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Sorry to hear about your situation. This is raelly unfortunate, but I've seen it happen many times. The truth is that insurance companies use all sorts of data about people all the time. For example when underwriting insurance policies.What State Farm and others have learned is that there is a statistical correlation between good credit and other things they think are important. This may or may not be true, but that's what they think.Also, it's legal to use our credit reports for all sorts of things, including getting a job. Now personally I think it's unfair. People with bad credit ratings probably need the jobs worse than anybody, but can't get them. Using a number makes it easy for them, and they don't want to spend the time and money to ask about your situation and see that you are raelly a great person and would make an excellent employee.Like I said, it's unfair, but it's legal. And they have these policies that they don't break. Insurance companies are big bureaucracies almost like the government. So you can look for a different type of job or work to get your credit score up. But that's the subject of a different post.

Kudos! What a neat way of thinikng about it.

Geez, that's ubnelievable. Kudos and such.

I am a long time customer, but this experience may change that. I went to the Deli for service. First one lady was working and then she was joined by a young man. I gave him my order. He did not listen and started to slice chicken. I corrected that to slice turkey and smithfield ham. While he was deciding on how to do this job...I waited and waited. 6 people were waited on ahead of me who came after me by the other lady who continually interrupted my order by taking over the weigh machine and getting in front of the guy. After the 2nd order was sliced neither one had any code to even price this order. Needless to say, I said forget it...at that time I had been at the counter over 15 minutes, just standing and waiting while others were served. Since I am a Customer Service Manager...this was indeed horrible customer service.

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