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i just left your restuarant about an hour ago in kissimmee fl. and i have never been so dissapointed, i oreder the crispy chicken wrap and when i asked the waitress what was on it she told me that it had tomatoes, well i didnt get tomatoes on mine. she did however take 15% off my bill. i wont be visiting there again.the place was dirty, and since when are they allowed to wear what they want???? one girl had a football jersey on!!!! 3-2-11

I visited the friendlys location im milford,ct on 02/25/2011 at 10:45pm on a friday-the take out section is open until 12:00midnight-, and the very rude and obnoxious employee refused to make me a milkshake, a friend-z, any sundae of any kind. He stated everything was "shut down, and all i can get was a ice cream cone. Why are you open until midnight on fridays and saturday if you are unable to get ice cream after 10:45pm? Why are all machines shut downbefore 11:0pm? i think it may be laziness, and it was definitely poor service, being rude on top of not having any product of which you sell, is perposterous. i dont know if anyone of importance reads these messages, bt it was very disappointing. Thank you for your time B. Dehart 26 Willow St Milford, ct 06460 203-583-7898

Friendly's located in Harrisburg, PA is definitely not what it used to be. Today was my third disgusting encounter with them. My wife ordered a birthday cake for my daughter and told the person who took her order that in the past on two occasions they didn't have our cakes ready for us to pick up. He assured my wife that it will not happen the third time and so he took all the details and promised us that it will be ready for pick up. Today, when I went to pick it up the manager on duty had absolutely no knowledge of our order. this is beyond unbelievable! Now, I am supposed to get a call from their district manager...and to be honest I don't have much hope and my confidence is already rock bottom as far as their ability to resolve this issue.

my family and i visited the easton pa restraunt on febuary 13,2011. when we walked into the restraunt at 10:30 in the morning their was only 9 tables of customers eating. The hostess came out from the back and told us we would have to wait 15 minutes before they would seat us at a table. I repeated what she said back to her because i wasnt sure i understood what she was saying that we were going to have to STAND in the llobby for 15 minutes before they would seat us. i asked her couldnt we sit at a table she said NO we are to far behind in the kitchen to seat you at a table. i then told her i wouldnot wait 15 minutes to ne seated when their was empty tables in the restraunt. we then left and went to another restraunt where we had a faboulos breakfast. what a shame on your company for sending a cutomer to another restraunt for breakfast for refusing to seat them at a table. the smart thing to do was to seat them at a table then tell them it would be a few minutes until they took their order because they were backed up ion the kitchen not to turn a paying customer away

Hi I find now that the amount of ice cream I get now is reduced in size, however, you still charge the same price as though is was the bigger size, WHY? are you saying you are that greedy? Even your Melt sandwiches are also reduced in size. I can remember when I would eat at your various locations a melt sandwich with fries would fill me up, now it doesn't. I find this at the Saratoga Springs NY store and the Latham NY on Rt.9 Later

I visited your Friendly's restaurant at the Montrose location this evening at 5:54p.m. and received the worst customer service. Our waitress was unresponsive and seemed eager to stay away from the table. The manager avoided us as well greeting and speaking with every table around us; He didn't even so much as ask us how the food tasted. We never heard of any specials and we're barely able to order our drinks before she quickly left the table. Every waitress around us seemed happy to be there and gave their guest what seemed to be wonderful service. It was my son's birthday and I only wish I had chosen another restaurant to give my hard earned server tips. You would think a fellow server would understand the importance of good service. When selecting a dining choice in the future Friendly's won't even be an option. Sincerely, Ebony

It's a shame that things have to be this way. I always loved coming to Friendly's at your Transit Road Location, a few of the girls are very nice servers however the manager at that Location, his name is (Bob) he is a terrible excuse for a store manager. He talks down to the girls, and my husband and I heard provocative, sexual abuse language to the waitresses. ..things need to be addressed there. I will be taking my business to Maple Road. I have two children and am 37 years old, we do not want to be around that type of environment. Lynda Johnson 716-896-4782

Friendly's on 2080 Warwick Avenue is the worst friendly's. The manager Beverly that was on duty the day I went was EXTREMELY rude beyond belief. Not only was she rude to the customers but I also witnessed her grab an employee for whatever reason. Not only was this not manager material but she needs to be fired. Those poor employees need a better manager with better management skills!!!

I'm here looking for a job. Odd I know but that's how serious I am. To my knowledge the factory on Boston rd in wilbraham, ma can use someone like me. I am serious about working. I'm 21 years of age. I NEED to work in order to survive. I'm currently homeless but I stay around the area. I'm constantly around a computer so I can be emailed at dv8tion89@yahoo.com. I'm VERY serious so if anyone is looking for a serious hard worker who actually WANTS to work please email me. Thanks and God bless...

Weve been customers of the Webster Friendlys for a long time. I am not sure what happened, but the service is horrible now. i am actally sitting in the restuarant now. we got here at 5:30, it was an hour for our meal to be delivered, she never checked on us. finally half hour later she comes about dessert and tells me shes putting the childrens ice cream in to go cups. what is that?

