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Stop putting your price tags across labels. We only have to pull them off to see what the label says. Then there is no price.

when will the goodwill in Gainesgville, tx re-open and or you all looking for another building or what. Now i have to travel to Denton or Lewisville, tx.

Goodwill needs to change their name to Bad-will. They are a joke. Taking advantage of disabled human beings! The managers are a bunch of complaining drama queens and kings. They do a terrible job of running a business. Can't wait for the new CEO to run this establishment to the ground. Can you say JCPenney?

Safety of individuals that help you make money

Since they started putting name and address of people donating into the computer by means of "put your name and address on a piece of paper" The paper then goes into a garbage can. Prime source of identity theft information. I can only imagine how secure are the computers are -NOT!! The woman insisted that I write it down, in a moment of stupidity I did. Now I can only pray that nobody else sees it.

unfair to their employees

Thinks its unfair how someone who a good hard worker and offered a lead position and takes the store forever to get them going then finds out a another lead from another store will be comming in.when is store already has enough leaders and on who's supost to become one.

overpriced trash

Shame on you for trying to sell things that you got for free for outrageous prices!! For instance a frying pan for $23.99 thats sells at Walmart (exact item) for $9.99. Greedy Company!!!~~~~ :-(

disabiled individual

I live in, Morgantown, WV and moved here almost twenty years ago, in 1994.I've been looking for work since 1983 in, my home town of, Fairmont, WV. Now since I've been checking with Goodwill office in, Sabratan, WV,I met the human rescource guy, but he say I don't qualify for anything, and can't help me. I thought that Goodwill was suppose to help the disabled.

Tuesday $1.49 day

I am furious about changing $1.49 to $1.99 as if Goodwill isn't making enough money on DONATED ITEMS. I am also annoyed when the cashier asks if we want to total up to the next dollar for a donation. I am already donating by purchase donated items. I am hoping people who shop/donate to Goodwill realize how the prices are getting to be more retail than second hand. If it is because some people are buying carts full of $1.49 items then just limit $1.49 items to 10 per customer per Tuesday by using their phone number. Stop building so many STORES!!!!

Bedford, Pa Goodwill Pricing

We go to this place often and more often than not walk out disgusted about the prices. They are out of control!! Seriouly, stop the insanity and stop ripping people off!

shame on goodwill

I am writing this review about the way that goodwill in run. and the way they treat the disabled people that work for them by hardly paying them anything. I hope that all the people who shop there will stop shopping there


It is not right to force a "gift card" onto a customer returning an item(s) that she paid cash for; if cash was used to purchase (not a gift card, check or debit/credit) then cash should be refunded when the customer has followed the refund guidelines. So I have this "gift card" for my cash refund and I go into a store in another city, stand in line for several minutes and a day just to be told I can't use my gift card (even though I have my refund receipt showing how much credit is on the card) because their computers aren't working right. I had to pay cash again and still left with the *&$&*@# card! What's your ploy? - hoping that many people forget to use them so you have more money in your pocket?

increasing prices, color tags?

I am so disgusted by the goodwill stores I've been to lately. They keep raising the prices on DONATED items. Good grief, its not like goodwill has to buy the items at wholesale prices and then mark up like all other retail stores - there is no middle man, yet they are charging like they've had to pay enormous prices just to put it on the shelf. I've suspected the Sunday morning store color tag swipe for a long time and I also have seen different color tags put on items - if I go in on Friday or Saturday and see an item with a blue tag, I've been back in the same goodwill store on Monday or Tuesday, see the same item with a different color tag - preventing people from getting items on sale. Goodwill is no better than the IRS or Washington - running a coverups on their scams.


The color of the week %50 is a SCAM. goodwill pulls most of the color of the week items off the shelves first thing on Sunday mornings..... What a SCAM, I will no longer shop at goodwill anymore. I will also spread the word to everyone I know. The selection is getting worse every day, I believe goodwill is allowng iit's employees to take all of the good donated stuff before it's put out in the store, some of the prices are outrageous too. Greed is ruining goodwill!

stop paying penny wages

.22 cents/hour shame on you you run sheletered sweatshops like mexico and china also other countries it's not a sheltered workshopp it's like working in central america

shame on you!

Never again will I bring my donations to you. I will make sure all my friends, there friends and anyone else I can tell does the same. Shame on you Goodwill, shame on you!

won't donate to you again

in 2011 i donated a bunch of items to the randleman goodwill store stuffed animals and clothing i won't donate or shop any of stores until you pay minimum wafe .2 cents/hour? seriously that is ridicolous and wrong shame on you


I was appalled and disgusted by the Rock Center segment on Goodwill. Making many millions and paying not only less than minimum wage, but prison wages in many cases. All while CEO's are making near a half million. And worse yet, timing disabled employees and lowering their pay if they are not fast enough. I don't even have words for this. But you will never again see a penny of my money in any way. Can't wait to share this on Facebook and twitter. You are busted.

goodwill pay scale

I like most people feel good when we donate to charities like goodwill, we think we are helping the disabled to earn a pay check to help with their living expenses. I did not know that goodwill pays some of their workers 22 cents an hour, they could work 8 hours and not have enough money to by a quart of milk or a loaf of bread. What goodwill is doing to these people is unacceptable in this day and age and in this country. I should mention that goodwill also pays their ceo 1 1/2 million dollars a year while regional managers earn almost 1/2 a million a year. If I'm not mistaken murderers serving life without parole earn more than 22 cent an hour. I for one will find another charity to help, and I will investigate what the leaders of these organizations are paid.

Watched a report about your stores on NBC Rock Center Friday night 6/21/13

Are you kidding me! Your stores employ the under privileged and pay them less than the state minimum wage? .24, .58, 1.42, 2.00 and many other hourly wages below minimum wage. WOW that's great in the US! Those people can probably pay all their bills with that money, don't you think? Sounds like the employees in countries like, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Nam, Taiwan and many others overseas doesn't it? OVERPAID executives, once again making stupid decisions regarding their employees. Unbelievable, won't be dropping off nice unused clothing or shopping there anymore.


I was so appalled at the program on TV, never in my life would I think a so called helpful organization would stop so low , not paying the help at least minimum wage while the CEO's and other top leaders make thousands/millions. I will never donate to this organization again...

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