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Addt'l location in Jacksonville, FL (Oakleaf-Argyle)

Love your stores.....BUT, we need another location in the Jacksonviile, FL. There are stores in the Avenues Mall and the St Johns Towncenter. There is a "PERFECT" location in the Argyle are of Oakleaf Towncenter. Some of the other anchor stores are Target and Kohl's. PLEASE think about it.

Bad Customer Serivce

The management team at the Patrick Henry Mall store in Newport News, Virginia are rude, not knowledgeable, and unconcerning with their customers. They don't return calls and put you off on important issues. I will never shop with Forever 21 ever again. The registers deducted money from my debit card a week ago and I still have not received my refund. They don't care.


Cool Springs Galleria Location, Brentwood, TN ... My daughter picked out a "SALE" item that was posted for $10. When we paid for it at the register, they charged us full price. I didn't catch it but my daughter did as we started to leave the register. THe manager would not correct the price, saying that "only select items on that rack were for sale", and when I said, give me my money back then, she said I could only get a store credit!


worst company to work for the management is disrespectful and aren't even experienced enough for the position ... not to mention the store stays a mess because they never schedule enough people ! I refuse to ever work for this company again!!


Very very poor customer service. My daughter bought a jacket and 36 hours later a snap on the pocket fell off. They would not replace it or repair it. But I am old and will be persistant!

Deceitful company and Worst customer service!

My 13 yr old got a bunch of items from her Grandmother as a gift for Christmas. My mother used a promotion code and when I received items..all items were marked FINAL SALE. I called corporate to explain some of the sizes didn't fit and was told sorry you can not return, exchange or get store credit. I find this completely shady. I will never shop there again and I will be sure to tell everyone I come in contact with via social media, my career and personally my opinion.

Never shopping here again

Ordered from them Dec.2/2013, it is now Dec.20/2013...still haven't received my order. Called forever 21 and purolator, only to find out they attempted to deliver 11 times and no one even called to notify me. Their excuse...the driver couldn't find my house. It's 2013...use google or a gps.

Don't order on-line

Still waiting for delivery after more than two weeks. Never shopping here again!


Hello my name is Kellie Southwart and i am a senior at wellington christian school in wellingtom florida and recently we were informed that our high school will not be opening back up in august of 2014 due to lack of money. We love our school and that puts teachers out of jobs and students out of the school they love, so please if you can help our school we would greatly appriciate it. Please check out wellingtonchristian.org to see what a great school we are. God bless - Kellie


Went shopping on Thanksgiving night at the Forever 21 located in Mall of Georgia in Buford, GA. After paying for my transaction with my debit care, the store manager stated that the transaction failed and it would not be charged to my account. I looked at my account immediately and saw that the transaction had placed a hold for the funds in my account. I told the district manager (FAYE) and she stated that the hold will come off the account in a few days. Well, the money came out of the account the Friday, and I the nightmare to get my money back has started. I was told they needed to send the transaction to corporate for them to refund my money. This is day 12 and I have yet to hear when I will get my money…. THIEVES!!!

Disgusted by staff/sale

My daughter searched for boots at your store for over an hour. The sign stated 50%off boots and purses. She went to the register only to find out that her great find was a mirage. It was regular price! Misleadingly customers


First off THEY are the one who forgot to take off the censor. This was two months ago that we bought thi leather jacket. I shower her my transaction from the exact store and she still refused to. My mom was so mad, she has a high blood pressure. And she was smirking how much my much over reacted to this. She was rude and has no manners. I don't know why you guys would ever hire a store manager like her. Oh, her name was "Shannon" she was the store manager for the store at San Bernardino location. It's be fantastic if you guys can hire people that are more professional and more understanding to their customers than this rude short haired lady.

Poor service

Very unimpressed with Forever 21 store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Messy store and very rude staff including management


i really need the the Extreme Leopard Print Push-Up Bra in a size 34 B. please order some new ones. they make you lots of $$. heres the products code 2017307050. pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase ORDER NEW ONES OR GET SOME ON THE WEBSITE. cuz my friend messed mine up and iv been trying to find the exact same one cuz its literally the best bra iv ever had and no other bra can fit me as well as that one.

Broken watch

I shopped at the Forever 21 store in Tulsa Okla yesterday for the first time. I live 2 hours from Tulsa so I dont go down there very often. I bought a watch when I took it out of the bag that nite there is no stem on it. I called the store and they said if I would bring it back the next day they would exchange it. I cannot get back down there until the weekend they said sorry has to be tomorrow!! I have receipt and bag and tag. They would not work with me at all kept telling me to read the bottom of the receipt and it does say blah, blah, blah, but good grief you buy things expecting them to be good. Needless to say I will not ever shop there again!!! Cost me 20.00 bucks to learn my lesson about Forever 21!


I went the forever 21 in potomac mill outlet mall and I bought a few out fits for a party. Was in a rush so didnt try on at the store. 4 days later I returned the items that didnt fix. I was given a store credit. 2 weeks later I went to use my 45 bucks and its nit on the card. Its been 3 weeks and they are still giving me the run around. I can imagine it take 3 weeks to put a number into a computer to find out if the money was ever put on it. So now I still dont have my birthday outfit. When u swipe my card for 115 bucks there was no issues now I to get my 45 bucks im having all this issue once thisbis rectified I will no longer be shopping at forever 21.

Was shopping with my granddaughter asked for help and I guess because I am a PLUSSIZE senior I don't count. Very rude sales people. If this is what upper class is like I'll stay down to earth!


Like everyone else says they are the rudest as well as the stupidest employees and its obvious if you are going to manage stupid rude people then the manager has to be the rudest and more stupid then the rest. They make sure they tell you the store credit only policy which is fine but when they forget the little detail that if the item is on sale its a final sale and then refuse even the store credit when you return is a big problem With all the complaints I'm seeing its obvious they really don't care how their employees act or maybe the whole corporate policy is the customers comes last so the employees are giving bad customer service because its a major part of the training program. If I could just get one person not to shop there anymore and so on and so on, this rant will be so worth it. I was going to contact their corporate office but based on the other posts they don't seem to care.


I have shopped at forever 21 for over 2 years and was never charged for shipping to Hawaii until now! I refuse to shop at a company that doesn't provide the same promotions as it does for the rest of the, "48 states"... However, there is a forever 21 on Maui and Honolulu, so why is there a problem with giving the Big Island of Hawaii free shipping?! You lost a customer until your company steps it up....thanks

Coustomer service

My name is Nancy and I have never shopped in an Forever 21. I was visiting Las Vegas this past weekend and the temperatures were crazy high. We got off the shuttle that we took from our hotel, as soon as we did my son became very sick. The first store we seen was the Forever 21. We entered and asked the first employee we see where the nearest rest room was fore he was going to be sick. She was rude. Well needless to say he never did make it to the restroom. He ended up getting sick right out side the restroom. Even though there was one rude person. I would like to thank the rest of the staff. The manager and the rest of the staff went way beyond their jobs to help us. The manager I think her name was Jeanie, a few young sale associates and a gentleman came to assist us. they gave him a chair to sit in and a bottle of water. I would rate this store higher the 5 stars just for their help to s customer who was sick. Thank you and God bless you all. Nancy from Denver And Jordan from New Mexico.

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