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District Manager

I have tried for 3 months to reach the district manager about a rehire. i understand she is busy, but a courtesy phone call would be the respectful thing to do.


The store in Bayville NJ is filled to capacity and not much is selling (check you sales records) due to the prices. I see Dollar Tree items being sold for $3 and most items can be purchased new at Walmart for less. So if ppeople can't afford to shop there "Who are you helping???" Also when you have the 1/2 off color tags the workers are told to remove all those items from the sales floor. HThat is terrible. Something must be done this affects everyone.

Online Shopping - A SCAM

I bought a few things on the online store. They had nice items and things I wanted. Then I realized what a terrible scam the "Shipping and Handling" was! What a terrible thing to do to people. I won't be buying any more and want to warn people about this gouging. I also agree with what everyone says about the prices in the retail stores. Wow.


So far i've bought $28.00 worth of things that didnt work..Toaster, iron, grills,radios, lamps,,etc. I thought they were suppose to try these things our b/4 selling them?/ ALSO Goodwill prices are almost what that stuff would cost in a store.WHY do they keep raising heir prices on used, damaged things?? RIP OFF..

goodwill doesnt help the needy at all !!! i bring homeless people to the local goodwills to see if goodwill will get them a shower and clean clothes, shoes, and maby a hot meal - the goodwills refuse to help anyone in need !!!! why donate to a scam ???? a non profit ??? making 4 billion yearly ..AND WHERE DOES THAT MONEY GO TO ???

Goodwill prices keep going up and I don't like it. it's sad when you can't even afford to shop at the good will store. :( items should be priced low so that people can buy & the store is not stuck with unwanted items. I don't like the way they are remodeling the goodwillthrift stores to look like retail stores. I feel that your customers are paying for all these unesseseray upgrades.


I have experienced drug use and stealing at the goodwill store in Hilliard ohio,,,have reported the actions but because I dont want to go in a reveal myself and will not because of retaliation,the managers do nothing!!

I am not sure if am at the right location, but I was shopping local at the Good-will on Dunns Ave, Jacksonville fl and received the most outstanding and friendly service from a few employees there , so impressed I asked for there names ! Michael Spires manager I think ? And Brenda Ethington and Mike , three wonderful and help Full people ! Great job!!!! wanted you guys to know what a good feeling they made me feel !!! I will recommend my friends to shop at that store!!!! :)

Stop Exploiting Workers with Disabilities

I'll be short and not-so-sweet - it is NOT OK to exploit any worker by paying less than minimum wage. It is ESPECIALLY AWFUL when employers think that this rule doesn't apply to people with disabilities. Set a better example. Be the change I thought you were.

Pets at any Goodwill but specially at the Oracle Butique in Tucson Az

On the front entrance at these Goodwill stores it does not state anywhere that pets are not allowed except sevice animals. So I took my 10yr old yorkshire terrier in with me after going into two other Goodwill stores and they had NO problems bbut this one did and because it was in the ritzy section of town the manager asked me to put my dog in my car with a temp of 106 degrees outside. What a snob. I will not ever donate or purchase from another Goodwill store ever. There are way to many other THRIFT store to visit and it is sad how Goodwill is saying they are out to help when it is all about the dollar just like the big chainstores.


Lousy service cashiers that are rude, over priced, lousy atomosphere. Unhelpfull staff including store managers. I done supporting the goodwill, and giving them things too.

Loyal Shopper

I am disappointed with the changes Goodwill Stores are making. Raised prices, discontinued discounts, etc. What exactly are the Goodwill Corporation's charitable concerns??

Greedy Corporate CEO's

I watched Rock Center with Brian Williams about how the disabled & other employees are making very low wages, under minimum wage. I think it's terrible & greedy for the CEO's of Goodwill that are making MEGA bucks, while their poor employees are trying to make a honest living. Maybe the CEO's should try to live on those wages. Our government needs to make changes. I will help in any way I can to see this happen .

Bad Manners

I currently started working at the New Goodwill store on Holcomb Bridge store in Roswell Georgia and they played a song in the store which said, "Living in a cardboard box". I feel this is very bad manners considering that the main customers are those at or below poverty level and a cardboard box is all to close to reality. I will be calling corporate with my complaint.

Customer Service

Arthur of the Goodwill Store In the Willimgboro NJ rushed me out the store because they closed @ 8pm. I started shopping in the store for my family @ 7:30p. It was 7:49 as I made my way to the register, however I realized I needed a dress 4 work. Meanwhile, the line had 4 people in it, so I tried 2 shop until the last person was at the register. Here comes Author the store is now closed in a nasty tome, we close the register @ 8p. Talk about good customer service, NOT! It SUCKSSSSSSSS ALL THE WAY THROUGH I WON'T BE SHOPPING THERE ANYMORE. I remember the good old days where it used to be a 5-10 min grace period from the closing time. i used to work at Kmart and if there still was a customer in the store cashiers would have 2 wait until the last customer shopped, now that's good customer service and awesome hospitality . I will be shopping else where


Pretty disgusted at the increase in prices at goodwill. I used to shop at goodwill alot and now I am seeking out other thrift shops with better deals and better prices. Shirts at goodwill used to be 2.50 and now a plain t-shirt is over three bucks! Many of the home decor items are being priced at at amount it would cost if it were brand new. Say no to goodwill!! I also used to donate my nice things but not anymore.

Sick Company

I'm sick of this company. They claim its "non-profit" but they pay their employees minimum wage and price their products (which they get 100% free) to be quote "half price" of new retail value. That's what I was told by an employee or two. That's sick. I go in there and see a CD player that has a Tape deck on it! It's priced at 40 dollars! Good Will may butt! Sick Head it should be called. This company is greedy and good for nothing. Don't shop there. It's an evil empire.

I don't think I'll EVER donate to the goodwill again. Nothing good comes through the stores anymore, when it does the workers send it in to be auctioned online which defeats the purpose. Now we're getting all od this cheap CRAP that's worth nothing and most of what's left is priced too high, so there's no point donating anything. I give to local thrift stores now!!

Orange County Fiasco

I have made several purchases on-line from their auction site recently and after several weeks, repeated emails ignored, they still had not shipped the items I had purchased. I contacted my credit card company and had the charges removed. Do not bid on items from Orange County Goodwill, they are horrible to deal with and don't care about timely shipping yet we are expected to pay within a certain amount of time.

Goodwill in Wausau, WI

I had someone come up to my husband and son, and a hmong tried to take our son out of my husband's arms. The manager who is also a hmong agreed with the other guy and asked my husband to leave. How is that ok, of having someone trying to steal someone's child out of their arms. I will no longer shop at the Goodwill store in Wausau ever again. That is sad and not right.

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