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After reading just a few of the reviews (complaints!) I would like to let you know that the Family Dollar on Hudson Street - just east of the I-71 freeway - has a great group of employees, and they are courteous and helpful.


I absolutely LOVE the Family Dollar In Quincy Fla. Rick & Stacey have such bright smiles and wonderful costumer service.Great Job Quincy -Happy costumers

Extremely Helpful

Atlas Door Company was called out to do work for store #6469. After 3 months of trying to collect on the invoice I was able to contact Miranda at the corporate office. She was so helpful getting me to the correct department to get this problem resolved. I deal with property management companies all day long and she is the most pleasant and willing to help person I've dealt with in a long time. Thank you

That's the worst company ever!

I was a former employee of the family dollar and I quit bc they said I was stealing but they said the had no proof, any way 2 months later I was in a family dollar in a deferent district and the store manager came up to me and said he was going to ban me from the store bc they herd I stole from my old store! This is the worst place to work and shop bc they accuse everyone of stealing!

Horrible experience

I just went to your store in long branch nj and I purchased $30 worth of items an paid with a debit card and didn't even get a receipt then they couldn't furnish at last a written receipt for the items the "store mgr" I guess that's who he was liked just as frazzled and had no clue what he was doing expected me to wait until he Could figure out what the problem was so the next best thing for me to do was return the items and never go back. Don't you screen these people for their skills I mean I could only imagine what he would have done if he couldn't figure it out with a line full of customers. Come in family dollar get it together

family dollar don't give receipt

I don't no what happen,but many times they dont give a rrceipts, my wife tell me the same, i tink some buddy get extra money. Thats no good , it's better take care of that, Fort worth tx. Family dollar at lancaster and oackland st. Check this, what if police stop me and ask for receipt ...

buisness owner summit hill pa.

I was just in your store, and had a terrible experience!! i seen a long time employee lynda L getting fired for no apparent reason but to relocate when she cant even drive!! then i hear 3 others got axed.. maybe even colleen the manager.. what is wrong with you people Greed? well we are a small community and all of us in that store said we will never shop there again, and we will spread the word.. this is unproffesional ! there are other stores we will now go to.. these poor girls they were so nice.. shame on you!


I love your prices and items that you carry at the store # 4404 Located in Lilburn GA but will love to have better customer service also today during my visit the "MANAGER" was very rude towards some Spanish customers that where shopping in the store since they did not understand English the manager and I quote said "They better have paid for those candy or I will be whopping some buts" to some little kids and since the Moms did not understand was unaware of what was going on. Then the manager is yelling across the store asking the cashier if they had paid for the candy and his response was YES. It might take a little more work but I know there is more respectful and professional people that you can hire for your stores out there.

Customer Service

Your store on 24 Hwy & Sterling in Independence Mo has horrible customer service.all they do is hide in the corner

Newborn baby girl cashier

I went to family dollar yesterday night. And the cashier was carrying a newborn baby girl! I was so surprised. That's unprofessional and very dangerous for the baby. Fist time I have seen a cashier working with a newborn baby in her arms.

you need seasoned managers

what is going on with your stores i enjoy finding great deals but your managment teams are AWFUL- you really need some seasoned older employees that care about their jobs-employees with 5-8 hr shifts with no breaks and the stores are hot a mess with unkept restrooms . breakrooms and stock rooms that look like it is the chains wearhouse what is gooing on and i hear al this when i go to purchase something!!!!!! new york stores and down the coast to florida, i have been to quite a few


I am a long time shopper at Family Dollar until now. I live in Alpine, Tx and my husband and I went to your store on 3/8/13. We were checking out and the employee was blaring music from her phone which was in her back pocket. She was disresepctful to both of us. My husband told her we had a coupon we tried to use recently, but a manager had to be present for it to be redeemd. So a manager comes up to the front and asks what's going on? So the employee explained we tried using a coupon for a razor recently and the manager shrugged her shoulders with an annoyed look on her face and said I don't know and walked away. My husband and I looked at eachother grabbed our items we payed for and walked out. We both said we will NEVER be shopping at that store again. We are going to Dollar General. I am not at all racist, but every employee at that store is Mexican and that treated us ( causcasion) like we were scum.


I don't know about all these other folks who received bad service, but the Family Dollar in Jefferson, OH is great!! :) The store is clean, the employees nice and prices are cheap.

Very bad customer service

Your store at 9th St and 3rd Ave S, St Petersburg, FL has two of the most incompetent and rude employees. I stood and waited and waited while one cracked jokes and the other counted change. He was "over" so recounted. Neither would ring up my one item. I told them I had to get back to work could they please just take care of this item and they said no, I would have to wait. I will never go back, nothing unique there that I cannot get at a dozen places. This is not my first bad experience but by far the worst.


I am a very unhappy customer. I shop at your Sweetwater, TX store almost daily. I was informed yesterday Feb 21, 2013 at 2:10pm that your policy states that we cannot use coupons on sale items. The manager Brenda informed me & the cashier who was waiting on me. The manager is very unfriendly to the use of coupons in your store. I wanted to inform you that I can shop at walmart & use competors ads so I still get your price. Lately Walmart cashiers have been way nicer & more corporative than your cashiers. I have other friends & family members who have recently gone threw the same issues with your store in Sweetwater. I wanted to inform you that if you notice sales dropping you will know why because I am nolonger going to shop at Family Dollar as well as other family members & friends.

slip and fall

I had a slip and fall in family dollar feb 15 2013 and no one contact me to see was I okay


I went to store #04426 in Buffalo, New York to purchase cigarettes. The cashier asked for my id which is from North Carolina. She told me with a smirk on her face that the id must be from New York! The manager was standing right there and did not correct her but laughed also! So you mean if I leave North Carolina I can't buy cigarrettes in any other state? How stupid do you have to be! I will never spend my money there again! I had no number to call and complain too in order to correct the ever so intelligent management and cashier on the laws of selling cigarettes!

Better Employees

I wanted to buy somethings that were 50% off so I took them to the counter and was told I could not buy them because he (scott) forgot to remove them! He was very rude! The second time in the store (scott) could not count and gave me back to much money! I ask him if he sure that was right? Rude again and snatched two dollars from the counter-top. After I finished counting with my phone he then seen he made a big mistake of giving me back almost $14!!!The rude Assist manager (scott) turned his back to me without even saying Thank you! Only after he snatched the remaining money which I still had on the counter-top!!!!

I go to the family dollar in lake city,mn and it is a mess-not sure what is going on but for a whole week nothing has been unpacked,the floors have 3 layers of dirt-I don't know if they are short of help but if they are I shouldn't see them standing around and advertise people are looking for work put an ad up-used to be a great store but now looks like a pig sty and I personally am not going back till I hear its cleaned up

Poor store conduct

I recently visited store #877 in carencro Louisiana. I stood in a line of 8 customers and watched the second employee literally leave her register to go and smoke a cigarette instead of helping the first cashier take care of customers. Also as I was walking through the store I had to make my way around carts and boxes that were stacked up on the floor making it impossible to get to any merchandise. The store needs better management.

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