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I visited a GOLDEN CORRAL in ERIE PA recently, WOW it was disgusting!!! Nothing like the commercials!! Filthy, I mean health department should be concerned filthy!! Food was gross!! Deep fryers were on a tilt, salad bar was bizarre and disorganized. Dessert were disgusting, Staff were rude for lack of a better word. If you value your health! Do not EAT at Golden Corral...

No GC in Reno, Nevada

I wanted to know why there's an tv commerical showing foods from Golden Corral. But Reno don't have it. Store locators said Las Vegas, Sacramento is closest. Freaking the distance just for a meals and long drive home.,please build one or two in Reno, Nevada! Thank ou!

Fraud at the Corp office

Some person at the Corp office got their hands on an expired credit card number of mine and stole over $1000.00 from my checking account. Golden Corral Corp is not a trustworthy company.


me and my family went to golden corral and the food was great hot and fresh but the service by our waitress whos name is chelsea miller at the taylorsville road store in louisville ky was over and beyond terrible and disrespectful . she was rude never brought us new drinks gave us dirty looks the whole time like we were giving her a hard time . also when were leaving she called us greasy niggers under her breath im guessing because we stiffed her after her terrible service . food was great but service was pitiful and needs work ill never go to that golden corral again and neither will my family.

Awesome service

My husband and I travel the usa in a semi !! We make it a point to make sure we come to ur itasca tx location any time we are in the area!!! Not only is the food alway awesome but the service we get there is even better!! The guy that is always there Is John!! He goes out of his way to make sure everything is perfect!! I hope he is notified that he has been highly complimented !!

Horrible Experience

I had by far the worst experience at Golden Corral on Shadeland. They have bad customer service, even the manager. My food was cold and nasty. I wouldn't suggest this restaurant for anything, due to how I was treated there tonight.

I have gone to the golden corral in Springfield like 3 times when it first opened. But I just went again today 4/11/13 and it smells like dirty dishes everywhere.. specially that corner to the left were they put dishes at.


i live in Grand Junction Co. my wife and I was in golden corral on 4/10/2013 and as we went through the door there was two young men in there 20's wresling around just in side the door. I told the cashier and he said he couldnt say any thing to them it had to be a maneger to say something. He could not leave to get one and he had no way to call one.I talk to one of the manegers and she said ther was nothing she could do about it.She said they couldnt even do any thing about these male's that has the crak of ther butt showing. I told her that if that is the way it is we wont be in there again. I dont think people should have to put up with that kind of stuff in public.There should be a law of some kind to stop it George

see thru steak

I have been a customer for many years at the Gallipolis, Ohio location. The steak used to be good and thick, here lately, the advertisements show prime rib that is thick and juicy, when I got it from the meat cutter behind the counter, it was as thick as the blade of the knife that he was cutting it with. I asked if I could have a thicker slice and he told me no, that I could come back as many times as I wanted. The dishes have been repeatedly dirty also. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly and I have no problem with them so the problem must be with the managers. After reading all the reviews, I realized that a lot of people have been having negative issues. GC used to be one of the best places in the tri-state to eat, now it ranks at the bottom. If the dirty conditions continue, I will notify the state health dept. and tell them to check out the reviews on this website. Maybe they can do something about it.


use to love Golden Corral everytime we came from Ca. we would stop in and eat...Omg. the food was nasty, and veggies undercooked sausage overcooked. only thing on there buffet line that was any good? was the mashed potatoes, even the salad bar sucked.


I went to opelika golden corral i found hair in my food, bugs in my drinking the restroom is very nasty. The bathroom look like it he never been clean before it stunk and he paper all on it.My food was cold i ask for fried chicken and this was at 9:20 they said they're not goin to fix anymore cause it was almost closing.. Their is a anger up there she is so rude an hateful is this about her coworkers all the time and always on phone are outside on the phone.. If I pay close to15.00 for a meal iI want my moneys worth and what i want..


