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I could write a some bad service at the Friendlys on Riverdale Street, but the reason I am emailing is....I know John Maguire is looking to bring the old Friendlys back...I think its a great idea.....I was thinking out of the box, and thought what wonderful place Friendly's was years ago......so many kids worked their early years of employment at Friendlys....I think it would be a great idea to do some kind of calling out to past employees of Friendlys...and maybe you could send them alittle button to wear, on a special day....or whenever they visit a Friendly's and get a free scoop of ice cream or something......So many people would see the buttons and see how many kids/people Friendly's has helped start out in Life. You sure can change something but I thought I button saying...." I started my worklife at a Friendlys.....Just an idea.. Lana Greene 413 322 4452

As a former Friendly's employee, I would just like to point out that any of the positive comments on this forum are probably fake.. and that would be because the management would order us (employees) to take the surveys on the COSTUMER'S coupons and fill them out ourselves to boost the stores osat, overall satisfaction. I worked for two separate Friendly's companies, both in MA. At my first Friendly's, I was actually a shift supervisor there, and when they shut the store down, it was as big a surprise to me as the rest of the employees! No notice, whatsoever. In fact a GM from a nearby store walked in during a dinner rush and told us to lock our doors at 9 o' clock that night, for that would be the last time we would be open. Extremely horrid place to work, I've noticed other employees of Friendly's on here stating that they would be forced off the clock to finish their duties, yes, this happened all too frequently to me as well when I served there.

We arrived at the resturant at 3:55 and waited 10 minutes to be seated. The resturant was not busy. After being seated we waited another 20 minutes and had to ask for someone to take our order. Another 10 minutes and a server finally came. The food was fine once we got it but as we finished we waited another 15 minutes for someone to take our dessert order. At no time were we offered a refill on our drinks. finally the dessert came and we asked for our bill as we were served and the waitress was very rude... stating, " bellieve me I'll get your bill to you." We left the resturant at 5:30. Really an hour and ahalf to be served and eat a sandwich and sundae? Service was poor, the manager unresponsive to our complaints and it will be a long time before we go to Friendly's in Plattsburgh, NY again.

Saturday night about 7PM we were in friedlys of Cranston, Rhode Island, we found very stange that the manager was yelling at the waitresses, we asked the waitress was happening, and told us that the manager forcec the waitresses to wash plates, cutlery and glasses, the restaurant was busy and the food arrived cold, the ice cream melted. The service was not as on other occasions, all because of the manager.

Last week my daughter and I went to Suffern, Friendly's for ice cream. As we walked in the door I told my daughter that you always wait at Friendly's. It was 4 in the afternoon. One couple was seated at a table. There were 2 waitresses. We waited for about 5 minutes before any one approached us. Then there was no greeting, and no smile. As we walked out my daughter said " Friendly's will be gone in 10 years ! "

I took my family to the friendly's in Watertown Massachusetts. We where asked if we wanted a booth or table we said booth, we got sat at a table. At first no big deal but then we sat for 20 min before having to ask if we could actually have drinks. We walked in at 1:15. 3 waitresses and a manager walked bye us without saying a word no eye contact and not even a hello. Finally the waitress we asked took our order and explained no one had told her she was suppose to help us. I should have just left but my kids wanted to stay. After we got our meals we wanted dessert and waited another looong time. I watched 5 customers be seated order food then dessert and pay while we were still there. The waitress appeared to be new or something but clearly was too distracted bye other parties to remember we where there and when she asked a manager he said to figure it out while he say at a table behind us explaining to either a prospective new employee what he expects. We almost walked out and would have been long gone before anyone would have realized we didn't pay. But considering I as well as my husband are both retail managers I wouldn't even do such a thing. If I was the owner or manager I would be ashamed of the service I allow my employees as well as myself to give. I payed $80.00 for a very unpleasant experience. Bye the time we got our check it was after 3pm. Seriously someone needs to get it together.

i live in toms river nj n we dined with a mouse runnin around the restaurant the manager did nothing for us did not comp our order or even apologize to us we also spent about $72 on the whole meal. so i called corporate n i intend to call the health department. its rediculous

I love going to friendly in subberry mass but can't bring the kid because the general boss is a Cunt

Friendly's is always the slowest and dirtiest restaurant around.

