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Bad troubleshooting!!!!

I went in with a radiator leak and came out 1,000.00 poorer because of some miss diagnosed troubleshooting. The first day after 600.00 of charges I picked up my vehicle with the same leak. The next day I was suppose to pick it up after the movies and it still wasn't ready.It took them 5 minutes to diagnose it the second day but they went through 2 different radiators to fix the original problem. The total should have been 350.00 for the radiator plus labor. The store is close but I was definitely screwed on this deal!!!!!

Continual Great Service...

I have been the happy recipient of service from my local Fletcher's Tire and Auto on North Silverbell here in Tucson for many years...They have always been very helpful,explaining clearly what were my car's issues,fixing the problem quickly and efficiently,for what I considered fair prices...I would be hard pressed to take my car anywhere else in future. Mark and his team are the best.

As one of those young, eager architects, I came to Cogswell Hausler in 1978 to work on one of the many inentestirg project and stayed eventually opening up my own practice in Chapel Hill. It was a great model of culture. THere are certainly too many stories to pass on (some can't be printed) and I loved it. Thanks Arthur and Werner>

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I am very unhappy about the Fletcher's on 12 street and bell. I brought my car in on July Friday the thirteenth at eight in the morning and my car was in all day and I did not get one phone call until I calledthem let alone we left there for the night and waited for then to call again the next day and still no phone call. I have no idea if my car is fixed or not.

I was at the fletchers on power and Queen Creek... I went in for a tire and got a whole lot more, the store manager must think that it is ok to put his hands on you!! I was getting ready to check out when he came up behind me and pressed his body to mine. Then told me I didnt have to leave I could stick around! WHO does this!! I was very scared I am a young female in the office all by myself with this creep. I ran out as fast as I could I will NEVER GO BACK!!!!

I am very dissatified with the fletchers in surprise, Az. I spent almost $2,000 dollars within one month time frame. I took my car in for minor clicking noise and oil leakage. I was charged over 700 dollars for that, but within one week my car started sputting and shutting off, the check engine light came on. I returned my car and was told I had bad spark plugs, another $ 166 dollars, then within one week again the car cut off and check engine light back on. I was told after couple of days of the technician trying to figure it out that it was a canker censor, plus my water pump and timinig belt needed replacement. I spent over $900 dollars that time. when I finally got my car back it was loud, vibrating and they broke a mount on my car. Of course they wanted to say it was old and all there excuses. Sadly to say after all the money I spent there and the time, and three rental cars I had to rent during a one month period my car shut off again. I finally decided not to take it back to fletchers and go to competent technician who specializes in my car, the dealership finally diagnosed it correctly, it was coil that sits on the spark plug. I have been out of lots of money while fletchers charge me for things that was not really broken, plus I know the technician was not competent enough to work on my vehicle. Although my car is eight years old, I've never had any problems out of this car. Unfortunately, I will never return and I know I over paid them for job they did. I also needed new tires, they offered me four new tires, four free oil changes plus alignment for $378 dollars. I declined that offer because the trust is no longer there and went to a competitor tire company and paid more for tires there but because I feel they are more competent and honest It was worth spending the extra cash for good work.

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I took my truck to Fletchers to have them figure out why my engine was suddenly stopping and why my electric window wasn't operating. All they did was run a computer diagnostic which revealed nothing ($89.95). They said maybe I needed a tune up. Then they took apart my door and told me I needed a new electric motor for the door ($35.00). Then they charge me to reassemble the door that they took apart ($6.25). They did not fix the door or anything. They did not fix the engine from suddenly stopping. So in the end, I paid $131.20 for nothing, nada, zip. Since then, I found out that the tune-up had nothing to do with the engine stopping and the next place told me exactly what was wrong with my engine and door without disassembling the door or charging me a dime. The Fletchers at 7980 North Oracle Road in Tucson has no clue what they are doing.

