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horrible service

my son and i ate at the restaurant in Hyannis, ma and i have to say i probably wont eat at another friendlys again. The waitress had such an attitude because we requested to sit in one of the new high tables. It was 4pm the restaurant was pretty much empty. And then we ordered drinks and the chocolate fribble was disgusting. Then the other waitresses were complaining out loud about other customers for the whole restaurant to hear. Very very very unproffessional.


I was at the Ronkonkoma location 15 minutes ago for a simple shake. The service was absolutely TERRIBLE! I work in customer service so I understand more than anyone that when its busy, you have to wait. The staff working the carry-out was chatting away with an employee stopping in on his night off. On Top of it all I'm very certain an older man who took my order was a manager, allowing this nonsense to go on. I waited 15 minutes for a fribble and he neglected to give me my order correctly. It was over $6 and I can certainly say it was not worth it. I am not sure if I will ever go back to Ronkonkoma Friendly's.


When I looked up the time for friendlys in wrentham MA, it said 9:30am. When we got there, we had to wait a half an hour because they didn't open there doors till 10am. You need to fix this please!

nasty fries

I cannot believe friendlys changed there fries...They are so gross looking and also taste nasty....please i know the economy is bad but sleeze bagging the fries is going to do you in more....I bring my family there every friday and was shocked the week they changed..no warning or advertisement of changing to them just going ahead and doing it...what a shame.....I refuse to bring my family there anymore because of the sleeze bagging...Friendlys was known for having the best fries...Now known for the best nasty tasting fries you cant even eat with a fork...I see friendlys closing more stores now.....such a shame


I was just at the Friendly in Hornell N.Y we come in the door had to wait awhile after the ladie seen us. Finally we where taken to are seat never ask what we wanted for a drink. The 2 ladies working where talking to each other. Not coming over to get drinks or a food order. Finally I made eye contact with them the ladies turned and started doing something eles so I got up and left never will.I go there again.

Horrible !

We went to the Friendly's in Edgewood Maryland we had HORRIABLE service we seen out server maybe once sat around for a very long time because no one helped us.Also we got our food before our appetizers and we did not dare ask for refills not like anyone was around to get us one again. NEVER AGAIN !

Horrible wait time

My friends and I just left Freindlys #7760 in fairlawn Ohio. We ordered an appetizer and sundaes and it took 2 hours from the time we sat down til the time we received our bill. Now I am not an unreasonable customer but when there are only four other couples in the entire place there is no excuse for such a long wait time. The staff was friendly but slower than Moses. We have had this same experience the last four times eating there and since I noticed the decline in customers each time I figured I would let you know why that might be.

I would like it brought to the attention of the head district manager for the Friendly's Store in Greece, New York. My mother and I were having lunch and she began to choke. I started to do the heimlich on her, but was not doing it hard enough, the manager, Anthony came over and began to do the heimlich on my mother much harder and even though nothing was lodged and she was able to breath, she kept telling us that she felt as though something was there. We had her take water, which was difficult at first, and after many sips, she felt much better. Anthony knew exactly what to do and was excellent, I asked him about his training and he told me that as a manager, it is a requirement, which I was very glad at that moment that Friendly's has that as a requirement. Anthony also called 911 for me. He is such an asset to Friendly's.

worst service ever

went to friendly's in west lebanan nh and what a waiste of my time and money, our server never came till about ten minutse after hostess sat us, then when when food came, hair was sticking out of the chicken wrap and when pointed it out to waitress all she said was " i guess i will take it back" never saw her again reat of time. wh had to ask for the check from the hostess and was charged for a wrap I never ate. They didnt even care or take the time to say sorry or would you like something differant ect... Will never eat at friendlys again..

Very disappointed

I go to the Friendlys in Tewksbury,MA every now and then with my little sisters or with friends. I expect a long wait for the food typically, so that was no surprise nor a problem since I prepare for it. But this time, I ordered an appetizer. The appetizer took a long time to come out and then the food came out not even 5 minutes later. So the waitress put the food under a hot lamp so we could eat the appetizers. Later, when we were ready for our food, I found my order came out wrong(I asked for a chicken BBQ without ranch or bacon and it came without any sauce and with bacon). So they just took the bacon off and squirted some BBQ sauce on it. Also, the tomato soup and grilled cheese my sister ordered wasn't very good. So the server brought out a kids grilled cheese. The only good thing about this experience was the server, Desere, was very friendly and professional. But still, I don't think I will be going there anymore.

we eat all the time at this Friendly's in Springfield Vermont , today it took us 40 minutes to get our food and then it was burned how can you stay in business when your service from the kitchen is this slow most of the customers are all local and on a lunch hour the waiter was very upset by the kitchen most all of the customers had a 30 minute wait time for there food something should be done about this !

