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No Service Rude Customer Service DisHonest Business Practices

I have been on the phone for nearly 3 hours After waiting my calls were dropped. This Airline does not honor their specials. They are an ala carte service provider. Bag charged can be astronomical. No cooperation from the corporate office. No calls back when youesve your # to be contacted. Cannot use free flight from applying for thief credit card. No $75.00 credit promised for flying with them. No way if linking flights to frequent flyer mileage. I highly recommend. Poor Service airline if you have to question the integrity of the company you are flying with then you may want to question the their ability to keep you safe as well.

Web site and telephone service

From the front desk thru destination, I think Frontier is excellent. Over a two day period I spent over 2 hours trying to find out if and what other airlines honor Early Returns (So called partners). Your web site offered no prompts that led me to ask the question. After listening to telphone prompts for up to 10 minutes I finnally asked to talk to a representative. First time I gave up after waiting 20 minutes. Second time I talked to a rep after waiting 7 minutes only to be told that no other air line honors early returns. I thought I saw somewhere where American Air Lines was a partner. Guess I was wrong.

TYVM you've sloevd all my problems

This is way more hleufpl than anything else IÂ’ve looked at.

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