Last Monday at 11:30am, I called Fletchers at 35th ave & Union Hills and asked if they could do a break job on my truck. I was told that if I get it there right away, it should be able to get done that day. I dropped the truck off in 5 minutes. At 4pm, I talked with someone at Fletchers & was told that they would not be able to get to my truck that day. I picked up my truck & was told that if I brought it in at 7am Saturday morning, they would do the breaks. I arrived with my truck at 6:50am Saturday and dropped the truck off. At noon time, I went back to Fletchers to hopefully pick up the truck. It was sittting on a rack. About 30 minutes later, I was told that it wouldn't be much longer & that it would cost me $80. It is now 2:50pm, an I was just told that something happened when they were cutting the rotors & they will have to be replaced. These rotors have not been turned or cut before & when I was at the dealership last week, I was told that the rotors were fine, but that I needed to have the break pads replaced. I tried to save money by going to Fletchers, but now it is going to cost me more money, because I have to buy new rotors & I have wasted two days of my time to get them done. I have lost my confidence in Fletchers & couldn't recommend them to anyone else.

Took my Mazda to the Fletchers on Carefree Highway get the air conditioner fixed. After paying over $900.00 I have now taken it back 5 times because it does not work. First time they fixed it but told me I needed a new air filter. Second time they fixed it but gave me a read out showing that my battery was about to die. It was a new battery, I went to Checker where I bought it, they tested it and showed me their read out- nothing wrong with the battery. Every time I take it back they agree to fix their mistakes but try to charge me for something else. Now on my 5th time back they say it's a problem unrelated to their work and they want an additional $400.00 to fix it. Warn your friends, do not use Fletchers!!!

Im calling because im very dissatisfied with the way I was treated this morning at your Fletchers Outlet at 1141 East Bell Road this morning(Wed-Aug 3,2011).I called last week your toll free number to make an appointment on my family plan oil change plan.I was transferred from that number directly to the outlet over at 12st and bell.I spoke with someone there by the name of "Corey"and made my appointment for 8am on 8/3/11,and was told by Corey that I was confirmed and just to be there by that time.There was no confirmation number or anything to verify that I had spoke to your representative for this appointment,and was told I did not need this because he had written this down an I was good togo.So,I show up this morning at my "good to go"scheduled appointment and was told by the gentleman(Who was also Corey)that I had no such appointment and that I could leave the car and theyll just fit me in>When I told him that i had spoke to someone at this very store and confirmed an appointment with Corey,his response was "there are 2 Coreys here,so which one did I speak with".How would I know there were @ Coreys at that store since the one who supposedly made my appointment never gave his last name and never gave me a confirmation.This was terrible customer service,and very unprofessional.Ive bought 4complete sets of tires from this very same store,as well as many other services and always have been treated very well.I question if I should continue to do so,if first of all there is no reliability on your "appointment"procedure,and secondly,Im treated like Ive lied about never having the appointment I was assured I was "good to go"for by Corey.I would appreciate a response to my situation as soon as possible,I can be reached at 602 993 6957-Home or at 602 770 4913-Cell.Please call me ASAP so we can rectify this situation and assure that it does not happen again when I try to make my next appointment.

A good many vlaualebs you've given me.

This has made my day. I wish all postnigs were this good.

Fletchers is a complete rip off. They charged me 74.95 for an oil change when I had a $25 free oil change. Tell me how a 2011 Honda Accord costs $75 to change. I am so upset and disturbed by the actions of this company! What a complete joke you are! I will NEVER do business with this company again! DO NOT and I mean DO NOT take you car to Fletchers!

I took my '99 Chevrolet K1500 pick-up into the Fletcher location on Oracle Rd. in Tucson today for a lube and oil/filter service. When I arrived home the car was dripping motor-oil and I suspected the drain plug was not tightened properly. I went under the car to check and the dripping was coming from multiple places which had caught the oil as the filter was removed (I never had this problem when the truck was serviced previously, so it just reflects careless attention to detail by the technician.) BUT WHILE I WAS UNDER THE TRUCK, I OBSERVED THAT NONE OF THE GREASE ZURKS ANYWHERE ON THE CHASSIS HAD BEEN LUBRICATED - NONE!!! However, the technician spent a great deal of time trying to SELL me on other service items -change brake fluid, change differential fluid, change coolant, etc., etc. He could have easily properly lubricated the chassis in the time he spent trying to up-sell me on un-needed services. BEWARE, DON'T TRUST FLETCHER'S TO SERVICE YOUR VEHICLE!!!

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