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I have been visiting the Friendly's Restaurant on Airmont Road in Airmont/Suffern, NY for many years. For the past 2 or 3 years I have noticed a considerable decline in friendliness of staff, efficiency of staff, cleanliness of facility and intelligence of staff. There are two waitresses who have been working there for years and they are outstanding. One waitress is Linda and I cannot remember the name of the other woman. They do everything right and never complain. The current Manager, I think his name is Jean/Gene, is ANYTHING but friendly. He is short-tempered, can't remember a counter order involving more than one step, never smiles and lacks flexibility and strong thinking skills. How can he be a manager??? He is a poor representative of your "Friendly's" corporation. The rest of the staff, except for those two women, are slow moving, slow thinking, and generally disinterested in their jobs and the needs of the customers. The place needs much improvement!!!

We stopped in your store #7581 Ashland, Ohio while visiting family in the area. It took employees five minutes to seat us. Took our order for drinks took 15 minutes for drinks. After we had finished our meal waitress asked if we wanted ice cream. Said yes then she said she would be back in a minute waited twenty minutes and still no show went to counter without bill asked to pay took abo ut another 5 minutes. Service was really bad and don't plan on return visit. Feel that this was a really bad experience. Thanks for listening

Tonight I went to the friendlys in wantage nj. The resturant was extremely hot!! The thermostat read 83 degrees!! I was very uncomfortable the entire time I was there. At the end of my visit I asked to speak to a manager, he was very very rude and not helpful at all. He had no explination for the air conditioning not being on and he stormed away in a very angry manner. He would not tell me his name either so I asked a server for his name and the coorporate office number. She gave me his name but said she did not have the phone number I needed. My visit was very unsatisfying and I will NOT return to that resturant ever again! That manager really needs to learn management skills! The only satisfying thing about that resturant was my waitress, who I felt very sorry for! She was sweating from the uncomfortable conditions. Someone needs to check into that place!

i service mechanical equipment at friendlys in the ny/nj area and would like to say that the conditions in most of these restaurants are absolutely disgusting. garbage is piled by the back door and most every kithen area smells like a sewer. the employees are kids that have no idea how to run a clean restaurant. the food is left out until it smells and the cooking areas are filthy. dirty grease drips down from the cooking hoods onto the food and the appliances because no one cleans properly. few retaurants are somewhat clean but most are just disgusting. i wouldnt eat at a freindlys if i was starving... i really dont know how they stay in business. just a thought

May 4, 2011 Just very disgusted with the so called general manager by name of Dennis E. Anderson at Blackwood Nj friendly's. My wife and two other parties decided to go friendly's for dinner and ice cream since we all had coupons. When seated, we let our waitress know that we wanted three separate bills. We had no problem with the dinner but had a problem with the ice cream. We all order 5 scoop sundaes. When the ice cream arrived they were more like 3 scoops in them. So when it came time to pay, the waitress said,"the manager has to make the adjustment for the coupons." The manager or so called General Manager was very unprofessional on addressing the parties about using a coupon. First the manager accused us of trying to pull a fast one with making three separate checks with using the coupons, which i find rude and disrespectful to say towards paying customers. The manager showed me on the coupon where it says per party and that there is nothing he can do. I told him i was not happy cause that should been addressed when we told the waitress that we wanted separate check for each party. Manager continued to go back and forth with the three parties for about five minutes making a scene. The one party called the cops and let the manager know. The manager laughed and said,"I want you to step outside or you will be arrested when the police arrive." At that time, i was so disgusted with how the manager handled problem that i told him i will never be back. The manager told us he did not care and there is nothing he can do. Being owner of my own business i would never find it acceptable for my employees to treat customers so unprofessionally. Jason 4 Ivy Ln. Sicklerville nj 08081

I frequently eat at both the oswego, ny and clay, ny locations by me and I have to say, I have not encountered any of the problems mentioned on this board. The servers are always friendly and always dote on my 3 year old. The food is delicious and there are always specials. Honestly, you need to cut these people some slack. Sometimes they are understaffed but they do the best they can.

My name is Van Lemert and Im a former employee of Friendly's restraunt in Chester VA. Over the course of the my time there {just over a year and a half} I noted an incrediable amount of health violations mostly preformed by the restraunts general manager, Tyrone Montgomery. From re-heating sauces up to 15 hours old, to handling customers food without glove's. I'm talking tomato's, lettuce, onions, even mixing the cole slaw and dressing with his bare hand's. I find this to be both despiciable and disgusting. I attempted to contact the corprate office's human resource's dept. but have gotten no response. In fact I've left a total of 7 voice mails with the restraunts district manager Jae {Ward?} also with no response. The place is sloppy all over it's time for accountability. If you are a Friendly"s employee and want to speak on your work conditions e-mail me at freshsockspro@yahoo.com. P.s. Residents of Chester VA. Next time your at Friendly's and your getting ready to order your food, ask your server "Is Tyrone in the kitchen". If the anwser is yes, tip your server and leave. Unless you like the taste of germs, in that case stay.

