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They offer you on thing and then charge a different price from the advertise done. They also add a separate charge to insure receipt without letting you know. Wish I had seen these other reviews before ordering from them!!!!

awful company

They received my package for a refund on May 27, and after over a dozen phone calls, I still can't get my refund. They drop my calls, put me on hold endlessly, and transfer me to the wrong dept.. Today I asked the "supervisor" for the number of the head office and it was a non-working number. I then looked up this site, and this number stays busy. Worst company on the planet. Awful product, awful responses or no responses. They have no right to keep my money.

On hold over 1/2 hour

I had a specific question that the person on the phone could not answer - so she put me on hold and never came back. That deserves a minus rating. The Genie company is NOT committed to good customer service.


I get spammed by the company you hired to illegally email advertisements about your Genie bra 3 to 4 times a day. I have bought your bra before but now, no more with this disrespectful treatment. I've tried to unsubscribe, spam, and block. Blocking isn't effective because they use new urls everyday. I'm sure you receive many complaints, about this company, yet you have done nothing to stop them. They are also exposing other peoples emails in the their emails, another violation. I will continue to negatively review your company with this message until you take me off your mailing list that you acquired illegally. The piece of crap company that you are using only lists a PO box at 1200 ring road calumet city il.

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