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I have been a dedicated customer for years, however i ordered a birthdayn item for my daughter , the tracking number that i wasgiven never existed, i tried to get some questions answer and a solution to my problem i was informed that after and investigation that it could take up to 30 days, however the gift had not arrived and i was being charged anyway when asked for a corporate contact the representative explained that there was no one that i could talk to. i am very unhappy with your company and the handling of this situation. I would not recommmend this company to anybody.

In all the years of shopping with fingerhut since the early 90's the customer service is still horrible and very very unprofessional. I don't understand why this company cant get it together after all these years you guys are still hiring non-speaking customer service reps. and people who don't know how to do their jobs without getting upset and can't responsed or provide any supervisor that can help, I understand sticking together but at lease get the job done. the supervisors are worse because they should be leading by example and be able to handle customer service without fault. I know to err is human but my goodness if this all you have to offer I will try not to call you guys and find some other company that offers the same products with at lease someone who speaks english and know the product, their jobs and company proceedures.

I have been a loyal member of Fingerhut for 2-3 years...however at this point I'm not a happy camper.....on June 15,2010 I ordered a birthday gift for my daughter, which was on June 25,2010...I have been told for weeks now to wait another few days...the tracking system has been no help....I have now requested a cancelation on my order, and have been told I need to wait another 20-30 days....the story goes on...Customer #3026729917...my number..713-304-3848

They apparently have a collections agency from India who calls at 6:17 A.M. wanting to speak to someone who does not live in my house and whome we have never heard of. Their agency that Fingerhut employes continues to call our house at least 3 or more times a day and we are without means to stop this harassment. Thank you Fingerhut!

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