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zero customer service

Stay away from the Boynton beach store - horrible service and when you call corporate no one picks up the phone worst service for a company that says they are christian.........

manager complaint

I have a manager complain of your Avondale, Az store. That manager is totally unprofessional. I've been a loyal customer for years. I have seen & heard of many displays unbecoming of "FAMILY CHRISTIAN" book store. He needs to be investigated for many reasons. Inappropreiate behavior with young female employees. Hearing out loud about him trying to get friends employed at the store. Border line threatening employees about pushing certain ministries. Is this the norm of how the stores are being run behind the scenes when one is looking. I do know that you people can hide from the public, you will not hide from God. As for me, I forgive you. But I do shake the dust from my sandals concerning Family Christian Book Stores and take my peace with me and never to return.

Horrible Manger in Merrillville, IN

The Merrillville, IN office manager is very rude to customers. How sad this comes from a Christian bookstore, which is supposed to be separate from our crazy world.

Horrible employee Ashlie

I have never been treated more rudely than at Family Christian Store in Ft Wayne IN! An employee by the name of Ashlee was so condescending with a fake ugly grin! She offered no apology and acted like she was the victim in me wanting to return a damaged cd. She should be fired! What company would want a person like her working for them? This is suppose to be a Christian store: what a joke! I'll take my business and money elsewhere!

You're a real deep thinker. Thanks for shianrg.

Maybe find a mall or department store that sells Ed Hardy bags and try to reutrn it and explain the situation.The worst they can say is no, and then you can go the Ebay route.But definitely research how much it is worth if you do go the Ebay route!

These people need to check Fresno CA. The store on marks and Clinton they need to check there hour log why is only cretin employees given decent hours while other employees get zero hours if ur not going to give ur employees hours then let them go don't keep them on so they can't draw Unemployment or find work else where I thought this was a Christian store

I seen first hand the store in Fresno CA. Off of Shaw and marks the manager has its three favorite employees and they always get all the hours then they give everyone else one 3hr shift mabey 4hr if there lucky I dnt think its right everyone should get equal opportunity at hrs and family Christian store is acting unchristian with hours they need to look into this store loctation and its employees and its HR log there not being fair!!!!

I enjoyed my time here and found them to be fair to all of us workers. I always stand for what is right no matter the cost. A previous worker. The human resource people and the supervisors and most managers were great here. Thanks for showing me it pays to be a nice person and a true believer.

To whom it may concern on Feburary 14,2012 I saw on the internet that The Family Christian bookstore in Gainseville Florida had a video sale on certain videos for five dollars I spoke with Danielle and I told her I live out of town and had several videos that I had seen on the internet, and I gave her the name of the movies and she had four of them I asked her if they would save them for me I told her that I would not be able to get up there till the 15th to get them and could i still get them for the sale price and she said of course you can never once asked me to prepay to get the sale price because I told her I could pay for them with my dept card if I had to to get them at the sale price she said no they would be there and I could get the sale price well we drove all the way to gainesville to get them on the 15th and the lady was very rude and told me no way can you get them at the sale price they went off sale I told her that Danielle saved them behind the counter for me with my name on them and I would get them for sale price well needless to say they didn't and I didn't get my movies my husband is disabled and I am the only one with an income and have to look for sales on things I would like to have I know that this letter is probably written in vain and I will not get my movies at the sale price but I was really disappointed that a family christian bookstore would not honor their word and I know Jesus always honored his word My husband is a minister and I related to a member of our church how the Family Christian bookstore had acomadated me by letting me get the movies after the sale was off since I was unable to get up there during the sale but needless to say I will have to retract that statement to them and let them know how I was really treated by a Family christian bookstore that they do not stand by their word as they say they will and do not practice the true Spirit of Christianity the videos were soul surfer, the shunning,fireproof,Grace card, and was going to order mighty macs for me I am really disappointed that I did not get to get these movies but I know it is nothing but the devil trying to steal a blessing i would have received by watching these videos. So I am putting this matter in the Lord's hands. and His will, will be done God Bless you and yours Sincerely Lorna c Martin cookie261953@yahoo.com

This company is horrible to their employees. ICS is only a part time job when the workload is enough for a full time position. They offer no benefits to their employees unless they are a manager or assistant manager. If an employee has issues with the store's management and informs Corporate about it, they are written off as "disgruntled employees" and nothing is done to investigate or correct the problem with the management. People are hired to work the cristmas holiday & are not told it is only a temp job. Then after the holidays are done these people who were hired thinking they have steady work find their hours cut to nothing, yet they are kept on the payroll! When customers are irate because orders are lost & contact corporate (if they can manage to find the info to do so) then Corporate blows them off! This may have begun as a christian company, but it is DEFINATELY NOT one now! All corporate cares for is their ever lovin dollar. "The love of money is the root of all evil!"

That's 2 clveer by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

Wailkng in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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