I have to agree, both as a former frequent customer and as a former employee, Friendly's has nose-dived! I used to waitress there as a teenager. I had to endure pinches from lecherous men, my boss was drunk on the job constantly, we were always short- staffed, but I went out of my way to make sure that people were treated nicely. After all, the name of the restaurant is named Friendly's!!! I enjoyed the customers for the most part, especially the little kids, and the excitement on their faces when I would bring the sundaes! If Friendly's if going to ever remain, they need to do an overhaul of every single store, weed out the bad apples, and clean up the dumps these places have become. On a positive note, I will say a huge thank you to Friendly's for supplying Give Kids the World, in Kissimmee Fla. with free ice cream for the children who end up there because of life threatening illnesses. My children have all attended there, and they loved the free ice cream. What a treat after enduring hospital after hospital. They still talk about it! Friendly's...do yourself a favor, and get out there with some mystery shoppers, or just read this thread and get moving. People need jobs, and will work well, instead of some of the snotty teenagers (not all are) or the ridiculous power-hungry managers...FIRE them and get good people who will bring Friendly's back up in status and in the public's view of them. Just my opinion, but thanks again for your contribution to Give Kids the World, often the children who go there don't have much to look forward to. You made a lot of kids smile when we were there.

My grandkids and I stopped by the Sagamore beach Friendly's that we go to all the time and had a great kid-friendly dinner. My granddaughter left her electronic game behind and we didn'r discover it until we got home. One of the great employees there Dan Heard not only remembered her name and where she was sitting but also that she had colored a picture for the coloring contest and left her phone number on it. He called right away and we were able to retrieve it. This was way beyond his responsibility to track down this little girl and make sure she got her game back. Thanks to all of the employees at this location and throughout the area. My grandkids always want to go to Friendly's for every occassion. From the 2 year old all the way up to the 9 year old. Thanks again to Dan and as the kids say " We love Friendly's" S. Davidson

I currently reside in a neighboring city to the F.I.C. Headquarter Location of Wilbraham, MA. I worked for a company in another neighboring city (Springfield, MA) for years. The owner of the company I had worked for was very good friends with the original (or one of them) founders of Friendly Ice Cream Corp. A shame it is. I have always been disappointed with FIC restaurant servers and food, since the 80's anyhow. However my boyfriend loves to bring his children there to eat. So we have gone quite often. The coffee is good, I will give you that. It beats Dunkin Donuts, they changed their flavor approx. 12-14 yrs ago and I don't like DD's coffee anymore. At least FIC's coffee is better. Is it Green Mountain? Anyway...There has to be something done. These comments above mine are quite factual. I hope you, FIC, are not reading them with a grain of salt. Possibly believing that all of these comments are with exaggeration. I assure you they seem quite accurate to me, after having many of the exact same "un-vocalized" complaints myself. Until now. Especially the restaurant located right next door to the main corporation. What balls the company has to do wrong, being right next door even!

We recently visited Friendly Ice Cream at the Rotterdam Square Mall in Rotterdam NY with 2 of our grandchildren. It had to be one of our worse dinning out experiences. We are not frequent Friendly customers we would stop at Friendly's when we travel primarily because of the consistency of the food and service offered. Our visit on October 30, 2010 was not what we would typically expect. We were greeted promptly and we were seated and the grandsons (2 and 5 years old) were given crayons and paper. Our order was taken by Brennan or Brendon who relied on his memory to relay our order to whoever was preparing our meal, although he might be 90-95 % accurate in delivering our order by memory to the cook, how does the cook do remembering the orders that are verbally provided? My observation on that evening with the other customers sitting near us, two had there food sent back because the food was not what they had ordered or prepared the way they wanted it. Our first problem was the timing of the delivery of the food. My wife ordered a bowl of Chili and a half of sandwich, the two boys got Mac and Cheese with a side, and I ordered a Buffalo Chicken. The time from sitting down and the first food to arrive was a good 15 minutes and my wife got her chili, me and the boys watched her it her chili, and the 2 year old got antsy so I had to leave the restaurant with him to avoid him disturbing others. After waiting another 15 minutes the rest of the food was delivered, the quality of the food ranged from poor to fair, and it wasn't worth the amount of money we paid. One of my grandsons ordered a side of carrots with his macaroni and cheese and instead of getting cook carrots he got raw carrots that looked like what you would find in the bottom of your refrigerator drawer of your refrigerator after a month or 2. The other grandson had broccoli which looked okay but he vomited it up during the night. My wrap was about average but the portion was equal to about 2/3rds of the size of your competitors. I figured you should be told of bad experiences, they provide improvement opportunities. Here are a few suggestions for you: 1. All wait staff use pencil and paper when taking orders this provides accuracy for all involved with the order. 2. Consider the customers when determining when the food is brought out if there are little children feed them first or provide free individually wrapped snacks like crackers or goldfish. 3. Reduce your children's menu prices, to get a scoop of Kraft Macaroni and cheese, and bowl of ice cream for nearly $6.00 is highway robbery. Speaking of Highways we will be going to Boston this weekend and guess where we will not be stopping at? Thank You You also should be ashamed of yourselves for charging so much for kids meals.

this morning my husband and I went to the store in Clifton New Jerswey on Main Ave. We were greeted by Ruben who promtly seated us and got us a wonderful cup of coffee. We order breakfast and it came in a short timje and was exactly as we ordered. Ruben came over to check with or order and fill our coffee cups. The manager came and checked if everythinhg was ok also. You could see the pride he had in this store. We have gone to this store for many years and in the past sometimes was not pleased with service. I wanted to do the survey so they would know how improved the store was. Was I surprised when survey form said store #0198 did not exist! Same number that was on my fod check! Someone in corporate should chheck this out.You cannot vote for a store if corporate thinks it does not exist. I will call that store in the morning!!

