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rip off

had a merchant account refund check mailed regular mail to old office location after 18 months , check was put in that companies account , then first data did nothing still owes me the money but evidently i will have to file suit adding time and cost to get my money back they held 18 months then did not bother to verify recepient.


First Data has fabricated information and withheld over $200,000 from our Charity, citing "penalties, erroneous information, held-funds, and other absurd arguments, all arbitrarily, due to in-house min-communication. We have been requesting these funds be released for over four years, and they refuse to respond. We have contacted the attorney general of California, but no one knows where their corporate office is. Criminals.

Interesting. I never used the mobile much for FB/Twit (although I am sure I'm an ouieltr) but I would pull RSS feeds and such when I was taking a break. My August was quite full, but with a lot of visitors and out-of-town jaunts (some fishing related, of course).Now we have two correlating data points on -> productive = less data use. I guess we can count fishing as productivity (I don't carry a phone on the water).

FIrst data is the worst merchant company I ever had! The sale person I had was the fresh trained ( I wonder if he ever got trained) and u can never get ur problems solved when u ask questions. Money is not safe with them so I recommend those business owners DON'T Go with this company!

First data is by far the most profitable merchant processing service, it is due because it sells processing space to third party entities that are never vetted by First Data, with the provise that they pay their tithe. First Data makes most of its revenue by charging fees and chargebacks

The rating should have negatives. First Data is THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. After my sales rep got a signed contract with me which i was told there would not be any contract with any termination fees, he disappeared offering no help with anything. after 200-300 phone calls i find out that I need to be talking with a rep in Denver who is very pleasant and seems to be handling the situation. I will never recommend First Data to any one... ever. terrible customer service to say the least.

I'am now going to Walmart and Meijers but,will never go in another K-Mart! I am beyond angry at the lack of help in the stores,cashiers are one only in a store. Floor help well, forget to even TRY to find them when you need anything! The most disturbing is ALWAYS being asked each & EVERY time I go in Kmart if I want a rewards card.Do I want a SEARS card? IF I do I will ask for one. Now I hear Employees at various kmarts hours are determined on how many they get to sign up for each!!!!! If NOT illegal it should be! Many of us are without jobs,on disability checks,or are retired and on medicare. Where is it necessary to badger customers to get things they DO NOT WANT OR NEED! I have a rewards card and make sure the cashier has it before they get a chance to ask me. I FEEL BADLY FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES, AND FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT KMART NOR WORK THERE!

I was set up with first data for a merchant account through my vendor to handle cc processing with my online store. I literally signed two pieces of paper with First Data. When I just canceled the account after a year they took $500.00 out of my bank account for early termination. I have never met with any rep, nor signed any paper the shows any early termination fee, nor is my agreement with them legal, due to the fact that no rep with them signed it and sent it back. I asked them to send me a copy of what they have on file. What I received were the two pieces of paper I signed with 5 other forms that were typed in without any areas signed that were to be signed, but none of them stated anything about an early termination fee, amount, date, time frame, nothing. I am still arguing to prove my point. I've at least had someone respond to me.

The main thing for me is the customer service with first data it is terrible, they are very unprofessional, they had my money on hold and i tried to work with them, and the person that was helping me, her name is me malessa, she lied about documents that i didnt send her when i did, she was very rude to me, sarcastic just very unprofessional. I even called and talk to a manager and he was very rude to me, i will never work with first data ever again. I would advise the next person or company not too.

I am a director of a non-profit organization, Giftberry.org, which provides free services, support and financial services to other Charities and Schools. We are supported by Corporate and Business grants. First Data notified us that we would need to find processing elsewhere, and then blacklisted our company so we could not get processing. This company is a mess, provides 0 help when a problem comes up, 0 in customer service, and at the end, blamed our non-profit for causing problems. A real gem. If there were only a way to give 0 stars to a company, this would be the one.

I am having a terrible time with First Data. I explained to the sales rep that I only needed credit card services for an art festival that I was doing for one weekend out of the year. He set me up with the service and a month later I'm having money withdrawn from my account for some monthly fees I was never told about. I put a complaint in with the BBB and they never responded so the case has been closed with no solution made for me. I'm having money taken out of my bank account for a service that I'm not even using because I was lied to through the whole set up period.

I have been using First Data as my credit card processor at my business. The experience has been poor at best. Inability to receive competent support, phone numbers not made available, sales reps who don't return calls are the norm. This company has no sense of what the term "customer service" means. They are completely out of touch with the needs of merchants and they don't care. I have spent over 6 hours trying to get help and I am placed on perpetual hold. Rude attitude and ignorance towards their service are the main requirements for a job at First Data. In these times of a down economy, I would have thought a company like this would embrace new business not drive it away. I guess was wrong.

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