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Air pump

I use to go to gate gas station all the time because you gave free air and I filled my gas tank now you charge a dollar and a quarter for air I now go to Sunco!

I was in the store and had a slip and fall accident and the company isn't trying to do anything about it.... Now I have to pay all this extra money for a lawyer and travel back and fourth from where I live to handle this situation... I have hospital bills that I have to pay and it shouldn't be responsible for them...

gate way to a bad morning

I Went into the gate store off Atlantic Boulevard I tried to purchase a breakfast bar and a bottle of water I've been trying to pay with a $20 bill But was rudely explained that they did not have change in the store for me I had to put my breakfast back and leave.this was the worst Experience in a gate station I have ever had

The station on Bowden is by far the worst station I have ever come across. Their attendants are rude and have been that way for a couple of years. I had an incident the other day when trying to use a credit card at the pump. I acidentally entered the wrong zip code and tried to re-entered it but it would not allow me to so I tried to use a different card. The 2nd card declined and I tried a 3rd card and the same thing happened. Knowing I had enough money on all of these cards, I went inside and asked them if they were having problems with their machines. Patsy M. replied, no when I explained to her what was happening, as I tried to use 3 different cards, her relpy was "well you put in the wrong number first so I thought you kept trying to re-enter it on the same card so I declined them." Are you kidding me? No appology or anything and the is not the 1st time its happened, I fill up 5 vechiles a day here and won't be doing that anymore with a Hess across the street.

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