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I have never been so upset in my life. I have visited this Family Dollar on several occassion trying to give it a chance. This store is Georgia in Decatur located on Covington Hwy. First thing they have turned me around for not having correct change, because they don't keep money in their draw. I was spending $60.00 dollars and had a hundred dollar bill. That has happen to me on three occassions but they would rather turn away money instead of having change. The next thing they put these prices on their products but when you get to the register they tell you they can't sell it to you for that price. I dont understand what is the point of tagging it then just make up prices. I have started going back to walmart where things are like they suppose to be and in order. I just wish they could try and be better and have more variety like Walmart but I guess you get what you pay for.

Just like Claire, I and my neighbor went to my Family Dollar here in Orange City, Fl. to get the Folgers Coffee with the coupon and they were out. Came back Friday when they got another truck to be told that they get only one case at a time and it sold out in a couple of hours. Also tried another FD in the area and was told the same thing. And to boot, they don't give Rain Checks. Why advertise when you can't provide the product. Unless FD has only a hand full of customers. We are both on a very small Social Security income and that coupon sure would have helped.

Last week I received in the mail a coupon for the new Gain dish liquid it was .50 cent off and there was a scratch off game that said if you scratched off one of the products on the coupon then you would get an additional .50 cent off that item key word additional that would make it $1.00 off. So it only took off the .50 cent so I showed them the scratch off game and they are trying to tell me it means that i can use the coupon for .50 they were arguing with me for 15 minutes I was so angry not about the money but they were making me look stupid in front of the other customers I work in customer service and if I ever treated anyone that way I would be in so much trouble. This was at the Spring Garden store in Pittsburgh Pa 15212 and I saw in an earlier post about the hours this store their sign says 8pm they close at 7:45pm so they can walk out the door at 8pm they need new employees ones without attitude and maybe they should talk to their employees about their appearance because having someone argue with you with no teeth is pretty gross.

Family Dollar had a coupon in Sunday's paper for $2.75 off of Folger's Coffee, large can. I went to the store in Southwest Ocala on Monday. They had none. I was told to come back on Friday (today) when they would get a shipment. I was there at 11 a.m. and was told to come back later. They were unloading a truck. I went back at 4:30 p.m. and saw the coffee. Unfortunately, it was the wrong product. They said they had sold out. Why advertise and give coupons for something you don't expect to have?? I was not happy.

I am sorry to see so many bad post here. I don't shop at Family Dollar very often but the last time I was at the White Cloud, MI store I forgot my checkbook at the register while I was cashing out. I looked for 2 days and was about to shut down my checking account, but I was passing that way again and decided to stop in to see if maybe it was there, and it was!! The clerk that was there said the employee that found it placed it behimd the counter and if I were to come back in to the store to give it back to me. I am glad to see there are still some honest people in the world!! I hope the employees of the White Cloud, Mi store get as pat on the back for their honesty!! Thank you ladies!!

I recently purchased the Family Dollar Automatic Dishwashing Gel and it ruined my dishes and my dishwasher. RUINED! My dishes are covered in this white powder that will not come off with an SOS pad! My dishes no longer clean. I tried using a dishwasher cleaner but it didn't do anything. As far as I am concerned Family Dollar owes me new plates, bowls, glasses, pots, pans, utensils and a DISHWASHER! This one products has ruined $1000 worth of my property! NEVER EVER BUY THIS PRODUCT! There's a reason it has a 100% money back gaurantee because it doesn't work and should never be used to clean anything!

Follow up to message of 8/8/10. Called corporate offices after insane,incredibly poor customer service verging on assault by employees at Family Dollar located at 4206 Frankford Ave., Baltimore, MD 21206. Was told that the District Managers for that area were Ed Deckert and Kathy Fritzi, and they would be contacting me. Ms. Fritzi called the next evening while I was out and left a message that she would be calling me back the next morning. She didn't call, so I called her and left a message. Again no response. I have since called and left six messages with no response. Telephone calls always go straight to a voice mail box which doesn't identify Kathy Fritzi, Ed Deckert or Family Dollar. If you're in the Baltimore area, try it yourself, here's the #: 410-733-0046. It's been a month now, so I'm left to believe that not only do individual Family Dollar store employees not care about their customers, but neither does their upper management.

