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I went to eat at the Hagerstown Md. store on 5/30. When I went to pay I gave the waitress my visa card and told her to charge 31.00 and gave her the change of .96 cents. When I went online and seen she charged me 31.96 plus kept the 96 cents. I called the store and spoke with the manager on duty Scott I think it was. He toke my name and number and said corporate would call me because the store does not handle that and I'm still waiting on a call or credit. Thank You

Today, June 1st at 3:00 my mother and I went to friendly's in Delray Beach, Fl. Upon entering you had a waiter behind the counter waiting on a lady and her son. The other servers were all sitting down. We stood there waiting for someone to come over and greet us and seat us, of course no one did. After standing for quite sometime while your employees sat there talking and counting there money I finally sat down with my mother, she stood long enough, (she's 88). After a while one of the servers got up and looked over at us the went back and sat back down again, we finally got up and left and went to Ihop to eat. I think you need a meeting with your staff and manager about customer service. Toni Isco

A few weeks back my husband and I brought our 2 boys to Friendly's for dinner in Glastonbury, CT and we couldn't have been more pleased with the food and the waitstaff. So happy to have a Friendly's practically in our backyard in Cromwell, CT we decided to make it a regular kids night out on Wed., only to be disappointed by not only the food but the staff. The salad I got was soggy and not edible, the buns from the mini burgers from my son's meal tasted and smelled stale. It's very sad that we need to travel 20 minutes to eat at Friendly's when we have one 5 minutes from our house. Please get a manager from the Glastonbury restaurant to give some direction to the Cromwell restaurant, that's the only way Cromwell is going to survive from the looks of the crowd last night.

My father and I had our once a week lunch at Friendly'sboth of our lunches that were delicious. I love the bbq chicken sandwich. The manager was telling another worker about the big bug problem that they have there. He even pointed in the kitchen and said there goes one now! He said he's sprays them and they pretend to be dead and come back alive when your not looking. I was so nausiated! I am 5 months pregnant on top of feeling sick already. I asked the waitress to please let the manager know that I overheard his conversation and he lost two great customers... Frienly's located in Bloomfield New Jersey on Broad Street.. It was about 2:oo p.m.

I do not have the receipt from this evenings visit to be able to take it properly online. My husband and I went to the Independence Ave, Quincy, MA location this eve. and were extremly disappointed. I cannot even identify the server by name, there were only 2 dark haired girls working, but ours had her forearms tatooed. We placed our order and I requested no tarter sauce on the fish. It came with the tarter sauce on it. We had no silver utensils even after our dinners had arrived. My husband requested his burger plate to be med. cooked and she told him that Friendly's only cooks med/well. We frequent Friendly's often to know this is not the case. His burger plate was just well done. She never came to our table to ask for re-fill on beverages, nor did she ever come back to ask if everything was fine. (at which time I would have told her about the tarter sauce request). We finally got the manager to come over and take our dessert order in which he fulfilled. Then he actually finalized the check for us. He was very accomodating to us. Again, no name tags were being worn by the staff, so it is hard to identify. Her service was extremely poor, but the manager was very helpful in the end. What I think was bothersome is that the restraunt only had 3 booths occupied. It was very slow at the time we were in there. I cannot imagine what it would have been like had it been busy. Thank You.

My husband visited the restaurant in Columbus, Ohio on E. Dublin-Granville Rd. He visits this restaurant at least 2 times a week. On this past Staurday May 15th approx 4:30pm, he went in to purchase a hamburger,his order came to $6.39. He gave the cashier a $20 dollar bill and when he tried to give her the .40 cent, she got extremely frusatrated trying to figure out his change and she just literally threw his All of his money at him!!! My husband is a very nice and extremely easy going guy, he was very offended by her actions. No ne should have to be treated like this! Friendly's needs to have repeat customers to survive. I am quite sure the Owners care about thier bottom line even if the staff that works in these restaurants do not!!!!! If your company does not make good on this, we are vowing "Never to patronize another Frinedly's Reastauant, ever and we are going to tell our family memebers and friends to do the same. Word of mouth can hurt a bottom line of help it!! Bad Customer Service can Kill It!!!!! Extremely disgusted by a long long long time customer of Friendly's, Tanya and Homer Barrett

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