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You are the worst company in all of the United States.

ANOTHER great product

love my new refrigerator!

Non existent service!!!

We purchased a double wall oven just before Christmas that we reported was damaged within the first 48 hours. They will not replace nor have they fixed it as the parts they send always come damaged!! Still waiting for parts!! Horrible service!!!!

Horrible Dryer!!!!!

Our dryer has broken 5 times in less than two years! Will they replace it? Of course not! We just had the same part replaced for the second time in 9 months. I will never buy a Frigidaire product again!

this company doesn t stand by their product. I have been told 3 times a new refrigerator would be sent and now 3 times told it was misinformation.


Will not pay rebate promised. Its been over 4 months. They will not respond. Is this fraud or what.

piss poor company

aweful! 45 minutes transferred 3 times , the rep never ordered the part I needed. sucks!

lemon fridge

I am now on fridge two and both lemons problems from the begenning and now they want to try to fix this one again corporate also has problems with employees setting apps and no one shows in their window of time or at all. stay away from frigidaire line made cheep and the company dose not stand behind their product

I have a 4 year old range that has already had three faiures on the range handle. Frigidaire refuses to admit that there is a manufacturing defect nor to take steps to fix the problem. They just want me to keep buying handles and paying for installation.

Never buy another

Your products are lousy. Never recommend. I bought a range and in eight months the finish that was put on is bubbling up. Looks horrible and I contacted Frigidaire and they will do nothing.


I've heard of ovens that can act like a refrigerator and on a timer can turn over to oven status and cook a meal. Anyone think about a front end loader washer that turns into a dryer after the clothes are washed.? Something like this would be huge in sales. The one thing everyone hates to do is pull heavy wet clothes and place them into the dryer. One part I really hate is when clean wet clothes land on he dirty floor. This will put the end to all of that. Here is your chance to revolutionize the laundry industry.

Your Customer Service is Non-Existent

It has been impossible to get a live person in America on the telephone. I have already spent over 1 hour of my time trying to get hold of someone to discuss an issue. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

rip off

I agree with the statment above. They do not stand behind their defective products and they won't even give you the name of their supervisor. Seriously thinking about suing them its that bad! DON"T BUY FRIGIDARE!!!!! And tell your appliance stores to stop selling their brand and Electrolux its the same.

Mrs, Rowe

Frigidaire is stealing from consumers, Contact the BBB and Consumers Affairs, even the news media. There are over a thousand complaints on this companies products. Something is wrong!

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