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Have been waiting for 3 weeks to have my new home connected while getting promises and no action. I am going to be stuck outside my home as FPL, being the only supplier, is simply failing to provide the services that they are so quick to advertise, without any coverage. PLEASE STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOUR COIENTS. GIVE THEM SERVICE!!!!


I have had them for years and the one time our automatic bill pay wasn't on time, they charge me $356!!! Would NOT take it off!!! They are all rude and I had to ask four times for a manager who doesn't take phone calls, they have to email thrm and then they call you! Everyone should know how bad they are and they are NOT HELPFUL!!

I just opend an account with FPL. MY deposit is $550 because of the last guy who had a big Hot tub and used a lot of electricity. My rent is only $900 and my deposit is $550. If I dont pay they cut me off? Im a single Dad with two kids, this is a riduculous amount! Plus customer service and the Manager got attitudes because I would question it!

they all lie

Wanted to start new service at a new address. They wanted a $475 deposit! The same thing when I wanted to put it under my boyfriends name! How is that even possible? I have a 630 credit score and he has a 670. So-called supervisors are flat out lying about the decision is up to equifax. I spoke with equifax and they just give fpl my report, they dnt make any decisions for fpl.I dnt have $475 and I have no electricity. Reps told me that managers don't take calls. Absolutely no customer service.

I just had my power shut off by fpl for 4 days. Someone took my meter and I contacted fpl and let then know but was told they had a meter running in their system. After speaking to different people for so many hrs, someone finally got the problem and said someone would be there after hrs. I am a mother of four so electricity is essential in my house. Anyway, the next morning after spending a really hot night, I noticed I still had no light and no meter so I called agin. The lady said someone cancelled my account and the order was not fulfilled that I had to open a new account and give a new deposit...??? So after explaining myself for the 15th time, a new account was opened and a new order was placed. All day calling, yes well be there, one more night. I desperately kept calling all day until someone showed up. Put in a new meter and said flip on your breakers and you have light. So since it was passed my children's pick hour I went to pick them up, came back 15 minutes later only to find out I had a new meter with no power. Again, call the power company. By this time all fridge food is damaged, wasted money in food, showering at friends houses, and sleeping in the heat waiting for the light company. Was promised someone would be there that night. Order was placed for that day. Only to find out the order had been placed for the next day... Long story shorter, after more than 100 calls that 4th day, they finally showed up at 2:30 in the afternoon. So glad customer service is their priority,,,,

The beauty of America is that there are fgrheit companies who can ship goods from state to state without ridiculous tariffs on interstate transport. Organize your friends, neighbors, and everyone on your block, then order a small container of panels, inverters, and rack hardware. While your hardware is in transit, get your permits.

I have been with FPL for over 20 years, I never had a problem, now that I am having financial dificulties you are adding coal to the fire. My account is current, you are charging me late fees everytime I am late and now you disconnect my power because I didnot pay money that I donot owe you, I have children at home and now I am unable to cook for them because you decided to diconnect my account and basically take money from me that I donot have, If I had money I would not have these problems< I am working hard however cannot make ends meet but I am making sure I am trying. Because you are the only company around you can do whatever and however you want. I hope they deregulate electricity so I will not feel like I am in Cuba or a communist country. I am sure you are charging millions of people like me in the same situation and raising millions of dollars of which you are paying a mere 2% interest investing and making much more than that, I guess it is a business decision and donot care how you reach your goal with blood if possible.That is where you are going! I guess every dog has his day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sad but true,

Just received a notice that because I was late with my payment twice in six months(I have been a customer since 1982) I will have to pay a $271.00 deposit!!! Are you kidding me. I have never had my power shut off. I have always made my payments,But now the high and mighty wants blood from a rock. So when the date arrives in August, they will cut my power off. My wife and I, both in our mid fifties will suffer through, but we will make it. We will not let the big bad bully beat us. Thanks F.P.L. for all you do.

I just had an issue with FPL about my bill . So I have a solution for all you guys since FPL can't help us with their services. Go the the FLA Department of Agriculture and file a complaint with them . If we all do this then maybe we can see a change. thank you

I just recently moved my deposit was to be $500 but with there Auto bank enroll program my deposit was going to be $250 ish. I recieved paperwork sent paperwork off needless to say my power was discounted and they state they never recieved it. now my deposit is $500 +. Called and talk to supervisor after supervisor. Noone cares and says it's my fault I don't know what i am going to do as a mother of 3 in this economy. But as is stated FPL doesn't care about their customers just the bottom line. Hopefully someone has the power to fix this companys policies which are not for it's customers

I had a encounter with customer service.their is nothing can you say to fpl because they are robots. they dont care about there customer. they care abount your money.

you can sit their in corporate and not listen to customer,s thats is you got no customer service.no real people to talk to. its youre way are no way we need will people to talk to. this is america

ThereÂ’s a serect about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

That's 2 celevr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

It is extremelly difficult to contact a human that will really help you.They the worst(fpl).

I tried to go pay my bill for 167.00 and the payment check cashing store would not take my payment for some reason, not long after that I got a bill for 619.07, I called FPL to find out why,the supervisor said no one has came out to my residence for the last six months and they have been estimating my bill. she also told me that no one has came due to a dog in the yard, bad weather or a driver getting sick on the way.to let you know I do not have a dog so that is one reason that they cannot go off of.I am not responsible for your driver getting sick.I have had FPL for the last ten years, and Ihave have never had this problem.I do not have problem paying my bills,but Im not going to pay for someone elses mistakes.I do not have a job that pays enough to pay 600.00 bills every 6 months because no one comes out to read my meter.I dont know if you do not have enough drivers to do the job,,but I dont want to be held responsible.I hope we can get this matter resolved asap.

Went out of state for the summer last year. Kept my electric service on for security. Informed FP&L of my temporary address for billing purposes. When returning to FL called to advise FP&L. Have two structures on my FL property with separate meters from separate poles. 10 months after my return my power was cut off in the guesthouse where my bill is rarely over $10. Called and determined my bill for this structure had been sent to the address out of state. I did not get the bills so they weren't paid. The total bill was $54. Both accounts are in my name at the same address. FP&L claimed I had to make the address change for both. When I call and put in my phone number they inform me I have three accounts. Clearly there is a link to my accounts. I had no clue they were not sending the bill as the use is so low. Now they are going to charge me a reconnection fee of $18. for the guesthouse. Doesn't anyone think at FP&L? Always pay the day I get my bill. Why didn't someone call me? They have my phone number, they call to let me know when my meter will be read. Not much money involved just the principle of their policy. I do not feel it is my fault I did not get my statements.

i had a customer representative by the name of mr.hamiliton who claimed to be a supervisor who refused to help me.WORST SERVICE EVER

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