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Seven days with out phone service, just getting a run around with customer service. Amazed they can operate this way.. Time to make a change I guess.


I have been being charged on the CALL DETAIL without ANY detail of the calls. I have requested through their Customer Service THREE times with them saying they would get back to me but do not. These charges show up on multiple bills. We never call on this phone. WATCH OUT as I believe they are scamming people.


I have been dealing with Fairpoint here in Maine for 3 solid days now about a Termination notice I received . I have talked with a representative for those days her manager was supposed to give me a call on Friday it is now monday at 10 am still no word. I am not talking a few dollars $589 to be exact they say I owe, which is totally incorrect. They do not know their own policies regarding our local power company nor their own and how to deal with it. So I have had this looming over my head the entire weekend. I do not owe and have never been late on a payment. Plus they doubled our rates over the past 6 months if you haven't checked what they are charging I would. We went from 7 cents to 17 cents/ kilowatt received. That is just not right.

This is the absolute worst company to deal with in regards to customer service. Stay as far away as possible! Every time I have an issue or concern they are condescending at best and treat their customers horrible.


This is a company that has no clue as to howe to be a telephone company. They treat their cistomers like the enemy and their customer service is awful with rude and snarky represenatives. It is no wonder that they are going bankrupt. They deserve to go broke witrh the business attitude they convey to their customers.

Poor Business Model

The courts should have let Fairpoint go bankrupt. The best thing for us in New England would be for Fairpoint to sell us off. Funny Verizon made money in New England but Fairpoint had to go BANKRUPT!!! Right now can't evewn pay my bill, had to go to the escalation department!!!!! Sell off your Fairpoint stock beore it goes to ZERO dollars!!!!

dead line

Four times in eight days can't call out. Phone dead. Repair? Gotta buy a cell.

I am very disappointed with the DSL service because it only works sporadically!

Horrible Billing and Service

This is the worst telephone company. Our statement is difficult to see the proper charges, We have been billed twiced for our internet line. There are only one telephone number associated with the internet charges. Additional frivolous charges were added and customer service was horrible. We asked for a supervisor and was told none was available and we are still waiting for a call back.

Probably the worst customer service ever!!!

I usually don’t write these reviews, but this company made me breaks the habit and I need to tell everyone how awful they are. I only got good service when I wanted originally to open the account, after that is just like hitting a wall several times. Their customer service people are just dreadful, it seems like they are obligated to this job. If you call with an issue, it feels like you are bothering or you are an interruption of their time. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to switch to a company like, after such a bad experience. I gave them one star, because I couldn’t leave blank; trust me… I would if I can. Just terrible!!!

fairpoint has the worst customer service I will not ever refer them to anyone. I deal sales and will make sure that I turn everyone away. Comcast is bad but at least they don't dick their customers around.

Im in maine and keep getting dicked around by fairpoint was sippose to get it the 27th but they messed up came the 29th but told me needed my landlord so they can get in basement they said someone will be here today at 8am and its 11 still no service and of course its saturday and cant get ahold of anyone because customer service is closed saturdays and tech service supposible cant help which is a lie

Your company is anything but "Fair". We have no service at our business in Thornton NH yet businesses on both sides of me have internet. We pay our phone bill every month and have patiently waited 5 years for this to be corrected. Today we were told we are not within 1800 air feet yet both businesses around me are within the "air feet"....Let's get real! IF ANYONE cares about this to please email me.

The Fairpoint service, in northern VT, is total shit. For 12 years my street, one little street, has had to deal with phone lines from the 50's, they cannot support DSL, they can barely support a 26.4kB/s Dial-Up connection, most of the time it is around 4 or 5kB/s. This new plan they have to offer DSL to the last 10% of people in VT without it is total crap, those of us in Orleans County who are currently cut off are screwed. Fairpoint has just swept us under the rug, and it's fucking wonderful. 26.4kB/s Dial-Up for the rest of my life here. (All of you complaining about shotty DSL speeds, come on, really?)

Verizon home phone service an dinternet service use to be the best in Rhode Island,now for some ungodly reason was sold to this so called jerk company called fair Point,why? Well what do you expect their in south,have no use for anything anymor ein south,think their all kind dumb and probably don;t get payed like we make in north,so they don't care or probably only hire foreigners,the usa is being over taken buy foreigners,send them back to their country,america take back our country,before it to late,pretty soon Americans will hav eno choice but to move to foreign countries,cause here in florida it is being over run buy foreigners,that don't want to speak english or act American,but if we went o their country are they going to cater to us,hell no? go home or get Americanized now??????????????????