Horrible experience

I always enjoy friendly's and expect everyone to have a friendly attitude. I went to the one in unionville connecticut. 1-they did not let us use a coupon from my phone that would he the same as a printed one with the serial code on it to punch into the computer 2-they were very nasty and the manager looked miserable 3- when we got home they ended up forgetting one of our ice creams that we paid for. This was a horrible experience

It is a shame this Friendly's in Pocomoke maryland has gotten so disrespectful and uncordial to it's employess ans well as the costumers. I feel if you have to have words with your employee, it should be private not shouted so everyone can hear. When the food came it was to my liking and I was not going to wait to have it taken back and made the way I asked. It took long enough as it was. I feel this company needs a check on the top people before it starts fussing with the waitresses and their shift managers. NO wonder people are talking about how this restaurant has falling down and what a shame they get rid of their best people. Shame on them.

treated my dughter & son in law to dinner looking forward to our ice cream desert, after waiiting for our food, the ince cream came after 40 minutes, melting on the plate. When I complained to the manager, he was non plause, no even an apology. Poor management/caring, very disappointed

clifton park ny

Friendlys in clifton park ny needs a big change starting with 2 of the manegers there the yelling needs to stop.

We recently were at the Friendly's in Montgomeryville, PA while travelling. While the meal was good, the service was very poor and slow. We had a Happy Ending Sundae and by the time it was delivered to our table, the ice cream nad completely melted and we had to DRINK IT!

I used to enjoy going to several Friendly's restaurants in the Manchester, CT area. The coffee used to be good, but I can't seem to get a decent cup of coffee any more. I have asked servers if they had any freshly brewed coffee. They would brew a new pot, but it was as bad as the first one. They tell me that Friendly's has changed the type of coffee they use. It is really bad tasting. I wish they would go back to using whatever they used before.

We went to Friendly's last week for two Chicken wraps and two Jim Dandy's. The receipt says to go to www.tellfriendlys.com, but I can find no such sight to redeem my $5.00 off coupon for our next visit spending more than $25.00. The restaurant # is 7409 and my receipt code # is 2308237409782. Please send me this promised coupon. Thankyou, JeanAnn Pezzetti 208 Aman Ave Lindenwold, NJ 08021 jndpezz@comcast.net

No wonder the company is filing for bankruptcy. My daughter has worked at the Frienfly's restaurant in Concord NH for about 5 years. She recently had money stolen from her..TWICE. When she reported it to her manager, all he said was he sympathized; and when she tried to push (upon my advice) he said he would put up a bulletin. A BULLETIN!!??!! I am a manager of a med-surg unit in a hospital, so I understand about managing personnel. If there was a problem with theft, I'd be having a major staff meeting and stating in no uncertain terms not only that theft would not be tolerated, it would be grounds for immediate dismissal and possibly prosecution. By not taking charge, the impression is the occurrence is "no big deal".My daughter did not want to go up the authority line: 1. she wasn't sure who to go to; 2. she was afraid of repercussions. What does that say about you as a company! Service is to and for both customers and staff.

Hello, my name is Coraima and I am e-mailing you because i have several complaints about the Sicklerville Friendly's in New Jersey. This week I received a call from the manager and was told that I had gotten the job as a server so I went in and started my three days of training. The first day was great! I had an amazing woman named Tracie who trained me. But yesterday A girl named Aleisha was told to train me and right away she was talking behind my back telling other employees that she did not want to train me. When she started the training she lacked emotion and tried her best to get somebody else to train me but failed. Later on, I saw how she would grab french fries off of customer's plates before they were taken out and she would grab food without gloves on when making a salad, as well as most of the other employees. She was talking to one of the other employees and told him that she got high before starting her shift, which I believe is extremely unprofessional. When the shift was almost over, it was time to change the sauces containers. She grabbed a spoon and poured out the ranch dressing into another container. With the same spoon that she had used to scrape the ranch dressing, she stuck it into the bleu cheese dressing and scraped that into another container. That is completely unsanitary! There are numerous people that go into Friendly's that are probably allergic to some food and doing that could get the restaurant into some serious problems. Today, when starting my last day of training, a girl named Kasey was told that she had to train me. Right from the beginning she gave me an attitude and seemed to not want to train me. Throughout the shift she and her boyfriend flirted and grabbed each other inappropriately. She then proceeded to humiliate me in front of customers by telling me what I was doing wrong in front of them. The last table we served I was told by the manager that I had to do it by myself. I walked over and introduced myself and told them that I was going to be their server. Two minutes later she came up and introduced herself and told them that I was just a trainee and that she was going to take their orders. She was being completely unprofessional the entire time! Needless to say, I quit after the shift. I am not the only one that has had a bad experience with this particular Friendly's. If you want to have good customers working for you, I suggest you go and check up on this Friendly's because if they're left alone any longer, they're going to lose customers. I am going to continue complaining until something is done.

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