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I've only lived in Portland for11 years but consider your stores the best of all choices ? My main wish would be for you to establish a new store close o where I & many others live . I love @ 1st and lincoln Aves. Over 300 people live here and the water front towers are close by...also PSU next door , yet this is a food store dead zone ! My second wish is to have Fred Meyer gas near by . Thanks

Tired of NOISES

I live behind Fred Meyer in Brookings, OR. The ONLY thing that is seperating us from them are trees. Well someone started cutting the lower branches. That is so disrespectful to the home owners. We take so much from this store anyways. The trash compactor goes 24/7 except for Christmas. The trucks go sometimes past 11pm and come back at 3:30am. The employees start to have their cigarette breaks about 4:30-5:00am. They just laugh and yell. Well we can't keep out bedroom window up unless we want to be woken up early. Now since they are cutting the trees there will not be anything blocking from seeing the dirty place over there. Please make a WALL since the houses were here first!!!!! I'm sure noting will be done about this.

pharmacy staff at wasilla alaska

I was surprize to find out the way they treated my daughter she is mentally and physically disabled and on alot of medicine she also has ms and parkingsons they have decided they hold a medical degree and wont fill her prescriptions but mostly they left her waiting for hours i believe they have treated her like a crimin al discrimanation against her because off her illnesses i just got back in the state and believe she needs and attorney or advocat To handle this problem

I purchased a pair of earrings, the salesperson (nice gal); however, she did not honor what she informed me verbally or in writing regarding pricing. Thereafter, my earrings came in as back screws which I specifically told her on the phone early Friday afternoon August 9th I did not want screws and I picked them up and they were back screws! To make matters worse the earrings are set wrong. My left earring is pointing down on my ear and they are screwed on tightly to my ears. You can't even see the diamonds. Who does that? Really?!

Great customer service!

On July 18th I was shopping at your Bellingham,Wash. Store at 1225 N Bakerview Rd. When I returned to my car it would not start. As a Canadian shopper I do not know the area extremely well. I asked two people in the parking lot as well as the gas bar for help to jump start my car to no avail. I returned to the store to buy a battery charger to jump my own car. The store clerk Andrew explained to me that the charger would have to be plugged in for a period of time to work. He then told me that he would take his break and help me. I would like to publicly thank Andrew for his help and thoughtfulness when no one else would help. You are very lucky to have an employee like this who would take five minutes out of his day to help a total stranger. Andrew thanks again!

Tualatin Store

The Tualatin store, where I live, is doing a wonderful job renovating the store. There are no plans to change the nasty can/bottle area outside the store, however. The homeless had recently set up an abandoned couch to hang out( it has been removed), it doesn't appear that they even hose it off. I know this area will be gross, I don't dispute it, but it seems Fred Meyer could take some of the money from the store to clean it up a bit.

Waiting for customer service long distance

Icalled corp. officE to request or see if FM was ever going to have a store on Whidbey Island, wa. I am sure you would have plenty of. Business. How ever waiting for CS for 10 min on my dime was to long

Senior Day discount

On Tuesday's senior day, I purchased wooden dowels, a book, and tried to purchase ping pong balls(I put them back) using the discount that I have used many times in the past. This time the clerk said the items weren't on the 4 selected departments and would not give me the 10% off. Also, many food items on sale were sold out. I'll be shopping at Walmart from now on.


I shop, or rather shopped at the Yakima Wa store.... For the past few months, their shelves are EMPTY! Today, they had no chips, no bread, and the bakery is a joke.....This is not because they had a busy day, this happens all the time! Someone should be fired for piss poor ordering... This is not a small mom and pop store, so you would expect that they would be stocked on basic items at all times :-(


i hate walmart i think fred meyer needs some commericals not using the attack ads as walmart but promoting there sales ads like there 10 for 10 and the rewards points and the instore coupons. walmart need to shut the bleep up i rarely shop there.