Hello My name is Nehemiah. I live in Dover NH. I jumped into a great promotion with fairpoint to use their internet service. By far, Fairpoint had the best rates. When I signed up, I asked the Fairpoint Agent 3 questions. How much is the service per month? When does the monthly rate increase and what does it increase too? And finally, Are there any cancellation fees? The Agent assured me there were no cancellation fees and I could cancel at anytime. 6 months in or 12 months in. It doesnt matter. I was pleased with all his answers and gave the Agent my credit card and signed up. 8 months later I had to unexpectedly move with very little notice, and I had no place to transfer the service too. I called Fairpoint to cancel, and the Agent said there was a cancellation fee of $80. She further explained that If I chose not to pay the $80 fee, then the promotion i was receiving ( $ 17 discounted a month ) would be back drafted and I would pay $ 17 x 8 months. She said, I had to finish out the year contract. I explained to the Agent, when I signed up, I asked about cancellation fees and was assured there were none. The Agent I was speaking to had no rank within the company so I scheduled a call back from a Manager. Ruth from Vermont called me later that day. I was completely baffled. I HAD TO RECORD HER. IT BLEW MY MIND WHAT SHE SAID. THE MANAGER RUTH CALLED ME TO TELL ME, THAT EVEN IF THE AGENT LIED, I WILL STILL BE PAYING THE $80 FEE. SHE FURTHER EXPLAINED THAT THERE WILL BE NO INVESTIGATION TO GET TO THE TRUTH. SHE WENT ON TO SAY THERE WAS NO QUALITY ASSURANCE OR RECORDED CALLS TO REFER TOO. I HAD TO ASK HER 3 TIMES TO NOT CANCEL MY SERVICE, AS SHE KEPT PUSHING FOR THE CANCELLATION. I LOVE FAIRPOINT SERVICE BUT THIS IS SECOND ISSUE IVE HAD WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BOTH TIMES IT BOILED DOWN TO MORALITY. MONTHS BEFORE THIS INCIDENT, ONE OF THE AGENTS HUNG UP ON ME, AFTER I ASKED HER WAS SHE OKAY? I WAS MEEK AS A MOUSE AND SHE HAD AN ATTITUDE THE ENTIRE TIME, AND I WAS UNABLE TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. I CALLED BACK AND SPOKE TO A MANAGER AND THEY ASSURED ME THE FROWNED UPON THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR AND " WOULD PULL THE CALL " HAHAHAHA NO QUALITY INSURANCE RIGHT. NO RECORDED CALLS RIGHT. NO INVESTIGATION RIGHT????? NO MORALS RIGHT????

I was a 29 year employee with distinguished service and your company uncermoniously presented me with a box on Jan 21st and told me I had 15 min. to leave. The most unethically way to be treated. Then on Jan. 24, you announced, with great glee, the companies emergence from bankruptcy, On top of the bonuses that were also distributed that day for your executives. Shame on you all for the damage done to so many good people on that day.

CEO Paul H. Sunu Sir my name is Steve Hatheway; I have been using your internet service for many years. I live in Paradise View at Chouteau Oklahoma. The distance is about 5 miles from the Chouteau Telephone Company. I am paying for the standard internet package that has a down load rate of 3MB per sec. I have done several DSL speed checks and my download rate is 0.5MB per sec. I have talked with Fairpoint and they say the best I can get in my area is 0.768MB per sec because of the 5 mile distance. But a repeater or two could fix some of the problem of the distance, maybe some bad lines (high resistance) or something. What I was wondering is when is our area going to be upgraded to the standard down load rate (3MB per sec). The internet is working fine there is no problem other than the distance that is knocking the speed down. Could you please upgrade our area to fix the speed problem? If there is anything that I can do to help out let me know. Thank you very for your time. Steve Hatheway 100 South River Road Chouteau Oklahoma 74337 918-4766467

As far a Fairpoint they sound just like HughesNet! They are liars and promise that you have 30 days to make sure it will work in your area and even advertise it will anywhere!! Yeah right!!! They brought the wrond dish and when I went to cancell within my 30 days they went back to the day I called not the day it was installed. Never have had the internet work and now I am in a collection agency! After endless hours on the phone with people who could barley speak English and lyed or promised me they would take care of it all the while charging my Discover account their monthly fee that I DID NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO DO!!

I live in a town just 6 miles from town, and there is a T3 line ran to our area.. but Keith McNamara, the service mgr. states that IT'S NOT PROFITABLE ENOUGH for them to upgrade our services (increase the band width) to the T3 line capacity so we get the same quality signal as those in town. Their equipment is NO NAME crap that goes out regularly. I've had my modem replace half a dozen times, they have special wireless equipment in my house, and techs have been out numerous times. Our service sucks and goes out for 24 hrs. at least once a week, usually on Fridays or Sundays. It's pretty bad when the fairpoint tech calls and says, Hey Carol, it's Tony.. is your Internet still off today... COME ON!!! I would have switched service a LONG time ago but WE ARE STUCK WITH THEM!!! They own all the lines around here and REFUSE to give Internet service without a land line phone.. $100 a month!! Unless of course you are a new customer, then you get a hell of a bundle deal.. So-called "valued customers" are stuck with the highest price possible for the WORST service on the market!!! Get your act together or let someone else buy into your lines!! We here in SO IL are sick to death of you FAIRPOINT!!!!!

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