I went to the golden corral in columbus ga earlier. It was really packed. But what was really disturbing was the fact that every table in the place that wasn't being used, were dirty. They had food, dishes, cups, etc all over the table. We finally found a table to sit at and it took over fifteen minutes to even get our drinks. And the waiter gave me the wrong drink at that. there was barely any food out on the buffet. A lot of other customers were complaining about it also. I was there for about 45 minutes. And during that time I only seen my waitress clean up one small four person table in her area. It was very disgusting and highly unsatisfying. The only reason I gave this a one star is bc I can't give zero. Its the one on manchester expressway in columbus. Don't ever go there if your looking for a clean restaurant. You won't get that there.


me an my mother went to the golde corall on gunbarell rd in chattanooga tn. as we wre sitting at the table out from under the napkin holder comes out a cock roach we tell the server which he went an got the manger. all the manger says we can move you to another table no sorry nothing. the waiter tells us they spray for them all the time an thats what makes them come out. will never go there again


made phone call ahead of visit to clarify steaks cooked to order i then get to golden coral and after paying the steaks are cooked ahead and cut into little pieces on a stick i paid for steak cooked to order not prepared ahead of time and laid underneath a light bulb to dry out prepared the way they saw fit more than a ripoff it is a out right lie not to mention the waste of time and gas now told i have to wait at least 4 days for my money back i should turn you into the BBB

dirty restroom

Went to Golden Corral in Grand Prairie Tx. and found the ladies room gross. There was water or something on the floor. The food was okay.


i took four people to your resturant incincinnati ohio on mason montgomery road.it cost me fifty dollars.the food was cold and not fit to eat.the resturant was filthy dirty food mixed in with other food.it was nasty.i just thought you should know how your resturant is being run.thank you

McKinney, Texas Golden Corral

This restaurant is going downhill. The Older Hispanic manager just walks back and forth and does nothing. At dinner, no grilled chicken, salads empty. Went to the one in Frisco, Texas and the managers there care about the restaurant, it is a shame because the McKinney one use to be good.


I am not beleving that you would allow guys to come into your resturantn with theirn pants down undern their butts. Wow, you can post no shoes no shirt no service, then it shoud be posted no service if your pants are not pulledn up. We do not want to eat at a place wheren people aren walking around with their clothes down, Your Jonesboro GA localtion is not thinking about the sanatation or health of others. Please do something aboutn this problem or we will not go there again, Who wants to eat where you have to look at someones underware?

If we ever pass that way again

Been sitting here reading all the reviews about the GC and must say I am quite shocked about the experiences I have been reading about. I have only eatin at the Boise ID store one time a few years back while visiting my son and daughter-in-law. Our experience was for the most part pleasant, good service, serving containers full of fresh food, food hot, servers prompt on removing dirty plates and getting us fresh plates. If I had a complait it would be the tables are to crowded together. Since then I have looked forward to getting an opportunity to visit another GC. After all the horror stories i've read from the filth, managers with bad attitudes, abuse of personel and customers I doubt I will ever visit one of your stores anywhere again. I would be horrified to pay my good money to be treated to such disgusting conditions by a company who may or may not care. I have to think not to much if there are so many similar issues in different stores in different parts of the country.

We have our family Christmas Party every year at the Golden Carral in Orem. This year I left my camera on the table, have pictures of it. Unfortunatly I did not realize I didn't have it until Christmas morning when I went to get it out to take pictures. I tracked the last time I used it and remembered taking it to the Golden Corral with me. I pulled up pictures my relatives had taken their it was right on the table by the wall. When I called they didn't seem concerned to look around for it or ask the servers who served our area. Just told me to call back and talk to someone else later a different manager. Not let me look around and ask around, just haven't seen anything call back later and ask a different manager. I realize it was my fault for leaving it on the table but when something is important to you and the lack of concern is disturbing. It was more than just the camera it was recharable batteries just purchased, sim cards and all of the pictures on them, all the plug in cords and the bag. Hopefully an employee didn't think it was theirs for the taking that is a sad situation when employees just take what is not theirs

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