Having just found about today the newly implemented Central Fill program in local pharmacies i will be contacting the corporate offices to complain and possible move the five rx i currently have there. This new program is not customer service it is freddies service and doesent meet the needs of patients at all

Dirty Produce Floors

I have been a Frey Meyer customers for as long as they have been in Puyallup WA, 30+ years I think. My comments are regarding the Bonney Lake WA store. The produce floors are always filthy, and they are constantly out of things. I was in the store last week and it looked fantastic...never better in that dept. Well, they were having an inspection. Too bad management doesn't take the same pride every day of the week. I too need to double check my receipts. I was over charged for a single green pepper...$45.00. Safeway and Winco and always clean. Fred Meyer needs to take a lesson from them. Hope someone in corporate takes a look at this. ps....what's with the checkers that stand around and watch the lines at checkout. Why don't they check when all the lines long. Poor management without a doubt!

Dirty Lobby

The Scappoose Fred Meyer lobby is always dirty. There is trash on the floor as well as in the shopping carts, it's very disgusting. I've mentioned this to the management many times to no avail. Today I told a manager and he said he'd ask someone to clean it up. Forty-five minutes later it had not been touched. It makes me wonder what the part of the store customers do not see looks like. Not a happy shopper.


Within the first three months of 2013, your food prices have gone up over 33 percent on some items. This happened after a visit to Idaho stores from corporate headquarters. You have caught the disease of greed and Idahoans will not tolerate it! We will shop elsewhere.

decreased products and service

I have shopped at FM (with my Mom when I was very small) for over 70 years. Used to be able to get most anything I needed, and over the last 15 years, have been able to get my business casual clothing for work at FM. Much to my dismay, I have been told that FM will no longer carry "petite"clothing -- this while I was staring at a HUGE "plus size" dept. No one in the store today looked like they would wear a plus size, while many of the ladies were very short (I am 4'11"). This is really the last straw for me -- many of my favorite products have disappeared over the years, but this really is ridiculous. The clerk I spoke too was 5 feet tall and was also dismayed by this corporate change. You have driven me more and more to the internet and to Penney's, et al. No more can I get most everything I need. SO SAD!!!


So thats it. I paid cash, a little over 1000, went to get it back, not only was i humiliated and made to wait while the whole stores management crew scrambled to. learn policy for taking responsibility for another employees laziness in explaining return policy. The employee had to stay after closing, guess thats their excuse. They wanted to send me a check to the address i didnt know because i had to move out and had no where to go. Thanks for humiliating, lying, and making my day even worse. Thats my complaint.


I was shopping in the Cornilius Fred Meyer. I asked the checker if she knew what the difference was between club soda and seltzer water is. With a smirk and bad attitude she informed me that she doesn't drink. We left the store and my husband commented on how rude she was. I told him that was exactly why I try to do my shopping in Hillsboro or Beaverton before I come home from work. I have never had anyone in that store ask me if I was finding what I needed or did I need help finding something. Must be because they don't have enough competition. Their business would increase if they knew what customer service is.

Customer service is Dead in Southern Oregon.

I have been a loyal customer for Fred Meyer for the past 14 years but that ends today! My wife and I and several of our friends are sick and tired of being treated like dirt. I have never in my life (62) been treated with the disrespect that your South Medford employees and their managers have treated us. One of your manager's, when confronted with an employees poor customer service actually hung up on me! So you can kiss my grocery, prescription, and fuel business goodbye. No worries its only about $2000 per month!!! I'm sure WalMart will be grateful!

Love Fred Meyer Stores

I see some typical whiners expect 100% perfection 100% of the time. Wow. We are picky and always shop Fred Meyer - for over 15 yrs. - even when out of our neighborhood. Consistent, friendly, great selection & pricing. Where else can you get all that in one place on this flawed planet? I am sure they could do no better. No other major chain store comes close in our mind. Lighten up.

Wow! I use to work for Fred Meyer and I loved working for the Co. It was a great Co. to work for and I thought back then (left in 85 to raise family) we had great customer service and it was an inviting place to shop. I see it has gone down hill in a hand basket! Too bad!

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