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i want to know the problem with facebook now telling people they cant ask people they dont know but want to meet and get to know that its againist the rules i guess this is a communist run capitalist corporation since your tryin to get into china you turning like all othere money making corperation that make it big then spit on the people that want to use the site, this site is totally gettin screwed up but you dont care because you will aways make your big money, money the end to all thing stsrted out good away turn to rules of crap i glad i got to write this sign. just a poor pesent trying to have fun

Hi. My FB-account has been hacked approx. 12 hours ago. Somebody unknown to me has been chatting with four of my fb-friends. please help, what do I do? Bodil Stockflet Jørgensen Denmark

You have locked my account it has been locked for 2 months i go through all the procedures that you send to me to do and it is still locked....I need my account back please help me get it unlocked so i can use it again i have been trying for to months to get it unlocked i want it unlocked now. Please contact me asap1-616-761-3966

To the Fb company owners, Do you have any solutions regarding to all this matters complaining,Fb accounts and fake users,??? like me 3 years already, since I been searching all of my accounts, from the first months it runs smoothly,after that everything change,and I could not access anymore but I know it is still running by fake users, I could not log in to access seems they lock it already,could you please records all the data, to all who really the true owners of that accounts,to avoid to all this problem,???so many people,everyday who signed it up in your site but it is your responsibility to care your costumers who are using a true Identity or not,for my case, I was been created my accounts alone,But I wondered now my accounts so many people are using it,with out my knowledge, only one person I shared with this accounts,But now Highly people in the society,I thought before being a professionals people know how to respect,as a human being,But now I know the problem all comes from the highly people,better to deal the people in the jungle, than to deal a people in the city.Full of filthy contents inside of thier soul brain mind and hearts.

Dear Respcted sir, I have suffer facebook log in problem when i have to tried to log in my facebook acount then facebook tel me "Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable. Please log in to www.facebook.com from your computer and follow the instructions given. Please help me My contact number is +919960492378 my e mail id - alimjunior786@gmail.com

Aviso de solicitação de amizade Notamos que você enviou soliticações de amizade a pessoas que não conhece, o que não é permitido no Facebook. Somente envie solicitações de amizade a pessoas que você conheça, como colegas de escola, familiares, amigos e colegas de trabalho. Caso contrário, você poderá ser impedido de enviar solicitações de amizade. Compreendo as regras de solicitação de amizade acima RECEBÍ A NOTIFICAÇÃO ACIMA E AFIRMO QUE NÃO TENHO FEITO NADA DISSO. NÃO TENHO ENVIADO PEDIDOS PARA NINGUÉM HÁ UM BOM TEMPO E MUITO MENOS PARA QUEM NÃO CONHEÇO. PELO CONTRÁRIO EU É QUE, ÁS VEZES TENHO RECEBIDO PEDIDO DE OUTRAS PESSOAS. FAVOR VERIFICAR O QUE ESTÁ ACONTECENDO POIS NÃO CONCORDO DE FORMA ALGUMA COM ESSA NOTIFICAÇÃO. ELA NÃO PROCEDE!

Estimados amigos de Facebook, tengo problemas de entrar a mi cuenta. yo estuve en una computadora distinta por primera vez que se apoderó de mi contraseña de mi correo de hotmail la cual, gracias a Dios ya he recuperado. Por temor, cambie mi contraseña de mi cuenta de mi Facebook de la que no se habian apaderado y para que lo cambie, hasta ahora ya no puedo entrar. Ustedes me pidieron un nuevo correo y entraba en 24 horas, pero ya han pasado muchas 24 horas y no puedo entrar ni con uno, ni con otro correo. No se como escribirles mas detalladamente desde mi correo a algun correo de ustedes pero no encuentro, lo unico que encuentro son respuestas ya fabricadas, yo les pregunto a ustedes no es esto acaso una red social?, deberia de haber contacto directo con ustedes, y brindar la ayuda, les pido por favor devolverme mi cuenta, o a donde puedo escribir. Saludos desde Trujillo (Perú).

