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I am very unhappy with GNC. I purchased a goldcard and later found out that it only honors the gold card for sales between the 1st thru the 7th of each month. Its not enough that I patronize your business now you want to tell me when and what time of the month I can do this. If the saleperson had of told this up front I would I never got the gold card. I consider this to be very misleading and decietful. I will not be renewing this card and will consider no business with GNC in the future. I will also inform others of this experience.

G N C is a business that is suppose to help people get healthy.well!! My girlfriend is in the top of her region at G N C.she does everything to help,help ALL.we can be out for supper and people stop us to thank her for helping them.she is one of a kind for G N C.(but)!!her region mgr. #35 doesn't care if my girlfriend has kids to take care of and be a mother to.since Deb #35 has been over her she has been stressed because She doesn't see her kids.G N C Corp. You have a great person working for you and your company doesn't care.I think you guy's should go on undercover boss and see what's going on in your company.

Called the coroporate office and who ever answered the main line there was very rude. I am glad I never have to call back again. Pretty much seemed bothered that I had even called, pretty much yelled at me for asking a questions and then hung up on me after I said thank you and goodbye, all i heard was the slamming of the phone.

Just want to let you know the Manager at Cedabre Mall - Scarborough ( Ontario 0 was very rude and doesnt know how to talk to customers at all..even to her own fellow managers... how can GNC keep a manager like her who has no customer service skills or human skills... cheers people..

I have been shopping GNC in SantaFe New Mexico for about two years triad to return a product for exchange and was told i could not so i left the product at the store and will no longer be shopping at GNC

I was in the GNC store located at 134-136 Fulton St., New York, NY today when I inquired about a pre-workout drink and post-workout drink. The saleperson took me over to N.O.-Explode drink. The price tag on the counter for a carton of 12 was $34.99, when he ranged it up it was $47.88 plus tax. I asked about the $34.99 a carton product, his answer was it was a berry flavor which they no longer had and the one on the shelf was blue raz which was more expensive. I asked the store manager why would they have a sign on the self of a product that did not have? I got no reponse from her and left the store. This appear to be a classic case of "bait and switch" which is illegal. I request that GNC investigate this store and its store manager who also needs retraining in customer service. I can be reached at 917-639-3041. Thank you.

I bought AB Cuts from the GNC store in Ridgmar Mall and then tried to return it a couple weeks later and was told I needed to speak to the person who sold it to me so I said ok. I had not even opened the product and I had the receipt with me. I was given the number of the salesman I was to call, the one who sold the product to me. So I called and called and called and he was NEVER in the office and the person I did talk to took my number and said they would give me a call back, a week went by, NO call. So I called back... still not in the office. Finally I said I was calling customer service and BAM the salesman I had been trying to call finally calls and tells me there is nothing he can do because it is past the date that I could return the product... WELL OF COARSE!!! I've been calling everyday for two weeks! So he gives me the number of ANOTHER person I should call to handle the matter. So ok I call that person and no answer, so I leave a message. I called back a few more times over the next couple of days and NEVER had my call returned... RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Store 00787, In Forestville MD, Poor customer service I brought an weight scale on September1. On a few days earlier I had purchase some vitamins that was making me sick . I was trying to see if I didn't program the scale right so I returned the vitamins and tried to exchange the scale . So upon doing so the manager Jackie told me I was a troubled customer and not to comeback. That's not good service.

Yesterday visited the GNC in Greenbrier Mall Chesapeake, VA the manager Carla very rude. I walked in the GNC store and asked if they had Zipmelts. She responded by saying "we don't have no products called Zipmelts." and contined to talk to someone on her earpiece. After I found the product, I took it to the counter to purchase. As she was ringing my purchase, she was still talking to someone else about their man on her phone. I then said "these are the products called Zipmelts>" She then said in a nasty voice "Oh it's called Melatonin>" Then she throws my change at me and the change fell on the counter. I then looked at her, and said "I need a refund". She then said "I need your ID", and she gave me my money back but threw it in my hand again. I then asked for Corporates phone #, and she wrote a number down 18882674425 with Brian Houston_RSD name on it. I dialed the number outside the store and the # wasn't valid. I went back into the store and asked her to give me a number that actually works. She then said in her nasty voice" it is a holiday, do you really expect them to answer?" I then said "well the number isn't ringing it cuts off>" She then said "yeah that's what it do" and rudely asked the next customer "may I help you". So I walked out of the store. Carla shouln't work in the customer service field at all.I truly hope she isn't a manager representing this company . She is very rude, nasty, and ignorant. I left and went to Vitamin World, and received the upmost care and respect from their associates.

