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I went to my local fantastic SAMs for a spiral perm and after over $100 I have a head of fried damaged mush for hair!!! This franchise Sucks

Arcadia Fl-Samara who is a stylist there and has cut my hair numerous times has messed up my appointment time by over booking. Also has made me wait 45 minutes longer than my appointment time. And fabricated other things to do while I'm in her chair. What is her problem?? Does she have any professionalism at all?


went to fantistic sams on 9-13 for a color and have never had a problem this time there was a new owner for the shop and no price list so what happended I ask the price to color my hair which I agreed to then I was charged an additional $25 to blow dry my hair which I have never been charged in the past at any Fantistic Sams I have gone to and I'm a customer for over 25 years with no problems. The new staff did not care it was just time to pay up.


My husband and I took our son to get a hair cut and not only was the girl just not happy she just had a horrible attitude! And she did a horrible job! My son is walking around with choppy looking hair and long bangs and almost a bald spot how do I make a true complaint on this girl?

bar owner

I had a wonderful experience not only did my stylist go and get someone to help with color and consult with them before she performed anything on my hair the most fabulous cut and color ever

Called to see if stylist was still taking clients...( 2hRs) before shift ended.told I haven't had beak and then what I wanted would take long...ago I walked in next day only to sit for 2+ hours because she was doing her mother and aunts hair..needles to say F.O.E. Family over everything was the case here...she didn't even attempt to speed the process ..they laughed talked reminisced..etc...let's just say this shot if getting old...I'm not the only one that complains

horrible coloring

i went to get my hair colored brown, i came out with grayish white hair. horrible. Now i have to waste more of my time going back to have them fix something that should have been done right the first time. I will never go back

Should i even say worst service? I don't think calling it a service is right. If you want to pay to completely destroy your beautiful hair, go to fantastic sams.


The worst company EVER to work for. The owners rip you off. The corporation should have a criteria for the owners. The one in Ocala Fl is the abomination of a salon.


I went for blonde highlights. I came out with the whole top of my head yellow. I'm a brunette. I've never dyed my hair or had highlights before but I know that it's not supposed to look like this! I'm disgusted. I went back today and sake them to fix it. You know what she did? She bleached my hair! I look like I stuck my head in a bucket of pee and it's so awful I'm crying. I want my money back and I'll just buy a bottle of brown dye and have my friend fix it. $145? I think not!

Doesn't care about there stylists

I'm in North Texas,Dfw area to be exact. We have had severe ice storms these past few days. Most roads are closed,businesses,schools even churches, but not Fantastic Sams! I am expected to risk my life on these treacherous roads for nothing, just so they can say they are open.


I went to get my hair colored and cut. I walked out with dye ALL over!! Ears, neck, temples all stained. On top of that, she wasn't going to dry my hair!! I had to ask and even then she didn't dye it all the way, spent about 3 mins blow drying without product. No style or anything. I'm SO UNHAPPY! I will never go back! Cottage grove, mn location needs to be better at customer service!!

Lack of Customer Care

I had a $39 coupon for a perm. When I got there - was told the amt would be more due to longer hair - again no where does it state that nor did it state that on the coupon. I said I was not going to pay it. At the end, they managed to add $15.00 to the perm for "extra solution" needed to complete perm. I will NOT go back. I have contacted Fantastic Sams Corporate Office TWICE, with NO RESPONSE. Lovely company. NOT!!!!

These mothers and fathers who think their lil darlings are prefect need to keep the child at home an cut their hair themselves,an see how much fun it is to try to cut a movin target, after all its just hair it'll grow back.Parents always want an up to date style thats fine except 9 times outta 10 the only time the childs hair is combed is when they get a hair cut.The stylist does not want to cut the child but nor does she want to cut herself.If she's cut badly she's off work til it heals,which means less money for her or her an her family,people are just so into themselves now days such a shame. God please help them

o.k. mrs. B hopefully you should know by now you can't please everyone every single time,thers always complainers trying to get somthing for nothing. I work with some wonderful stylist at fs an have seen excellent work leave the shop only because the customer wanted the service for frr OR a VERY small charge like $5.00

Bad Bussiness

I worked at Fantastic Sam's for three years in Boise On Overland when new owners bought the shop. They managed to mess up our pay checks at least three times during the first three months of owning the store among other unethical acts. I quit working there almost three weeks ago. Today i was supposed to receive my last pay check (it's the normal pay day). So now i am told i have to wait until the 7th. I believe Idaho law says if you leave a job on your own (quit) that the employer must pay you within 10 days or the next pay day, whichever comes first. As of now the owners are in violation both. I would never recomend any one to support this type of owner.

terrible service terrible haircut called corporate office no operator pressed pound sign for customer service that went nowhere sams is not fantastic and their inability to staff the corporate telephone system proves it my rating for them would be no star at all

Worst place ever. Over charged was told $14.95 and ended up paying $25 for a cut that was horridly done. The lady shave the back of my head with a buzzer and left the sides of my hair down and chopped off my bangs after I told her not to. I am furious. I want my money back. All day people have been telling me how horrible my hair looks and laughing at me. I am so embarrassed

Great cut!

Went to the Lake Worth, Tx location and had a fabulous cut from Bailey L. Sweet young lady and listens to what you want!

False advertising

Twice now when I've gone for a simple haircut, I was charged more than the price posted on the board. It was supposed to be $18 for a haircut, but when I got up to the counter to pay, she told me they add $3 onto the price for "long" hair! Nowhere did it state this, nor did the stylist inform me of this. And my hair isn't considered "long" - it's on the top of my shoulders. Not going back!

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