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Manager at the Gettysburg Friendly's, Bonnita, needs to have some "management training" classes, or be re-located to a job where she can actually handle her job title! Worst experience ever, Saturday Oct. 10th....5pm -- 7:30 pm!!!!!!

went to friendly's tonight and watched two waitresses tell the manager that they were not going seat another waitress with a table (8:30) and leave her on the floor until 10:00pm so she could do their side-work .first off i work for a living and make a good hourly wage but i know that waitresses do not unless they get tables/customers.second if these girls cant do there fair share of work they should be fired because obviously the girl who is getting set up to not make any money has the gusto to do the work. second im a boss and i don't let my employees tell me how to do my job or how i should do my job. obviously they don't have the right people in management and their management team is actually controlled by the waitresses. my point is that i was disgusted by the conversation being held in my presence while three employees sat there and chatted it up while not one acknowledged me. then the girl they were going to pull the stunt on was busy as a bee. i just hate lazy people that are mad at the world because they have no understanding of how to work hard and try to make something of yourself.my experience happened at the FAYETTVILLE NY RESTAURANT.very disappointed at the unprofessional behavior that i had to en dour waiting to hand a good waitress my money. i felt bad for the waitress that they were doing this to. she deserves a better manager.

I know a teenage girl who is only sixteen and works at Friendly's on Wolcott Rd Waterbury. She is a great girl who watches my kids. The manager there named Patrick treats her terribly!!! A customer changed her mind on what she wanted for icecream and she called the manager over to void out so she could make the change. He then told the customer that she did not know how to put the food in right. He told her at another point to put her own money in. When she didn't understand what he was saying he called her in the back and called her stupid. She was in tears when she got back to the customer. The customer then said whats wrong honey why are you crying I didn't htink it was a big deal. Then said customer said she would call tomorrow to talk to the head manager about what happened. She was not happy about the treatment of the employee who did nothing wrong!! Also I am told by the girls parents that they will be calling the labor board because of the harrassment of thier daughter and that her and another under age employees are told to clock out and continue working so the manager doesn't get in trouble for having to many employees on!! If you ask me they should call the labor board because that is illegal?!! They also are always understaffed and can't seem to keep good employees because they treat thier employees very badly. This should and will be looked into!!!

Always such slow service at this location (Saugus, MA) but we made the mistake of giving it another try! Tonight we went there with our 4 yr old and 1 yr old, hoping for a fun meal. The restaurant was not crowded, so we had high hopes...my mistake! The waitress (very new) dumped an entire tray of soda on me and my 1 yr old son. I felt bad since she was new, so I brushed it off. Then the food took FOREVER to come out and in the meantime I had to try to keep my 1 yr old from screaming...ugh. To top it all off, we had to wait forever for our to-go iced cream. Neihter the manager or the waitress offered to comp any of the meal. I don't think there was anyone over the age of 21 working there--I even glimpsed (as I was trying to entertain my son, walking through the restaurant) people in the kitchen texting away...while our food sat on the counter...waiting.Don't think we'll be going back there again anytime soon.

I recently worked at one of the Friendlys Ice Cream stores in Morristown NJ (Convent Station) all of the managers as well as the staff were very nice and courteous,if i needed anything the staff was more then happy to assist me and the managers were very helpful in assisting me if i had any questions about my services to be rendered, being a contractor and working at many established businesses through the tri state area, i have to say that working at this Friendlys location was a very nice experience.....Thank You Friendlys you and your staff were awesome!!....Jim Coletto

A friend and I finished errands yesterdayin Yorktown Heights NY and decided to have an ice cream soda. We went in around 3pm and no one greeted us at the front desk. A young woman called for us to seat ourselves and as we went down the aisle passed table after table of uncleared plates and glasses. We took a seat to the rear and simultaneously noticed an upleasant odor in the air..We could not decide if it smelled like sour milk or the table had been wiped with an unlcean cloth. We left and went to the local diner for our ice cream soda. Where is management in this? no supervision..a real turnoff in atmosphere.Sad to see in Friendly's.

This evening 9/29/10 I went to the Friendly's in Hackettstown, NJ and I received terrible service! I went in to take a small ice cream home for my girlfriend and the manager waited on me. He was rude and short with me; he snatched the money out of my hand and practically threw the change at me. He did not say hello, thank you or goodbye. I too work with people as a server and I know that if I ever treated a guest the way that he treated me I would most certainly lose my job. I do not want to go back and I feel that his behavior as a manager was absolutely uncalled for. There are standards that are applied at my job as far as hiring goes I feel that there must not be any there.

