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never going back

I got totally harassed by the cashier for not wanting to give out my home address for an alleged $10 coupon. He said he wasn't going to follow me home....I said it wasn't that, I just feel like its my privacy. I also said if it so important than maybe the store should hand them out at the register for the next visit. He looked at me like I had 2 heads and insisted that hw wasn't going to follow me home. I said I dont come in here that often and that ok. He said well the lady over there has 3 of them. Again, I said I dont want to give out my address and I wont be back. He said good, thats fine. Am I under obligation to give out my personal address? Ive also had trouble at other stores too. I'm done now.

I had purchased a pair of Saucony running shoes & I didn't realize until after beginning to use them that they didn't fit me properly. They were too small & caused one toe to rub against another. I had put off taking them back & decided to try & put up with it, thinking that there was no way I could get some type of credit or exchange. Today I decided to go to the Famous Footwear store again & purchase a different pair. Associate store manager Alex was my cashier. I explained to him what had happened & I made it clear in the beginning that I wasn't asking for any type of credit or exchange since I understood that I had worn the shoes & didn't have the receipt. I asked him if the same were to occur with my new Adidas shoes, if there was any chance of an exchange & he replied by saying that if returned within 30 days with a receipt, that they could exchange them or issue a refund. He then asked if I had ever tried the Asics brand & I replied to him telling him that they felt too stiff compared to the Adidas. He then went to the back of store & brought back a Saucony box with him. He then scanned it & advised me that he had issued me a full credit which could be used towards the purchased of the Adidas & another pair I was purchasing for my wife. I was so surprised but at the same time, had a suspicious feeling that he was going to do something nice for me.

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