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SOMETIME around 1954 the U S D A, had to otrpotunipy to go to chemicals that the huge companies were selling. The promise of more control over the farming operations of the farmer thru chemicals, insect control, more production, less hours spent farming, more business opportunities.. and the list goes on.. So the farmers chose to go chemical to increase all of the above.What the city INHABITANTS did not know was that the average farmer with a hired hand on 80 acres put in about 14-16 hours a day with no coffee breaks.! Then the change!. He needed more production in order to stay on the land, thus more chemicals, more farm hands, bigger machines. when there were no farm hands. This has been amplified to the extent that one farmer, agra-producer now has more than a million $ or close to it invested in his farm equipment, to work thousands of acres( with pivot irrigation if the lower waters are available), still putting in 14-16 hours a day!!! this the farmer in these U S A is the most productive of all the world. ONE FEEDING HUNDREDS, AND HAVING SURPLUSES!!!!.. Now so that he does not get left in the dust with the NEW of this age he sends his sons and daughters to college, universities to get degrees(MASTERS & PHD'S) in AGRICULTURE!!! NOW they are using GPS, DEVICES AND MORE ACCURATE SPRAY AND FERTILIZER APPLICATORS AND POSITIVE SEED PLACEMENT, TO STAY IN BUSINESS. AND SPECIALIZING IN ANIMAL HUSBANDRY , VETERINARY PRACTICES ! . AS NOW THAT WE REALIZE OF THE YEARS OUR EDUCATORS TAUGHT ANTI GOVERNMENT CLASSES THE AMOUNT OF RE-EDUCATION WE HAVE BEFORE US!!!!!, We must present to our MOST INDEPENDENT AND DEMOCRATIC , HIGHLY EDUCATED AMONG US .THE FARMER THE EVIDENCE THAT REMOVING THESE PRODUCTION ENHANCING CHEMICALS IS A MUST FOR SURVIVAL.. BUT BUT WE MUST SHOW THAT WE CAN LIVE WITH OUT THE CHEMICALS IN FAVOR OF MORE NATURAL REMEDIES TO HELP CONTINUE THEIR PROFITABILITY>>>>>>>>>

Home run! Great slugigng with that answer!

Many many quality pnoits there.

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