On Sept 9th 2010 my sister and I was in the family dollar store #1861 LOCATED AT 1536 Washington Street West, Charleston WV. We was buying a few things and she had a iPod station that was priced with a family dollar ticket of $1.00 the girl called for management to come up front and a man by the first name of Mark came up and more less said we changed the ticket which we never did and they are located next to the registers when I said I also work in a store and if the ticket is on the item we have to sell it for what it says he went off and said customers get they're pricing guns and change prices all the time. I don't know about your company but the company that I work for if you move you're responsible for taking the pricing gun with you or get fired, he stated that they leave the guns wherever they are working at to go to the registers or wherever needed. I'm not sure but if your company is being run this way no wonder people are changing the prices on items and then the person who thinks it's right is jumped on . Also my sister was loading up her items and realized her pain medicine wasn't in her bag and she said something to him about where her pills was and he told her he didn't care where they where to get out and we are banned front he store by this time I did lose it and I smarted him off. She had her receipt where she had paid for the pills so she went back in and he started to call the law but she went ahead and left to keep down trouble. With managers as mean and rued as he is you won't be keeping customers at this store. Thank You for the attention given to this matter. CAROL

dollar store in bayard new mexico I want to report the bad service currently happening at the family dollar store located in bayard nm store #4885 address 1001 tom foy blvd bayard nm phone no. 575-537-3794. On 09-07-2010 two of your employees named teresa and maria or marisya not sure how spelled were very rude and harrassing me folowing me around the store and also harrassing my 16 year old daughter and my 17 year niece. i am very unpleased with this service. they mentioned my purse being too big to carry in the store, its a normal size purse then i made a remark if thats why they were following me and made me uncomfortable and could not finish shopping there were also other customers in the store and teresa one of the employees as i was paying started accusing me of being watched in the store before. i made a remark if i have any criminal charges or what she was trying to say. I then got there names and wrote them down. this was embarrassing and i was humiliated. i know of other people this has happened to and i am wanting to get a list of names from the community that these employees have also done this to. im not sure if this is the department i need to contact but they gave me the name of their supervisor from that store her name is sarah and will be contacting her also. please notify me on what i shall do or who to contact.maybe a suggestion is to send in a private shopper during the time these women are working.

I want to know how come the store #147 in Northaugusta,Sc can't get no air.Your workers are working in heat. This past weekend the store was so hot the chocolates were melting in the packs.While you was off they were in the heat trying to work.Somebody needs to please check on this problem.If i come in there one more time and the air isn't working I'm telling everybody not to to that family dollar anymore.That's wrong working those folks in heat like that.

I would really like to know why a small store like Oliver Springs needs a top Manager and two assistant managers. Not only that, but my daughter was hired on as part time and promised 15 hours per week, then they give her less than 15 hours and can't even make a schedule out for her to follow because they want to change the schedule every day. Over the pass couple weeks they worked my daughter every day and she was so happy to be making so money to take care of her daughter, then they hire new people and reduce her hours back down to one day for the week and she is very disappointed and upset. So am I!!! Do they really know what they are doing? I don't think so and I think my daughter is being treated very poorly. Because of that I don't shop there. If you can't treat employees right then the customers are probably treated just as bad.

Store manager belligerent and possibly racist. On Saturday, September 4th at approximately ~2:30 pm, I entered the Family Dollar store (store # 4310) located on 42 Windsor Ave, Vernon Ct 06066. Upon entering the store I proceeded to get a basket for my intended purchases. All the baskets were dirty and as I searched through the stack for a clean one I noticed a gentleman (store employee- Ronald) by the register watching me. I made a comment that the baskets were dirty. He then commented that "this is a store what else do you expect?" I did not answer to his comment I just walked over to the far right section of the store towards the baby items. While I am in this aisle, he started making comments that were inappropriate. He mentioned things like "what do these people in this town expect from me", "when they go to the supermarket are the trolleys clean?", "I hate this town and these people that come in here" etc amongst other rude comments. After hearing this I went over to talk to the employee and he started getting belligerent and stated that he did not need this job and I commented back saying that if it were not for the customers, he would not have a job and he stated that "oh yes I would." I told him it was inappropriate to talk like this in front of customers and to me. His attitude did not change and he continued to display his inappropriate behavior. At this point I walked away and another customer agreed with me that his behavior was not appropriate. Feeling frustrated I left the store and went to leave, but I decided to go back into the store and get the managers’ number. I went to the cashier (Maddie) and asked for the manager’s name and number, she proceeded to tell me that the belligerent employee I had just had the issue with was the manager. I could not believe he was the manager acting in that manner. I asked her for his last name and she told me she did not know his last name. So I went over to Ronald himself and asked for his last name, and he refused to give me this information. So I left the store. I called back the store after going home and got Ronald on the phone, I asked him for his district manager’s number and he told me quite frankly that he was not going to give me his district managers number and then he hung up the phone on me

The Worst, cashiers and managers, when they finally get a good manager in there and the store starts to finally look well kept, they fire them. Shame the company does not have classes to train the cashiers to have common courtsey, in the Monticello NY store its the worst, I will stop going there and go to the dollar general they are nicer and cleaner and now cheaper, WOW, finally some competition.

please do something about the pace when the lines are long especially your stores in queeens ny union turnpike #4255 and the store on jamaica ave in hollis 196 st.its always a long line with one cashier your staff tells the customers that the company has cut their hours but if thats the case why can't the managers roll up their sleeves for a short period of time to speed up the process its all in a days work.Why have customers complain and threten to take their business elsewhere.This is not the south ny is a much faster pace most all the cashiers are new and learning and may need a longer orientation.I believe in,take the initiative if something needs to be done and do it the outcome will be better.Please do something about this matter.Thank you