In my opinion GNC has the best return policy. Alot of people bad mouth GNC i bet most of the peopple who complaint here must working for GNC competition. Chances of those are very highly. Humans do make mistake and people who work at GNC are after all humans. Let me get to the point.They have by far the best return policies. Which retailer allows you to use a product for 30 days and if your not satisfy with it you will get your money back no questions asked. I doubted if any retailer do. I am not here to bash GNC competion i am just sayin the fact. GNC products might taste bad, have weird smelly or less attractive labels but they do work. You just have to give it some time. You cant fix a problem in few day You cant loose 10 lbs in few days or 10lbs of muscle for that matter. To achieve anything in life its takes honesty. strength and determinaton.

The mandate mm store has a manager working who takes the applications that people turn in and shows them to all of her friends and walks the mall with themaking fun of the people. The district manager has been notified and the corporate knows about privacy laws and have done nothing. HER NAME IS TRACY 507-386 0015 She still works there and your privacy is not safe. This is 8/3/2011 MY EMAIL IS ANGESCHO@CHARTER.NET

I am from upstate New York, down here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana visiting family. I went to your store in the Mall of Louisiana and was extremely satisfied and quite surprised with the level of service and attention I received. The handsome young man that assisted me, Lee, was very helpful and possessed impeccable manners and old fashion Southern Charm. This is something I never get to see being from New York, what a treat! I am a firm believer in letting upper management know when a I receive exceptional service at their business. As a manager myself of a large retail department store I know how important these comments can be. A little advice.... Hire more like that young man and you will see more positive comments on your website.

I went to do a return, gnc was supppse to return the money back in my card and its been about 1 month and nothing is in there. Gnc is giving me a hard time to return my money. Gnc is wanting me to go out of my way to get a statement when it was their error in not knowing how to do a return. I demand my money back. Please have Buco or Alex return my call asap. Thank You

I was treated very poorly by a sales person Mellissa in the Stafford Va store #7888. I called over a week ago about the return of a product that I had a negitive reaction to.I Was told I could not return it even with my bank statement..So this means they get to keep my money and I get NOTHING I will never shop there again I have been faithful to this company for 30 years..GNC is messy and I do not like mess....

GNC teaches their employees to push, push, push. They are supposed to sell vitamins, chews, colon cleanser and what ever else they can push on you when you enter. With todays economy, I wish GNC would consider lowering their prices and maybe that push would help their employees with commission. Dont blame your employees for not being able to sell. Blame the economy and GNC's prices.

i purchased ultra mega gold vitamin Veggie item # 517367 in october 2010. GReat vitamins.180 capsules. Shared some with friend and family only to find that GNC has dis continued these vitamins. THis was a stupid decision. I suffer from narcolepsy and have had open heart surgery. These vitamin keep me and others of my friends and family alert awake and not feeling tired in this lease. would you say this is a vitamin to discontinue.Not very bright GNC I would say bad advertising.

I'm from Little Rock, AR and the GNC in park plaza mall were incredibly rude. I called the manager the next day and she just say okay and hung up. She should be fired on the spot.

I purchased the isopure protein shake and have since tried tonreturn it 5 times due to the extreme vomitting I experienced after usage. None of the stores (including the one I bought it from) are willing to give me a cash refund. One store owner told me none of the stores would do anything other than a gift card, one store told me they could only put it back on my card and another has told me that he wouldn't refund me anything. Now print in plain English on the back of the reciept is the refund policy and ice shown this to 5 different locations all of whom refuse to honor it. I have called corporate at least 13 times and have yet to get a response. I will NEVER shop here again and if I don't get a call back or a refund im taking ALL YALLS ASSES TO COURT. Hope you got some good lawyers because I'm one damn good DA myself.

GNC labeled with INSTAFLEX is a scam. I would suggest to anyone considering ANY dealings with this company to avoid them like the plague unless you want to throw your money away.

My wife and I have been shopping at the GNC store on Curlew Road and Alt. 19 in Dunedin for over five years. Their sales staff is the most professional, knowledgeable and customer service oriented I've ever seen in any retail business. The manager, Angela, is the best. Always friendly with a smile on her face. Always there to answer any concerns I have. I highly recommend that location.

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