Went to friendly's in Easton, Pa. on William Penn Hwy on 9/21/10. The smell is so bad in this place that we had to get up and leave. I complained to the Manager and he said he thinks it is the carpet that smells from the kids spilling drinks. He also told me that once you are in here for awhile you don't smell it. I told him that we are leaving and that we would never come in again. The people at another table also complained of the stench.......stay away from that place. EWWWWWWW

With regards to Debbie's comment. Fairport Road Friendly's is a mess. The manager's seem to always be yelling and being very direspectful to their workers. I don't know what happen to that other manager, if I remember correctly her name was Marie? She worked there for a long time. Know matter what time we went in, if she was their, her employees were working together, and they were happy. She was an asset to the restaurant. Now that restaurant is managed by a bunch of teeney boppers. What is Friendly's thinking. We wont go back!!! Sue

Your menu is the poorest on the planet. I'm embarrassed! I'm originally form the North Shore of Massachusetts. And you are a MA business? Shame on you! I've read about 1/2 of the above reports and they were 100% negative about your service, food, and desserts AND EMPOYEES! You can't get lower ratings than that. There's only two ways for Friendly's to go and that is up or OUT!!! ...and you will go OUT of business because the people will stop patronizing your restaurnats. Most sincerely. (I'd have given you "0" stars for a rating but there is no zero stars!)

Friendly's used to be very good; a real treat for a family. Now it is a nightmare. The store in Windsor Locks, CT on Rte 75 proved this to be true. Ten minutes after our party of 6 adults and 3 children were seated, we were told it was very busy and the wait would be longer than usual. When we placed our order, my wife was told she could not have oil for her salad. Half an hour after ordering, we were informed there were no apples for the apple-chicken salad because they were "recalled". Another 15 minutes later, we were told the wait would be longer because "the cooks are making a mess of the grill". We should have left and went somewhere else, but we were not familiar with the area. When our food(?) came, my mother-in-law's baked fish was black on both sides and missing fish in the middle. My wife's grilled chicken salad was brown and had what appeared to be 2 chicken McNuggets sliced and placed on top. The evening manager was no help and said we would have to speak to the store manager the next day. Shame on you Friendly's for having such poor customer service and questionable food.

My name is Hilde Harper and I am the theatrical director for Toms River High School East. In May I arranged to hold a fundraiser at our local friendly's on Hoopepr Ave. in Toms River. This was the second fundraiser that school year. The first fundraiser was so successful we told all the other clubs, and they too signed up for fundraisers, and were equally pleased. So, in May, we dedided to do it again. I submitted, again, all the prerequisite tax forms, etc., sent out the flyer I was given, and showed up for the fundraiser. Since it was the end of May and school would be out soon, I was concerned that the check would not be cashed promptly. However, I kept checking with the school and no check arrived at all. Now that we are back in session, I checked in with the Manager of our Friendly's to find out that the problem was with issuing our check. She informed me that I had cancelled the fundraiser! I was stunned! I informed the manager of my name and position, and I most certainly did not cancel the event. She then offered the possibility that perhaps I hadn't brought in the addition requisite revenue and therefore was inelligible for the funds. Again I was stunned! I was never informed, in the fall of 2009 or in May of 2010 that I had to have a prerequisite number of patrons or tables filled. The only information I received was that our funds would be calculated from the sales between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. I am very disappointed. Naturally, I am disappointed in encouraging my club, numbering about 150 people, to go to Friendly's that night, and then being told I was deficient in bringing addition patronage in when I had no knowledge of this requirement. I most strongly suggest that all the rules and requirements for these fundraisers be written out and signed by both the manager and the fundraiser coordinator so that this sad outcome is not repeated. During these hard eccomic times and cuts in extra curricular activities, and cuts in funding, we are grateful for any and all ways to raise money. Sadly, Friendly's no longer seems so Friendly. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hilde Harper Toms River High School East Toms River, NJ

Pieter, as a former employee I can shed light on your concern with the ice cream cakes. They are simply made that way. It is not a fault in the production process or anything of that nature. For instance, if you look at the packaging for any ice cream cake, the picture of the slice clearly shows that the cookie layer does not reach the edge. There's no way to change it, not that Friendly's would care. They only care about the money you give them.

In the ice cream cakes could Friendly's Find why there's a reduction on cookies in the center,it slants down on both sides before it's reachs the edge...

