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Horrible staffing

Came to the Kinkos Store 0446 Sunday night. Super store located in an affluent area. 1 person on staff who had to also answer the phone.

It seems as if the priorities have shifted. the customer appears to be no longer be the priority but the labor budget seems to have taken precedence. When i was a Kinkos employee (pre Fed-Ex merge) of a customer brought in a simple project they received an immediate turnaround or maybe an hour. Now for a simple job like drilling a half page that requires some adjustment its a 24 hour turnaround which is utterly ridiculous. The culprit is short staff, I don't the reason for the shortage but it's definitely compromising customer service. You're spending a dollar to save a penny. I think the executives or middle management should reevaluate or re-examine your KPI's because something is severely missing.

You should be ashamed of your company

Just went to Kinkos to use either Fedex or UPS service. I was mailing my son (in the military) some imortant items for him. When I explained to the couter person where is as going (a UPS Store on base), she said it could not be delivered to any UPS Store as this is their policy. They will have the package sent back to me and I would get no refund. Damn you Kinkos.Stop this pissing contest. They said it was UPS that would not accept it. But, because of that, Kinkos does not accept UPS Store mailings and return back to them. This is not bull !!!

Is this standard policy?

Is it Kinko's standard policy to shred a *pre-paid*, copy order after 90 days? Including the original? Specialized paper, by-the-way was brought in by the client, as well...

Kinkos is a RIPOFF!!!!

Went to the Fed Ex/ Kinkos in Arlington, TX (Parks Mall) and couldn't pull up my Yahoo account. It kept saying my password was bad. This is the same password I have used for years! I asked the guy about being charged $10 and not getting on my yahoo account and he said you got on the internet! That's on Yahoo! At the same time making the surprise face look that i had on my face. How unprofessional! If you want a job and have no customer service skills, this is the place for you!

To whom it may concern:

The 800 number listed above is a joke! They were unable to answer my question regarding shipping fees. Whenever I called my local Kinkos in Sherman, Tx (3903 N Sam Rayburn Fwy) Jennifer, the manager, said she could not help me with shipping costs over the phone. That is acceptable, however, what she said afterwards is NOT! I quote her word for word, "... And even if I could, I am busy right now!" We will NEVER do business with FedEx again. Something needs to be done about all these one star ratings because it seems that there are more negative comments than positive ones. There are plenty of good, hardworking citizens who need jobs and are willing to show kindness through their Customer Service and would love to take the place of people like the one I had to deal with. Maybe it's time to rethink some of your employees FedEx??

Incompetent Employees

Kinkos has an online service for ordering printing - DON'T EVER USE IT! I need to send to engineering prints to them and no one at their store, Anaheim, CA knew anything about the web-based service. They didn't know how to select an engineering print, didn't know how to get checked out - they were idiots.

x employee 529288

i need to talk to someone ! I would like to speak with Dave Morrison who is the human resource manager for the Fed ex Kinkos store in Niles, Ohio 44446. Getting absolutely nowhere.

A Charge for showing customers procedure?

I walked into Kinko's on 800 Beltline Rd, Springfield, OR 97477 and copied some papers - went and asked the employee how to use the new paper cutters - she said "If I show you how it is done, I will have to charge you $5.00." .....So my question is: Since when does Kinko's charge for showing customers how the procedure is done? This is the best way to loose customers.; If Kinko's headquarters are reading this - please respond to me.

Best service

Dusan at kinkos in downtown San Diego gave me the best service i have ever had at any printers.

To make a long story short. I went to Fort Worth (Cityview) FedEx Kinkos to ship items to my son who is in the Air Force. Items were boxed up for me by FedEx Kinko's clerk. Since items where to be shipped to an APO address I learned FedEx could not ship it for me. But I still owed $14 for a BOX AND PACKING!!! No refunds I was told. I asked to see the manager no manager available "come back tomorrow". I saw the manager the next day and she gave me a refund... my question is why I had to make a return trip. The box is resalable.

I visited the Fedex store on Ninth Street, Durham, N.C., Store #3004. I had the most pleasant experience. I was printing some Veterans' Day program for my church. Karen was so pleasant helping me to setup the job, making suggestions and checking back to make sure everything was going well. I just hope she is working the next time I have a print job to do. Thank you Karen for making what could have been a stressful experience a pleasant one.