My son and I just finished eating at the Friendly's on Rt. 18 in Plymouth, we were VERY disappointed with our experience. My son asked me to go there specifically for the "peeps sundae" they have been advertising. Upon walking in the door, the first thing my 5 yr old son said was "do you have the peeps sundae?" To which the answer was yes, by the waitress who seated us. Another server then greeted us to serve us and again my son stated that he was going to have this sundae to which the waitress replied ok. Upon finished his dinner (which he was so proud to do because he knows he can not have dessert unless he does) he ordered his sundae. Ten minutes after ordering our desserts, the waitress came back to tell us they no longer had that sundae. I asked to speak to a manager, another ten minutes goes by in which she then comes to tell me they have not had that sundae for a week, it was an Easter promotion. Meanwhile, my son had already eaten half of my sundae, so I said forget it, just take my sundae off the bill (the kids meals come with a Sundae). When the waitress finally came with the bill, my sundae had not been removed and my son had not gotten the sundae that came with his meal because he ate mine. I am very disappointed with the way the whole situation was handled and will not be returning. I have been in the food service industry at various restaurants for the past 11 years, and I know customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects in the industry. I am extremely disappointed as is my son. (I would also like to mention this was for his birthday and they didn't seem to care how disappointed he was).

I've gotten a laugh out of reading some of the illiterate complaints here. Honestly, I don't know how some people can be so obtuse and petty. It's so obvious that many pf them don't have a legitimate issu; they are just trying to get something for nothing. They need to get a life.

On Monday, April 18, 2011, my daughter, grandchildren and I went to Friendly’s in Camp Hill, PA for dinner after my grandson’s baseball game. We arrived around 8:30. Friendly’s has been a favorite place for us since my grandkids, now ages 8 and 11, were toddlers. We have had good and bad meals but overall things have been somewhat satisfactory. Service has been good most visits. Last night this all drastically changed. We had an experience that has caused us to consider never setting foot in your restaurant again. My grandson ordered a salad. After eating about half of it he suddenly spit out what he was chewing and started gagging. We realized upon further inspection he had bitten down on an artificial fingernail (full size.) He immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up. My daughter picked up the nail and immediately went to the cashier. The reaction from waitress to manager was “OH.” They weren’t even very disturbed. She was given a weak, “we are sorry.” One waitress saying she knew who it belonged to. No one asked after my grandsons well being. They just brushed the entire thing off. Needless to say our main meal had not arrived so we left feeling we should have had better service and concern. As I pass this story on to people, everyone is appalled by the reaction of the staff and their lack of concern. We are very disappointed in this experience. I felt I needed to report this incident to someone.

Iwent to Friendly's on Newton St in South Hadley. My service was so slow it took 50 minutes before we got our food. I was told they did not have coke and had none in back storage. When our food finally arrived my sons mac and cheese and hot dog were microwaved. The hot dog was shriveled up and the mac and cheese has dried out on the top. My chicken wrap was cold and the wrap was hard on the edges. I am so disgusted with the service and food. I will not be going back to that Friendly's ever again.

What a poorly ran restaurant, I worked at friendly's for a couple months and it was by far the worst months in my life! I worked overtime (off the clock), was threatened of my job if i complained about it at all so I never did. The way the employees are treated (servers, fountain, dishwasher, and cook, even the store manager) is completely unacceptable!! It's really sad because all the reviews on here prove to me that our guest seem to think it is the servers that are wrong but in all reality it is due to the poor management of the General Manager at that. We are told how to serve our food, although we are suppose to "abide by the rules" (5 smiles, steps of service, ect.) we are not aloud to do so when we are being screamed at by management in the middle of the store while we are busy being told to cook as a server, make ice creams as a server and do dishes as a server, I have honestly never felt so invaded in my work experience than I have here by my general manager. I understand we are suppose to work together as a team but we are also suppose to make sure that customers are getting the BEST SERVICE, seeing how friendly's doesn't have the greatest reviews in general! Not to mention I was wrongfully terminated from this company not even a week ago, simply because me and my GM did not get along to well, which should not even matter because we both need to me mature and responsible at work, she NEVER made it that way! I felt discriminated against every time we worked together, I was never written up at all and got good reviews from my guests. She fired me because I said I would be writing a complaint on her for multiple reasons that I choose not to speak of so she made up an excuse that i could not meet friendly's criteria.. I don't even think they have a CRITERIA seeing the way the business is ran, now I have to struggle to find another job to provide for my son and myself being a single mother...