Store is at 355 South 600 East.Provo,Utah...Phone number 801-373-0131 I have been going to Family Dollar for years...I bought some Cascade dishwasher soap and it left scum all over my dishes. I took it back with a couple of the dishes and utensils with me and spoke with the Cashier Ro "Chelle" Davis. She was so rude..Instead of saying I'm sorry, she actually went down the aisle to find a flashlight to shine inside the box to see what amount had been used...arguing with me and telling me to be quiet. I told her that her attitude was so ridiculous, that it wasn't worth the money that I paid, to stand and argue with her about the situation..I walked out and will warn the people I know to stay away from there until she's gone...otherwise, I've had good experiences with Family Dollar and will continue goiong to the Santaquin store where they know how to treat customers...This gal said her job at Family dollar was just a "Family Dollar" job, anyhow, whatever that means..

WOW!! And I thought our store was the only one. I just cannot understand how this company can get away with these types of practices. I witnessed an assistant get set-up by the store manager. She took out $35 from the deposit and accused him of trying to steal it. Then she started cheating on her husband with a customer. As the relationship continued he was calling the store and calling her cashiers and assistant managers his HOOKERS and his WHORES. Even went so far as asking to see and play with there breasts. Eventually her assistant contacted her DM and reported her reckless behavior. Guess who got fired? The assistant is now considering a lawsuit.. I personally was terminated because the store manager left her deposit out of the safe. I too reported it to the DM. When the store manager returned the following day I was accused of setting her up. After providing clear evidence of my innocence I too was terminated. After contacting the DM, she said I quit. I personally think these managers in all levels of family dollar are tought to do these types of practices, they don't care about there employees. It isn't FAMILY this company thinks most about, it's DOLLARS, bottom line. They don't care about the customers, this store manager says ALL customers are shoplifters. Top down this company is a FRAUD. They pretend to have policies in place to protect there workers when really it is just a way to keep there practices hidden.... If you currently work for family dollar, find a new job now. And what ever you do donnot call the help line or you will be next.

My son works in a family dollar. Not that the store is poor but one manager inparticular needs a quarter to buy herself a personality. Two of the really nice Managers just quit, probly tired of her! I won't bother saying what store or her name because this sight as stated at the bottom of this page is in no way afilliated with Family dollar. Most people writing in want a response from family Dollar corporate. You will not get one here. Someone was nice enough to provide the Corpoate phone number so here it is. 704-847-6961 Hope this helps. I'll repost it every so often.

I see all these bad reviews all over the internet but what are the head management of coorporate doing about it? Seems to me absolutley nothing! today i went to family dollar on fondren (houston, tx, 77035), a big fat ugly manager with a bandade on her neck trying to cover up a hicky (so profesional,), was so disrespectful to her employees barking at them like dogs! then i said is that necesarry for you to talk to them that way because that is just so rude and uncalled for. Then she got a mouth on me started to yell, curse at me with an attitude telling me to leave HER STORE AND TO NEVER COME BACK! lol, believe me not only i wont go back but im going to report her in that store little does she know i spend about 250.00 dollars a month there 3000.00 a year and i will take my business elsewhere. what is up with familydollar and mcdonalds lately do they not know how to show good customer service cause without us they dont have a job! why do they keep hiring these ghetto people with no class and disrespectulnees and yet don't do nothing about it. dont take my word for it obiviously i dont see any good reviews about family dollar at all,

Your employees are great and very helpful. I have a major complaint about the store. How can you make your employees work without proper ventilation. They have to work with 90 degrees weather outside and no air conditioning inside the store. I don't know about Corporate i am sure they have airconditioning. But being inside a store with the weather being that hot no wonder you have hardly any customers. They are not comfortable in a hot store. And the employees I am sure are very uncomfortable also. When you have employees that are not being taken care of while in one of your stores, seems to me that they should come first and be comfortable while working. Not only the employees but the customers also. Customer service should be first priority that means making sure the customers like being inside a store and not have to complain that it is too HOT. Just wonder what Corporate will do about the situation. Maybe if things were taken care of your profit would accelerate and not decline. I noticed that this isnt suppose to be used to contact Corporate Offices so how would I get a hold of them to let them know of this issue???

I just received the worst customer service at store # 5790 Jacksonville, Florida. My clerk was very rude after I could not find a sales paper that I inquired about (there was an advertised coupon for an item that I was purchasing). She simply pointed in the direction of the I should walk and said aisle one. Well after I could not find the paper, she loudly exclaimed "unbelievable" as she walked over to the stack of papers. I said. Ma'am you said aisle one, however NONE of your aisles are numbered. After all of that, the advertised sign was wrong and she did not apologize for anything. My background is a BS in Merchandising, five years in Retail management and four years in Retail Buying; so I know POOR customer service when I receive it. I have never experienced this level of rudeness, and I will never shop here again. Thank you.

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