I drove by welcome to wilbraham sign home of friendlys sept 11,2010 9 th year of sept 11 and friendlys flag was not at half staff VERY POOR TASTE

Today, Sept 12 2010 I had the misfortune of eating breakfast at the Langhorne location store #727. I had a Lumberjack breakfast the eggs were undercooked and the pancakes crumbled while being cut. Pancakes rather than light and fluffy tasted similar to a cornbread batter. No one either in the wait staff or management inquired if everthing was satisfactory. They probably knew better. Two senior managers on duty and not once did they communicate with the customers. Maybe they should be replaced with someone who wants to work and appreciates their customers.

I think the more you go the more you realize that the service gets worse and worse. I've been going to this one Restaurant in NJ for years and the servers begin to feel that they own the place and the customer is second or if they count at all. Another thing, I have been going with my daughter since she was a small child and now 30 years later I am being given nicknames that are insulting, such as the fat ones, I'm not overweight at all. They are just being demeaning. They ask about your job and they show annoyance because you are able to go out during the day and sit in their resturant and order food. I've had problems with kids that are sitting opposite me that are rude and obnoxious and you take as much as you can but if they interfer with dining then the managers can't handle it and there is a free for all at the customers expense. Managers are very weak and seem to be scared of their servers. I always liked Friendly's Restaurant, I don't know what happened. Doesn't seem anyone cares.

Two separate issues -- overcharging. This is a routine practice at Friendly's. The menu says that a cup of clam chowder costs $2.29 if you eat certain meals, yet I am always charged $3.49 and have to go to the manager to get it changed. I often eat the chicken strips which cost $8.99, the soup and iced tea, which costs about $2.00 (although the price isn't even listed on the menu). I am charged $11.99 for the chicken strips and tea even though it should only be $10.99, and then an extra $3.49 for the soup, which should only be $2.29. The first time it happened, I thought it was an honest mistake. Today I realized it is NOT an honest mistake. At the end of my meal, a waitress asks me if I am ready for my ice cream (which apparently comes with their "special") and I tell her I am ready for my check, at which point I get the check as explained above, cheating me out of $2.20, at least (I don't really know how much the tea should cost, since the price is nowhere to be found on the menu). When I went to the manager, she said they always charge the "special" price because "everyone" orders the ice cream and they are saving the customers money by giving them the special. She says I have to tell the waitress before I order that I want to be charged the a la carte price because I'm not going to have ice cream but that even so, she will charge me for the special in case I change my mind. She says the soup price was a mistake, but it is a mistake that they make every time I go and order the same food. As for quality of the food -- I went to a different Friendly's (Swatara, Harrisburg, PA) last week and the food was dreadful. The soup was completely cold and when I told the waitress it was cold, she told me it was impossible but that she would heat it up for me. The fries were half cooked and my chocolate shake was made with vanilla ice cream. They brought my soup, food and everything at the same time. Today, I ate at the Friendly's on Centerville Road, in Lancaster, PA, and the soup was completely watered down, in addition to the pricing issues, although the rest of the food was excellent. Leslie Tabarez

I recently visited a Friendly's Ice Cream In Saugus Massachusetts Restaurant #00896. I witnessed a greeter that was seeting people it was quite busy I have to say. So the greeter sat the party and I noticed at the greeters desk there is a map which maps out the tables and which waiters and waitresses are responsible for their sections. Apparently the person that was in charge of that table had gone to break another waiter was asked to cover the table but for what ever reason did not follow thru. Also as I was waiting to be seated I overheard some of the staff talking about the schedule that the manager puts together at store # 00896 not sure if he favors some of the workers giving them more hours and others not or the most unprofessional thing that caught my attention was that an employee would be scheduled show up and then be told oh I'm sorry I didn't call you but we are not busy don't need you today. The employee then stated this is not the first time I do deserve a courtesy call to be told that the store is slow. Now the employee is out of hours and a lot of them are young adults that I'm sure do not have cars have to now find a ride because their ride just drove off. I mean really what kind of management is that? Sounds like a flustered manager that is unable to perform his tasks maybs he is the one that needs to go. Please consider visiting this store #00896 Saugus Massachusetts you may need to make some changes with your management. I myself in management for many many years would let this one go or maybe send him to a training class. Believe me there would be no loss there at this Saugus Mass store by cutting ties with him. Concerned Customer

To whom it may concern, I have visited one of your location's in Washington Township, Sewell N.J, and I am have to say your staff and store manager Chris Audio are doing a wonderful job. The experience meeting a few of the individuals was very pleasent and the atmosphere was directly aimed at catering to the customers. I deffinetly will be going back to this establishment in the future. Only concerns I have are, some confusions with your menu which your wait staff was able to clear up for me but it would make dinning there a little better if you made your menu prices clearer in stead of having a couple of the same items on different parts of the menu. Thank you for reading this and continue to do an excellent job.

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