on the rear with a black marker in the fashion of the number 6 followed by a dash, which normally indicates no cents. A way no not writing un-necessary zero's. The supervisor claimed that her way of writing $9.00 was to make a dash mark followed by the number price. I find this not in good business sense to mark an item in such a way, and to raise a price after it had already been quoted by the salesclerk who agreed with me on the improper way to mark a price.I also see no way to directly contact the company with my complaint.


Very displeased with goodwill trying to rip people off ur prices have gone through the roof and u get these items for free . I thought you were supposed to be there to help those who dont have the means to buy new clothing .now ur better off going into any walmart and finding better prices than in your store .you are very wrong for doing this soon u will have no shoppers in your store!!!!

Over priced junk

The store on Warm Springs in Las Vegas used to have fair prices. Not any more! Do you really think I will pay more than a few dollars for an item? Goodwill gets the stuff for free and thinks I should pay full price. They turned the store on Cheyenne in Las Vegas into a clearance store. JUNK JUNK JUNK. NO MORE SHOPPING FOR ME AT GOODWILL.


As a volunteer from the city I had finished my shift at 8:00 PM but was kept waiting until 8:15 by which time I had missed my bus connection and had to wait an hour for the next bus. When I raised this complaint with the manager she responded, "Don't tell me how to do my job!" I had expected a simple apology not a defensive reaction. Is this how you train your managers?

getting ripped off

Goodwill outlet store in North Versailles, Pa. This is an outlet store, but the greed of goodwill is overtaking the store. Here people come to find the great deals and bargains, but upper goodwill personal think its time to take that away. They have their employees going thru the donated items and pull all the good stuff and leave the scraps to us. The outlet stores were a great place to find items, and yes to get lucky finding video games, good jewelry, nice glass, but again the upper management doesn't think anybody deserves a change to find it in the outlet bins.Come on goodwill stop the greed and people will definitely shop here more.

Sad Child

I visited one of the stores today Sun.. 14th for the first and last time- The store on Lancaster Hwy. Charlotte, NC- My 3 and 8 year old granddaughters with me in search of summer clothes , My 3 year old saw and enjoyed a Barbie vanity set, she has bad seasonal allergies and was coughing, so when I seen her smile about the vanity I decided to purchase it, even though I had in mind to buy a new one for her June birthday. My 8 year old carried it to the cashier and then one of the employees behind the counter said " I am sorry but that is sold" I ask her why was it sitting on the sales floor with no sold sign on it, she said a lady had bought it earlier and they hold it for 24 hours, I then ask again why on the floor with no sold sign? She then called her manager, she also told me the same and I told her the same,Still no answer for why no Sold Sign, then I told both of them to tell this 3 year old that she can not have it. Of course my granddaughter was tearing up and at age 3 why they even attempted to explain to her was just stupid on there part.. My first and last visit was very heart breaking to me and my grand kids. i would not like to see that sad face again. I am contacting the GM tomorrow (Mon. 15th Upset customer Patricia

Vinyl Records

We love Goodwill Stores. They are a great source for vinyl record albums and 45s.We have visited many GW stores in our RV travels across the country and have a suggestion - please do not put price stickers on the front of album covers or on the record's label. It reduces the value considerably. Instead (as some stores do), please post the prices on a sign near the records. If you must put a price sticker on, put it on the back in a corner and NEVER on the label of a 45. Thanks for listening.

worst of the worst

Santa Ana CA. very rude and ignorant people working here could care less about customer satisfaction .I will never do business with and support goodwill again

The Only Store

This is the only store worth buying from. I am so glad at how this company has turned around. From a time when it was dangerous to shop at thrift stores due to lack of cleaning and the quality of staff Goodwill has reinvented the word thrift to a style statement. No longer do I feel like a criminal or worse for being poor I can shop in this store with peace of mind. The staff no longer scares me and the atmosphere is that of a regular department store but with bargain prices. Thank you so much for keeping America clothed in this time of great poverty. Unlike most companies you treat the poor with respect and honest regard. Very few even hire as much as you do. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and may your company be blessed the way you have blessed America.

Price Gouging

I am writing in regards to my local goodwill's, in Greenup Kentucky and also Portsmouth, Ohio. My mother loves to go to Goodwill and on occasion i am with her. I often leave the Goodwill without anything because the prices are so high in these stores. For instances just last week they had a 1/2 prices sale. A pair of used shoes were prices at $20.00 and so then they would be $10.00's. Another pair i found was $8.00. The shirts in the stores are also over priced. A t-shirt is priced almost $7.00. At these prices i can go to my local Walmart and buy a new shirt and even a new pair of shoes! There are other items in the store that i believe is over priced as well. I believe they are over pricing items and then saying they are on sale. Can you please look into this? I loved shopping at the Goodwill when i lived in the Lexington, Kentucky area. The prices are all one price because there is a chart on the wall of items and categories. This is appropriate. If these stores are allowed to set their own prices and are appropriate in their actions i apologize for the complaint.

It seems that merchandise donated in the Chino Hills store #77 is often taken out by employees and not even making it to the floor. If customers realized that is a waste of time donating there, they might consider another location to give to the needy.

Rodchester New York shop goodwill

I am writing this review in regards that your staff or manager at this location in out of their mind. I shop frequently on shop goodwill and I come across this store they have no idea how to price these items out of 7000 plus items for sale only 12 plus item may sell or have bids. For example a hot wheel auction of at $9.99 or items at buy it now for $45.99 a lot of buyers will not buy at these priceses. I under stand that that over head and bills need to get paid but putting someone who now how to price will bring in millions of dollars to the organization instead of someone who does not care as long as they get a pay check. Please take a look into this and you will see for yourself. Thank you.

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