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This is a terrific insghit into my friend of 45+ years, Arthur Cogswell: Always the consumate professional but with a strong base of humility and humanity. It provides a true and accurate picture of his architectural firm and is a vivid reminder of the serious but relaxed and pleasant vibe of the office whenever I would visit. No business could go wrong in trying to duplicate it.

i tried adding your post to my digg accnout as i liked it,but seems someone has already submitted this to digg,hence i just voted it. i found it very interesting because of your perception on the subject.

Hi,My Name is Augusta Owusu Boateng and i am from Ghana West Africa ,i would like to know your office address and phone number so that we can talk about a good business proposal i have.hoping to hear from you.

I absolutely love Faygo My favorites are Cream Soda and grape Soda

man i been drinking this since i was was born and uh the diets need new floavor like pineapple peach and lots more

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