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Cheap underwear elastic

I've been buyin you underwear for 25 years always was a good product BUT the new "elastic" is the worst Go back to the real elastic,new from the bag has no stretch resistance , won't be buying Fruit of the loom products anymore unless you have a batch of the older style

This has to do with men's briefs made in Honduras. After a couple of washing's, the elastic waste became almost non-existence and developed holes in the material. I will now purchase Hanes!!!!

elastic in briefs

i been buying your briefs for probably 20 years. Since the change several years ago, (larger print of name) the elastic doesn't long, it becomes stretch out and can no longer be worn. Several pairs had holes around the legs. The over all quality has worsen.

I had trouble with the products I had purchased and upon calling corporate had everything taken care of. They were very nice and helpful and are sending out replacement products. Thankyou fruit of the Loom for being outstanding to your loyal customers...


Rubber Bands in the ankles of sweatpants??? Have you not heard of elastic??? Deplorable!!!!!!!!

mens under wear

while washing them they take way too long to dry. if any one is really look at all of these comments. these need to change. and for the one comment on the under wear for the 7 i have washed and were these for months on end and not i have stared to have the holes try your washer or your drier

Cheaply made pocket t-shirts

I have always enjoyed the quality of Fruit of Looms t-shirts,that is up until now-7/05/2013. It seems now that they are making the pocket -'s with left over scrapes of material.l Put them on & they look like you have slept in them for a week. Try to iron them..& your still sleeping in them. I called CRS, & she could care less ( Shame on her ) A responsible caring CRS would like to know more, she said ty sir, I will pass this on. S0 I laughed to mysel said bye & hung up ..never to buy another fruit of the loom product, because of the lack of concerns.f

poor answering service

wow if you plan to call the corp number you just might get hung up on. last time i checked it is very rude to hang up on a person who is in the middle of talking,especially when they have not been rude or nasty to you.i guess being polite well talking marrets being hung up on and being rude to. got your self some wonderful workers there fruit of the loom.get your self some new switch board workers and customer service people cause what you have are rude and not pleasant to deal with.

Sleveless T-Shirts

I have been purchasing Fruit of The loom for more years than I want to remember. Since they are no longer made in America the quality of all your products are below standard. I recently purchased for example a package of sleveless t-shirts. I could not believe how poorly the bottoms were. They had no hem. I couldn't get it over my head and they all went in the trash. I wound up in Sears where I should have gone in the first place. Fruit of the Loom is no longer on my shopping list.

Men's breifs

I recently purchased a package of breifs & after they were washed developed holes. I called customer service & the person I spoke to hung up. I can't imagine a company that has no reguard for a customer & will never again buy any product bearing the Fruit of the Loom trademark

Terrible product/terrible customer support

I bought a pack of the Women's Hi-cut microfiber panties. They are very uncomfortable to wear. They are irritating around the thigh area. I contacted the company several times and they were rude. They refuse to replace the panties unless I pay to send them back, out of my pocket, and wait for a replacement. I first tried via email, several times. Then I thought calling would get a better response. The woman was nice but refused to help me. When I told her that I would no longer buy their products she simply said "O.K." and that was it. By the way, the panties were made in Cambodia.

bad Underwear

i bought new underwear for the hoildays . and now the have holes in them . i aways get the same brand for over 25 years i dont know if i should buy another brand or just stick with this one , but i cant keeping spending money for something just not any good. i really want to stay with this one .

Mens Briefs

I'm 50 and have used Fruit Of The Loom briefs since forever. The new packaged I opened today is so different than the package from one year ago. They are so thin and the waist band doesn't feel like it's going to make it through the 1st wash. I contacted FOTL. and they thanked me for calling. Time to make a change. Package states: made in Honduras.

fruit of the loom sucks, their product sucks, they have too many skus, they have trouble with plants overseas with labor law violations, they have a less than average status quo approach to internal problems, their 5 5 10 vision will never happen, and their office politics are even worse, if you are a janitor - trust me you have a better job than working at this so called company - they are so lame, it's hilarious - i can't wait to see them fall in the future, customer service is just a reflection of all the above - including poor leaders who really could care less about that aspect of their company - good luck to you all, support Hanes and you'll find quality, better yet support Gildan they have twice the quality and service and actually value their customers and employees - this is spoken from a fruit employee. not for long i assure you

Why can I not find the white pocket tee's in the 4 pack anymore? My husband is a construction worker and he has to have these in the hot summers. I cannot find them in the 4 pack anymore only colors. The individual white pocket tees are heavier than the packaged ones. Please help!

bought 2 packages of white fruit of the loom windows underwear and the more i wash them the more skunky they smell. even bleach does not remove the odor. 100% cotton, made in honduras, rn13765

I purchased 2 pkgs. of your Fruit of the Loom panties and after the first few washings the elastic (ruber bands) broke and while I was at work my panties fell down around my hips. This is so embrassing I work in a day care center and have to bend and stretch a lot and I need comfortable and good fiting panties. If I ever loose my panties while I am out whether it be at church, working, shopping or etc., and they come down around my hips and if I should have on a dress they would drop to the floor. If this ever happens to me again I will file a law suit on you and maybe you will think before getting China to make your clothes for the a US Citizen. ONE VERY ANGER SHOPPER AND US CITIZEN!!!

BAD new design, Indian made ladies panties. RN13765, or 6D22004-7 Wretched!! I suspect strongly that this site is a useless place to leave complaints or recommendations. It is NOT the Corporate site, just a junk site to make us THINK we got through. Notice that it's labeled "eCorporate offices." This is a 3rd party website. Don't bother-- search some more and find the actual site. Or sit through the interminable phone tree and complain to a real person.

Here is CORRECT CONTACT INFO: WWW.FRUIT.COM Below is what I sent to customer service. I hope many of you will do the same. Purchased 2 pkgs women's briefs last year. WRETCHED new design. Stain shield not even fully attached, and so far back it does no good. Totally USELESS. My size 7 hard enough to find without THIS travesty. Now I am stuck with an entire package of 6 briefs I will never wear. Product # BG.7.1.MK.D2LB (outer wrap) or PB.6.28D.AT LS3509. HORRIBLE, BOTTOM QUALITY, CHEAP, BAD DESIGN!!!!!!!

I just love your shirt's. And I have designed and have a patent pending for a shirt pocket that seal's shut when you touch ( press)it. Nothing fall's out anymore when bending, tripping etc.It look's great and is so useful and handy. I don't carry my wallet anymore. My driver's licence and credit card's fit nicely in it.I also carry my cell phone in it with no fear of losing or damaging it due to it falling out. With the law's for hands free talking on cell phones while driving changing this is sure to be a big hit as the reception for a Bluetooth is best when near the reciever. I am looking to incorporate my design with your brand name of shirt's.Together we can escalate your volume of sales for I have had nothing but rave reviews from everyone I have shared this with. Construction workers of all trades. Utility workers who need phone use while extended in the air or on a pole.Everything about this design is a winner. You can contact me at 435-224-4663 or by email at jack.greening@ymail.com Thank you, Jack Greening

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