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My son bought me the editor for my 50th and has already started losing its little "diamond" like stones. I have tried emailing or tried going on line to attend to getting my watch fixed BUT to no AVAIL I will NOT be using fossil in the future!!!!

money taken from my accounts

I attempted to order 1 order. Online kept saying the order didnt go thru. Oh, it went thru alright, about 10 times over $600 to be exact. And I am devistated. I cannot call them. Hoping this gets some attention. I am a single mom and unless they fix this Christmas will not happen. I will never order online again or from them. Please answer my email. And on top of that, there was no order number or any proof of an order sent to my email. Just loads of charges from my account. I strongly feel this is fraud

Poor Customer Service

I've been a long time customer of Fossil but no more. I'm not going into the details but Fossil's online store and customer service is non-existent. I tried communicating with them through email but just received the automated response. I finally took the time to write them a letter requesting that they acknowledge they received my concerns but once again no response. To me this just shows that Fossil doesn't care about their long time customers and there's no need for me to continue doing busy with this company.

Very much dependent on the speiifcc engineering of the wind turbine. You are losing energy to friction, so the mechanics of the device are very important. All of that is not a consideration for fossil fuels becase the earth has done most of the conversion already by using gravity (i.e., pressure), which is basically infinitely available. If you are thinking not in terms of energy cost, but financail cost, then you really need to think about the supply chain. A single high-effeicncy wind turbine might cost $5MM to build, but there is operational cost, land cost, distribution and storage costs. All of that is baked into the end user price of a gallon of processed fossil fuels. I don't know the speiifcc numbers, but I do know that none of the wind farms would be profitable without the government subsidies that they are getting ATM.That chart of 1996 California date someone posted showing that wind is the lowest cost seems highly suspect to me at a minimum it is looking at regulatory compliance costs for things like nuclear and fossil feuls, not just the cost of generating and delivering the energy. That is the problem with data "sound bites", they are a little to easy to quote without thinking about them.

I ordered a necklace from Fossil. It was defective (one of the pieces was not attached and fell out of the package as I opened it). I wanted to exchange it, however, emails went unanswered. I've returned the defective necklace and now hope they will refund my money quickly unlike how they've addressed the problem. I will not order online from them again although I love their products.

Yup, that'll do it. You have my aepprciaiton.

Aritcels like this really grease the shafts of knowledge.

I bought the purse "Crosstown Camera Saddle" #ZB2840216. I love the cross body strap and the size, it also has 12 compartments for business/credit cards. BUT here is the problem, after coming home and putting in all my cards, I found that they fitted in so tightly that it is very hard to get them out. I don't know if the designers were trying to save an additional few cents on the fabric, but I don't think adding 1/4" to both sides would have driven up the cost that much. My older fossil bags didn't have this problem, but the previous one I bought and returned in 2008 was the same. By 2011, I had forgotten about this problem, so am now in the process of empting the purse and returning it. It's either that or carrying a large wallet inside the bag which then overrides the purpose of the built in credit card slots. So for the little card slots in the bag, I've downgraded the purse from 5 stars to 3. I love the design of fossil bags but this may be the last one I buy because of the small credit card compartments.

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