Forget your service. Your managers are horrible. For D56 Zakia is sexist all her stores except for one have female managers. She would force managers to write emails with negative comments to other employees and their managers OR ELSE the manager them self would get written up. How do you expect good service from a company when internally the employees are treated like crap? WAY TO "Deliver"

I recently visited the FedEx Office, Louisville Hurstbourne, Kentucky on October 22, 2012 to makes copies of a brochure. The assistant store manager was arrogant, not helpful, and had a cockie and unprofessional attitude. When he printed a test copy for the brochure, the copy came out poorly. For example, he left out words on the brochure and it was off centered. The other example is that he folded the copy uneven in threefolds. Another example is that I requested a quality paper for the brochure but he choosed a poor quality paper, which made the brochure to have cracks on the paper. I observed that he did not know what he was doing. He attempted to charge me for the poor test copies he made. I decided to leave and go else where to have my brochures copied professionally. I do not plan to return there any time soon.

Hello Kinkos Corp, on Tues Oct 16th, 2012 I went to the Montgomery Office on Eastern Blvd and I ordered a simple banner for my billboard that I use for advertising my new book. I placed the order on that same day and I was told that the proof would be ready the next day. So, I waited and then stopped by to see if it was ready, and I was told that, "It had not come in yet." So I waited for the next day, I got the same results, so Thursday I called and a young lady told me, "Your order has been placed on hold and it should be in the next day. Okay, so I called on Friday, yesterday and a young lady told me in a very sweet voice, "I will call you back in a few minutes!" I have not heard from anyone at that store, my question is this, Who placed my order on hold? And why? Since Kinkos wants to play games, I will take my business some where else, Thanks for nothing Kinkos!!!

Rating About six months ago I coeevrtnd from PC to Mac. Once I had the Mac, I had to then get some word processing software. The rep helping me recommended Iwork because it was similar to MS Office, significantly cheaper, and I could open Word documents. Having owned Iwork for almost the entire six months I can say that it's okay but it's just too different and basic. Too many extra steps required and to hard to re-learn how to do all the stuff I do in Word. Not to mention that when you save a file in word format it's usually distorted when you open it on a PC using word.Then I finally decided to give MS Office 08 for Mac a shot. It's like music went off when I first booted up Word. Now when I open Word files I'm opening them exactly as they would appear on a PC using Office. I have access to all the familiar commands without having to go searching for them. I've only had the software for a week but already I've noticed a huge difference in my comfort and confidence when writing something. Trust me, if you're a convert to Mac and you're not familiar with Iwork programs but have used Office for a substantial amount of time, I say spend the extra money and get MS Office for Mac.

Hey, Goneoffshore, its not TSA, they are Actors, dressed up like TSA, even the Man and Lady are Actors acntig in a FED EX commercial, look again, its funny. I'm yawning, i'm yawning some more and the long snore and more snoring. And he follows them as they leave, still snoring.

I'm so so disappointed in the service i'm getting from you guys. if it was UPS, i wouldn't have been this disappointed. I got a package from Nigeria two weeks ago, on checking, i found out that my package was missing and i ran outside to tell the driver who brought it but instead of doing anything about it he asked me to call fedex and that he doesn't have it. I called fedex immidiately and i was told, some one will get in touch with me. Some one called and asked me for the names of the missing items. I called back later to give them the names of the magazines that where missing. i dint hear from them again until i called and i was also told to give them 7working days to search for my missing items. 8days later, i had to call because nobody called me. The lady who i spoke to was very unprofessional and she kept telling me the driver dint report any damaged package and if i have any problem, i should call the sender or fedex in Niageria. Please and please who ever is reading this, please help me do something about my missing items. I cant pay triple the price of what i would have paid in UPS and not get my package.

I took my package to the Largo, Fl/Ulmerton Rd office to ship it out. They accepted it, and charged me. Later that day someone called my phone (I didnt answer because I was on the interstate driving out of town on vacation)) and left a message that I needed to call them. Apparently the driver picking it up wouldn't accept it. Now I have to drive 4 hours back, losing my vacation, to get the box, repack it, and send it out UPS on Monday. I will ~never~ use fed ex again. They have no idea what they are doing. Fail!

I visited your Bonney Lake, Washington store on 12/6/11 to get some copies made with color paper. Unfortunately they were to busy to acknowledge that I was even there waiting while they worked the shipping desk. After finally getting some help I was told it would be awhile before they be able to do anything for me. When I told them I would go some where else to have it done they almost seemed relieved. Very dissatisfied.

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