Dr. John McDougall and many other medical doctors now understand the link between cow milk( and ALL things made of it ) is a huge risk factor in MS, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Arthritis, Obesity and more. The health of children today reflects the increase in consukmption of everything cow milk , cheese, ice cream, milk, etc. We have been totally manipulated by the power of the dairy industry, that spends billions on ads, and has it's clenches in many universities that teach animal ag. We are at a turning point in humanity and our very existence as a species depends on changing the food system to one that does NOT cause disease, but rather, prevents it, as FOOD was intended to do. Ice cream, as American as the drug companies that sprang up to treat chronic diet related disease, should be illegal as it is as harmful as any otther carcinogen, which casein, the protein in cow milk, IS, according to a nutritional biochemist, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the China Study, and ex-dairy farmer. Friedly's sells children a product filled with suffering in a sugar coated package, engrained in us as normal, and it is NOT. Cow milk IS FOR CALVES, a totally different mammal. No wonder children are fat, sick, and can't focus, they are drugged with the opiate, casomorphine, in cow milk. LEARN that cow milk products ARE not healthy for humans who should not be nursing past age 2!!!! www.drmcdougall.com

I took my mom to have lunch. There were two other tables with customers that had already been served. We placed our orders and fourty minutes later I had asked where our orders were. The waitress said it would be out in a minute. She finally brought them out. The chicken on my sandwich was hard, it would not have been possible to eat it without braking my teeth. The manager came over to ask what the problem was. I told him about my sandwich and the time it took to recieve our order. Once he replied he said the ticket recorded the time as only ten minutes. Also, my mom loves the grilled tuna melt. Then when her dish had finally come out and she decided to take a bite, she picked it up she said it felt like the tuna was cold. The manager said that was the way it is served even though my mom has ordered this meal many times before. From my experiance with him, I believe he was not a very good manager because his attitude was terrible! I suggest the reason that there were not very many customers was because of the long wait, bad food, and the manager's bad attitude. Finally after I had gotten every frusterated, my mom and I decided to leave. As we were leaving, the manager said in a low tone to me when I was getting to walk out the door,"You never intended on staying to begin with." I guess what he meant was, I just wanted to pick up my mom take 20 minutes out of my way JUST TO LEAVE!

Sadly the name friendlys conjures up tiny sizes, highly inflated prices and pitiful service. One morning after waiting in an empty restaurant for a waitress to even acknowledge us we walked out never to return for breakfasts again. Now after just returning from friendlys in Wethersfield, Connecticut where I got a "3 scoop" hot fudge sundae I will not be going back I complained about the size of the sundae and was told everything, even French fries are now portion controlled. Hey I can understand portion control but when you continually shrink the portions and jack up the prices, add in pitiful service you have told me in no uncertain terms you no longer value my business. After almost 50 years of going to friendlys I am done. How can you justify $4.79 for what you call a 3 scoop sundae ?? You put it in a fancy glass so you think people won't know ? Do you think $3.25 for a 2 scoop ice cream cone on a regular cone is justifiable when the scoops are half the size they used to be ? You are your own worst enemies, get back to the basics, burgers and ice cream, better size portions and stop ripping customers off and then maybe, if you fire all the wait staff and hire friendly polite efficient staff, you won't have to worry about going bankrupt. The founders did it right, learn from them or go out of business. My bet is you will not change anything, greed will kill you.

I have been going to Friendlys for years and my children have always enjoyed it. For the last 6 months I have been trying to give Friendlys a chance to CLEAN UP there act. Every time we go there is food and trash all over the floor. I have told the people at the front and wait staff, that when people come in they dont want to eat in dirt. We just get a look like we are crazy. I have herd from other tables the same problem. The floors are never vacuumed. It leaves a bad tast in your mouth when you sit in dirt and trash . Please make the Friendlys in Sinking Spring of Pa CLEAN UP there act. Gross is my only word for this place.

