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On February 19th 2012, my one year old son had brain surgery, I am paying a huge amount of money to have all the hospital equipment plus 2 nurses to stay in my home full time as my son hopefully recovers from his surgery., I received 4 phone calls in one day from this company's sales dept I finally called them back and left a message for them to take my name off of their calling list. The next day they called twice and when the person on the other end of the phone actually said something instead of silence, I asked him to remove me from the calling list and he told me to fu$k off and hung up. Then I received 2 more phone calls from them... This business is run by a bunch of morons...who hire people with the brain of a 16 year old to make sales calls......not a good business decision.

A Short Sale, regardless of whetehr or not you are late on the mortgage, will appear like a foreclosure on your credit. This will have a serious negative affect on your credit but the number of points it will lower is uncertain because there are many other factors which come into play on determining a person's FICO score. You will likely have to wait 3 years after the event before you can qualify for another mortgage regardless of your credit score.

A good many vaulabels you've given me.

There customer service is only interested in putting you off and not offering true client services. We have paid our mortgage along with an additional payment through the course of at least a year, we have done everything that Freedom Mortgage has requested of us to avoid confussion over what is "principal payment" and what should be applied to the "monthly payment". Freedom Mortgage has ignored our attempts to correct this error in their favor, and so we can only assume that they have done this intentionally so that Freedom Mortgage received more payment over the course of the loan. That amounts to THEFT! Freedom Mortgage does not make a supervisor available to us immediately and will not assure that we will receive a return call, again only one thing can be assumed by this. Freedom Mortgage is in violation of several Federal Laws for properly applying "principal payments". THEFT! Freedom Mortgage is responsible for their customer service representatives and for allowing clients assess to the supervisors so that if this is indeed an error on Freedom Mortgages side things can be corrected in a timely matter. Our experience is that we will NEVER use nor will we recommend Freedom Mortage to any of our friends and/or family and that we are considering filing charges against Freedom Mortgage.

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