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past employee

I worked for git n go in the past and they do nothing but treat employees bad they are more concerned about money then the safety of their employees.

GIft card

Gift cards at Git N Go store do not work. It is like they just take you r money when you purchase one.


The store located in front of Lincoln High school in Des Moines refused to take ID because it was issued by the Mexican consulate. This is a valid ID and she ignorantly kept repeating 'We can do it this once but we no longer take Mexican IDs...No Mexico IDs from now on...' Money's money, but fine have it your way gitNgo-- ignorant brutes.

rules about id

I was at the Git N Go on army post and the cashier denied to sell me cigarettes due to the fact that my 12 year old daughter was with me and didn't have a valid id also. I have gone there to get my cigarettes for the past 5 years and always gotten gas there. My children are usually always with me. The cashier has worked there for a while now and has seen me about every other day. She is usually never nice. She was really rude this last time about an id for my 12 year old. I will never go there again. Someone else will now get my business.

Gift Card

I was given a Git n Go gift card for Easter 2014. Still here in June I have not been able to use it because none of the employees at any git n go stores knows how to run it. The git n go staff needs to train their managers and employees. The managers can only train with what they know. Corporate is awful..

your emploee

I went to the Git n Go on Adventureland drive in Altoona Iowa yesterday and purchased 2 items at a cost of 79 cents each. The man charged me $1.59 did not ring it up, pressed a button under the cash drawer to open it and gave me change all the while he was writing and talking to co workers. The viewer on the register said register closed. So did he really charge me or is he stealing from you?

Merle Hay & Franklin

DIRTY store, very dirty. The parking lot is littered with garbage and they've not done any snow removal from over a week ago. Difficult to get to the pumps with snow and ice surrounding them. Its down the road from me, so the location is convenient, but I often opt for Caseys a mile away because it's CLEAN! Tired of the workers sitting right next to the open door while they smoke their cigarettes.

Your marshalltown location needs some MAJOR help. There are some employees there that have not the slightest clue on what's going on. The manager that was working the other night sold a pack of cigerettes to a kid she knew and he is only 16 and she asked if he was there to purchase alcohol also so he didn't have to come back. She asked to see his id and that is when I noticed he wasn't even of age to be buying anything NOR was it license to be able to drive. He was then outside with his buddies bragging that he was buying underage and was going to inform all of his friends to go there and purchase as they don't check anything. I seriously feel that they are contributing to minors and not only that but they were also the store that sold alcohol to a minor and ended up in a vehicle accident half hour later after they drank the 12 pack in the parking lot.

i would just like to say, i wanted to work at git n go #4 cause i live right behind them, but i was told they couldnt hire me cause i dont have a car, which i think is very wrong.

Justicia left the store mánager ask me if I would be using the funny green card ? Really? No I didn't but so what if I was! I explained to him "a lot of people need those!" I will. be choosing QT

Just my opinion ........ Git & Go, thought you has a policy of not hiring "felons" or managers without a drivers license. Better check your managers or revise your policy, or did you make an exception. Was in one of your stores and witnessed an employee being "counciled" right out in the open, yes in front of everyone. Pilfering goes on routinely in 1 of your stores and is known. The "f" word seems to be used regulary when kids are in the store. Employess are "talked about" all the time to the general public. Thought G&G was better then that. These are just some of my opinions and thoughts about what I have seem and heard in some of your stores.

very poor management, so disapointed in your operations. you have been notified by many customers in variety of stores and you choose to egnore what is really going on . i am so surprised you have not been sued. really need to inforce drug testing to,they do it on the job .

u really need to train ur managers, was in ur store in hampton, ia. ur manager confronted an employee and proceded to chew her out in front of fellow employees and costomers.He was really a jerk!!!!!his name was ken, and he needs some people skills and some toothpaste.....

I worked for this company and they are really nasty people! the supervisors dont brush their hair or teeth and definetly do not dress the part. Yes, they did fire me, but they should have done it in the begining of my employment because that is what they brought up when they fired me (I got fired for stealing fountain soda!) Like really? I believe they fired me because I was pregnant and thats the only reason because I was the best worker they had! Maybe the headquarters should start drug testing because if that happened then they would have better people working for them instead of stealing and bringing the company down!

If I could have given 0 stars I would have. The git n go corporation is unjust, dishonest, and unprofessional in the treatment of their employees. There is absolutely no job secuirty and is unable to provide a routine schedual. They expect their employees to go above and beyond the minimum requirements of their job title/description and anything less than perfect is punished by first a verbal or written warning followed by up to three write-ups ultimately leading to termination. They have a way of forcing employees out of the work place by repeated transfer to.different locations or by cuttng hours so much it isn't worth the gas to come in.

What's with the low debit and credit settings at your pumps? ($55) Also, you should properly inform your attendants that this is your issue not customers banks. I will do what ever I can to not stop at your gas stations.

what a rip off , june 29h Pm gas price was 3.27, june 30th 8AM gas was 3.39, 1PM june 30th gas was 3.27. what a rip off . The store in Madrid Iowa made money off several people that morning. Gas prices are high enough without ripping people off.

Worst gas station in Iowa.

Love your Clinton, TN stores. We sure could use one in Kingston, TN. The I-40 Exit 350, Hwy 70 would be a perfect location. I'll be looking for you there soon! Thanks, Junie 865-241-2810

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