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I recently had a childhood flashback and bought some "Chuckles". I love Chuckles and the only flavor I dislike is black licorice. I paid 1.59 for a box and much to my luck, there were 1 orange, green, and ALL the others were black licorice! So much for my fond flashback.

Yeah, bill, I thought there would be some paper or book out there with a more gearenl analysis of post office redevelopment, but I found nothing at all.Sean, that's really interesting. As part of a class project, I was on a team that looked at that USPS site on Airport Road, in order to envision it's redevelopment. I agree that a small industrial park would make sense for the gearenl area, but we thought the northern side of Airport Road would work better for industry. There are already industrial parks directly to the north, and they could work off of each other. The USPS site, on the south side, is close to the growing Hollymead Town Center. Something that matches this vision may work better for this site. We conceived of a hotel/convention center for the USPS site. It would have visibility from the trip out of the Airport, be a comfortable distance from US-29, and possibly function as an extension of the town center. I'm not sure if it's the best idea for reality, but it made an interesting design plan.

That addresses several of my cocnrens actually.

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