Have been a customer for many years going to the Friendly's in Northfield NJ on Tilton rd.now they are under new management and things are terrible the servers are all hating there jobs.I can not believe when something is not broken and the store is doing so well new people come in and screw it all up.The sever I had I have dealt with for years and is one of the best employee's they could have but when they start telling customers how bad things are and the things being taken away and what is expected of them for what little wage they get I feel it's time for me and my family to find a new place to eat. they say things will not change but I can see the writting on the wall and how unhappy the employee's are and of course just like a big chain I will not hear a word from them on this matter. tas331@comcast.net

I have been going to your Friendly's restaurant in Medford, NY for many, many years. I have to say my all-time favorite waitress is: Miss Eileen. I don't know her last name though. She is the most helpful, friendliest, cooperative, positve person who serves me and my family. We only deal with her when we go. She makes our experience so friendly! We absolutely adore her and I always recommend her to my friends and they also like her. Other servers need to take lessons from her. She is a real people pleasant go-getter person! I hope she works there for many more years! Thank You for hiring her! Respectfully, M. Ramos

we had a wonderful experience at your Friendly's in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware our waitress #279 Darnise was just so nice and bubbly, and made our visit special keep up the good work

My husband and I went to the Norwood,Ma, restuarant. We waited about fifteen minutes to get a seat. It was unbelievable busy. When we sat down the waitress came right away. We got chicken strips. They where over cooked so bad we couldn't eat them. I felt really bad for the help. You closed so many restuarant that the few left in this area are definitely too busy. We used to go to the Friendly's a least twice a month but I can't stand watching how hard they work now and the food isn't very good anymore.

I just left the friendlys in Amesbury first it took 10 minutes to be seated when half of the staff was standing around talking two people behind us waiting also walked out and yelled out burger king has better service then this! We finally get seated the table was sticky and the booth SMELLED LIKE URINE! Trash all over the floors half of the tables were filthy as the employees were doing nothing but talking and not doing a thing about it. We ordered our ice cream then the waitress comes back attitude and all (her name was Julie) and tells us she don't know how to make what we wanted and that she wanted to know what we wanted and how it was made because the computer didn't explain it thoroughly! She gives us our check and we put a credit card in it at the end of the table and waited 15 minutes no lie to see if she was going to come back and take it and guess what she never returned we went to the front to pay and the reciept that had the talk to friendlys information mysteriously disapeared and all I got back was my credit card reciepts I left her $1.64 for a tip on a $13.00 order and she grunted at me oh well shouldve done your job! To top it off my husband liked the water he had better then the ice cream. When we left the same tables were still not cleaned off and I even have pics to prove it.. Disgusting I would rather go two towns away then ever go back to that place....

I was just in the friendlys in west. Babylon new York and I had the worst experience I ordered. The crispy. Chicken salad like I always do well this time when I ordered. It I knew something was wrong not only was it a lot smaller then usual the lettuce. Was all rotten and brown after moving around the lettuce I found a dead ant on the bottom of my dish I was so discussed. I could not eat anything after that so I paid the bill and left I warn everyone do not go in the friendlys Ever I took pictures if the salad and the bug but for some reason I cannot upload. To this comment

after reading some of the reviews above my comments will have no or little value .... i had the occasion to visit your mystic, ct location this past wed evening ..... my first and only thought was "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE CORPORATE OFFICE" ... i really do feel sad for your staff who are obviously working with liuttle or no structure, guidance, example or leadership from above (corporate).... i hope you are not paying your top executives for their leadership acumen .... it's no wonder that friendly's is in free fall and probably will not be probably be non-existent in the near future .... sad, sad, sad that's all i can say .... i guess i should mention what i experienced and i will just share two observations .... first, a manager that had his trousers (although not showing any of his back side) just barley being up rather than down (he did have a serious weight problem that required him to constantly hike his trousers up)second, a staff that was terribly over their head with the volume (kids night which we were unaware of when we stopped for ice cream for our grand-sons)of business they were trying to serve (consequently a very long wait for service and ice cream to arrive)above all, as a retired food service owner, i think top managment should be ashamed ...

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