This review here is about the Friendly's Restaurant in Yonkers, NY. A new general manager has taken over the store recently and has brought utter chaos. This is a story about theft, fraud, and sex in the business place. A romance takes place in clear sight causing extreme tension amongst workers. This romance was transfered from the Hartsdale Restaurant to the Yonkers Restaurant when the general manager Charles Hunter moved to take over the Yonkers location. Sharlia and Charles are having a sexual relationship in the workplace and are committing fraud. Sharlia is allowed to leave the workplace while she's still clocked in, therefore getting paid while she's at home. Favoritism also plays a huge roll here causing disgruntlemnet amongst long time employees. "Yeah, she's transfered over here and is given all of our hours", says one long time employee. "She comes here and all of our hours got cut. I went from the upper 30's to the mid 20's while Sharlia gets 38 hours." It's amazing how this is allowed to go on. Another employee states, "Sharlia? She doesn't do anything when she comes to work. And when she feels like going home she just calls Charles on his cell phone and tells him she wants to go home." There have been numerous complaints called in to Friendly's Corporate office. All of them have been ignored.

main st., Worcester,MA-on 2 separate occasions, I noticed practices that really hit me as being unethical, and I state this coming from the viewpoint of being a waitress myself. I noticed the mgr. waiting on tables and pocketing tips during slow periods of work where his "help" was clearly not needed by the waitresses (of which there were 2 on duty). Waitresses work hard for every tip we earn, so to see a mgr., who by the way, only waited on tables where pretty girls were seated, step ahead of a waitress on duty only to benefit himself both socially & financially, well, let's just say this young man made my stomach crawl. Then 2 see him brush his hand across one of the waitresses butts was sickening. I wouln't recommend Friendly's to my very worst enemy, of which I might add, I have none!!!!

ok, so i work at friendly's in Tewksbury. At first, i had a great manager, one who took everyone and his or her thoughts, and did his best to schedule everyone. He also took care of the store, with everything organized, and clean. Every employee had designated side work, and knew what to do. The store ran at an efficient rate and our customer satisfaction had never been higher. After a short while, we got a new manager and assistant manager. Both took interest in reorganizing the store, and attempting to have the store run smoother. Mission failed. The store has fallen into a state of chaos, with side work being assigned at random and in no way appropriate for those to whom they had been assigned. The assistant manager has a nasty habit of causing problems by talking with respectable tones in her voice and actions, at least towards me. And if that isn't enough, my hours got cut so severely, I only worked one or two days a week, then this week I didn't get scheduled at all, nor was I even on the available workers list. Is that really a managing tactic that should be accepted by a place called "Friendly's"? I think not.

MAIN STREET, MOORESTOWN, NJ - I have been calling there for over an hour to place an order for take out. From 5 to 6:10 PM, Saturday night. I just cannot believe they won't pick up the phone. What kind of business is this? And yes, I checked and rechecked the telephone number. Called another Friendly's a few towns over (who picked up on the first ring) and tripple checked the phone number. My daughter worked there a few years ago for a long time, and business was NEVER like this. It's the Phillies game tonight, we wanted to order dinner for EIGHT PEOPLE! I am so frustrated. Oh well, we called Lavita's right down the street...they also picked up on the first ring and got our FAT order. I will never, ever go to Friendly's again. Ever.

I decided to give Friendly's one more try... actually no i didn't Subway was being renovated and the chinese buffet was about to close so I guess, in Ware, Ma, you were my last option. I vowed to never go to Friendly's again once I started ordering food here and the service was awful with the food being greasy and not well prepared or cooked, and ever since i was told that you charge for each "extra" when ordering extra hot fudge. Heaven forbid I say I want extra, extra hot fudge with a lil smile and get charged double!!! That was a fun conversation with my waitress wondering how much i would be charged if I ordered "alot" or "Lots of" or "load it on" or "globs" and how much is 1 "Friendly's Serving Size" of hot fudge anyway? How would I know if I wanted extra with nothing to base it off of? Regardless, I ordered a sandwich to go, the Chicken Brushetta. while it sounded so delicous and rather healthy when I got home (walking distance) My sandwich looked like it was something taken out of a trash can. The bread was literally unedible, there was a soggy strip of lettuce and that was it the tomatoes were somewhat on one half of the sandwich which had been cut in half... the tomatoes weren't rolling around in the styrofoam container... they were just non-existant. Serving this kind of food is a disgrace. i don't know how you are still in business. No more second guessing even when I am hungry and there is no where else to go. Seeya later Friendly's.

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