This morning and I had breakfast at the Midedletown, DE Friendly's. The wait staff was friendly, the food was okay, though not warm enough, served promptly. As we were finishing and getting ready to leave, the a/c vents turned on pouring a noxious smell into the restaurant. I became light headed and my eyes became irritated. I asked the waitress what the smell was and she said she didn't know, they were fixing the roof, it could be that. We went to wash out our eyes and then left immediately. The waitresses said they were getting dizzy from the fumes. After making several phone calls to try to find out what chemical was used I heard from Dist. Mgr. Mike Hall. He contacted the roofer, DDS, in NJ, and they told him they used a product called Polaroof Rac. I went online and found this to be a single component urethane, flammable and an irritant that has warning against human contact and with specific admonitions NOT TO LET IT INTO THE BUILDING!! This is not the first timed this Friendly's had problems with the building. Last time they were cleaning up a moldy ceiling tile and leak, the smell was awful. I have been washing out my eyes all day, and now five hours later, they feel somewhat relieved, but it took all day of dealing with my eyes being irritated and it being difficult to get anything done. Mr. Hall was very unconcerned about the danger the people at the restaurant was in. There could have been an explosion had the fumes built up and reached the kitchen. The general lack of concern for the welfare of both their employees and their customers, the fact that the bathroom had obviously been cleaned with a dirty rag from the way it smelled, no hand towels, music blasting. We will not return and I will be taking this to the authorities to find out if inspections by OSHA and the local Health department will find a remedy. I do not expect any answer, I doubt you care that your business is poorly run,


I phoned my local Friendly's in Lee to place an order for pickup. They set the phone down 20 minutes ago and I am sitting here listening to all the noise in the background while know body picks the phone back up. This store has the worst service of any Friendly's I have ever been in. The managers of this store should be fired. Most times when I go in the store it's filthy making me not want to eat their anyway. I will never recommend this store to anyone asking for a good place to eat. Worst service I have ever received anywhere. I'm very unhappy.

I went in on the 24th of March to get dinner. Tickets were mixed up an I ended up paying $10 more than I should have. I was exhausted and did not notice that evening. The next day I realized it and called the store. I was told to stop by the following day after 4 pm, because the manager on duty, my server, and the store manager would be present and we could fix the problem. I stopped by the next day. The store manager greeted me and apologized for the mix up and told me that my meal was on her. I did not receive a refund for the $10 I was overcharged; so, my meal wasn't on her. I pre-paid for a meal I received 2 nights later. The food was good and the wait staff was excellent, but the store manager ruined the atmosphere. I guess that is one way to ensure repeat business, yes? I'll not set foot in a Friendly's ever again. Daytona Beach, Fl

We visit Friendly's all the time ,we never have a problem with the Milford store. We went to the Northbrige store to get 4 bowls of soup witch we love and get all the time.We got take out and when we got home there were like 5 or 6 noodles in each bowl,you could tell that they did not have enough for 4 so they still made 4 .We had the same problem in that store once before and will not be returning. Thank you Laura Jionzo jionzo@aol.com

Dear costemers just wanted you to know that my uncle owned shipment inc. Freindlys ice cream i think its the best.

We had visited the local Friendly's on Squire road in Revere MA, twice last week. Both days, Cream Cheese was NOT available for our bagels. OK, 1 day I can see, but 2? there is a price rite grocery market in the same area (northgate plaza) that I would gladly walk up to get this. WHAT IS WRONG HERE? Franchise or not, you people are lame, lazy and very inconsiderate to your cusomers. IF my aunt ever requests cream cheese on her bagel again and it's not available, rest assured I will go to price rite and get it MYSELF! Ronald B. 330 696 7125 rabiglin@aol.com

We dine at the Friendly's restaurant in Copaigue, NY (on Long Island). Today my children were there for lunch with their Grandparents. About 4 1/2 hours later, I was told that the $20 bill that I gave my daughter, was lost. I went back to the restaurant to see if by any chance someone found it and turned it in. My daughter remembered her server, who I only now know as Steve. When I explained our situation, he smiled and said very happily "found it!" and gave me the neatly folded bill. I am writing this to commend the young man for his honesty and a integrity. I hope that his manager is made aware of my feedback and that Steve is recognized for his efforts. Sincerely, a Very Pleased and Grateful Friendly Customer.

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