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How can this company get away with making you move your meter can because of it being by the 2 windows? It has been like this and the cost will be in the $1,000.00 range.

Deposit Ripoff

How is it that a longt time customer is charged a $150 deposit fee for being 2 weeks late on a bill. Does this seem right or ethical to you? I find this to be utterly disgusting that you would charge your customers an outrageous fee like this. I could see if nothing was paid on the bill, months behind on payments, service disconnected, but 2 weeks late. Then when calling the customer service line, of course the automated prompts do not give you an option to speak to a representative. Needless to say, I will be looking for another provider for service. I am highly disappointed in this company. Poor Service!!!

Street lights out

I called Georgia Power to fix two street lights out on Randall Mill Rd.30327. They came out right away and then called to let me know that it had been fixed. Your great service is so appreciated. It is always a pleasure to do business with Georgia Power,others could learn from you. Thank you so much.


I find it disappointing that Georgia Power charges a $30 fee just to switch an account into my name, especially when I have been a very long time customer and have never paid my bills late, have great credit. GNG doesn't do that etc. They say it is for administrative fees but that is not believable. The administrative work was done while I was on the phone with them to get the account switched to my name which takes no more time etc than when answering a call from me about a power outage or complaint etc. in which they are typing all the information in during that phone call. I think it is just another way to scam more money out of customers. Like a car dealership does illegally when attaching administrative or documentation fees when selling a car.

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