So for weeks now, Ive had problems with log ins with typing my valid password only to have my page come up as not valid. I went through security measures by changing my passwor several times, contacting Facebook only to hear back once every 2 plus weeks telling me to go to help pages with no luck angering me because I asked specific questions, and explained my problems in detail and yet I got no where with the rep from India or whatever country he was emailing me from. his name was definitely NOT from the US. Anyway, I chnged my password again tonight, wnet through security measures again verified all of my account info was mine and not changed and yet all was ok finally it said and then when i entered my email and new password i was redirected back to the log in page! Facebook is proving that its simply NOT worth the time and aggrivation!fACEBOOK EVIDENTLY DOESNT CARE TO alleviate problems and there lack of that and security and respect of peoples privacy further enhances me NOT wanting or needing Facebook!

i was on yesterday doing 1 more fb account and when i wanted to make something on sims for my lawn no house and then i noticed all my accounts got shut down for no reason and ever since i tried to put my phone number in it doesn't work where i could not get a photo request to open my account up either it should not matter how many times we use are phone number they either need to let us use it or leave are accounts alone cause im tired and tired of waiting to get my account back up and im tired i cant use my phone number when it was used ones such bs when they know who i am

Hi due to some reason,i deactivate my facebook a/c but now i want to activate it........Bt it shows error it says..........(Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. « Back to Home Facebook © 2011 · Help) helpm e as soon as u can)

My account was blocked after someone stolled ove 65,000,000 poker chips somehow crookes menage to changed my account so i could not acces with my pssword i answer many personal questions including 4 numbers of my credit card and expire date to window lieve and i was refused to regain my own account,reason, that make multiply attempt to recover my account,is that good reason for refusing to reopen my account? when i answer so many personal question that nobody could answer except the owner of the account. I forgot to aswer what idid create in my account which was Lichen and Stasia Lichen. My computer was infected and the special technitien removed virus Dec.21,2011.maybe that was the reason that i was robbed from my poker chips and with my password being changed. I am willing to send you copy of my documents to prove that i am the owner of this account. Zynga is willing to replace my chips on condition that my account will be open i have another account but they refuse to replace stollen chips to this account I lost all my important things in my mail and also my profile with 21 reinbow dice 17 pimp cup,13 horse shoe and i was champion 98 and now i start from o.PLEASE PLEASE help me to regain MY OWN ACCOUNT. my Email is stasiaszpak@hotmail.com Thank you, best regards Stanislawa.

The mobile number registered in my account is inactive , so when Facebook does security check and sends the security code in my mobile number I couldn’t get it , so how am I going to change my mobile number ? Coz I couldn’t log in because of security check procedures? pls do help me because i have all my friends contacts in it.....

my name is bisnu grg. I am very sad because my facebook is many time loged. Why? I want to to much make a friends and share my pertion, myself but my facebook is not me accept. Please give me open facebook. I can't open it. When i open my facebook that is share my number and country cod as well as thought about facebook. Please selve my facebook problems

please facebook team i have a seriuos problem about my account which is ebagayas@yahoo.es i can acces to my account i can enter it but he ask me to comfirm it and the worst thing is in my profile picture dosent appear any but when i saw it my account to other its appear a picture of me which is i never apploaded it was taken in my personal computer without my knowing please help me to open and fix it and to delete my profile picture here is my email address ballaigui@yahoo.es for further imformation regarading my problem thank you very much

i hate the new timeline facebook has introduced!! everyone i have on facebook hates it too. it makes no sense at all, if my profile gets it, i dont think i will go on facebook ever again. could you please please please delete it? FROM CHLOE.


Votre Compte HNE temporairement verrouillé. Afin de retrouver l'accès à votre compte, s'il vous plaît vous connecter à partir de ces ordinateurs que vous avez récemment utilisé: Chrome versez WinVista (6 décembre, 16h26) Chrome versez WinXP (20 novembre, 06h13) Si vous êtes incapable d'accéder à n'importe lequel de ces ordinateurs, vous pouvez . DEJA ESSAYER DE RESOUDRE CE PROBLEME REINIALISATION DE MDP ECT.. SANS SUCCES ET AU BOUT DUN MOMENT SA MA MIS VEILLER REVENIR DICI 24HEURE CAR FB MAVAIS IDENTIFIER ET MAINTENANT SA RECOMMENCE COMPTE VEROUILLER

BEWARE FACE BOOK USERS. FB CHANGED THE DEFINITION OF FRIENDS, HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS. CONVERTED FREIND REQUEST INTO MURDER AND TERRORIST WITHOUT TRIAL. BEWARE DO NOT TRY TO MAKE FRIENDS. DO NOT REACH OUT FRIENDLY LIKE. STOP LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AND BROTHER AS YOURSELF SAYS FB POLICING FRIENDSHIP POLICY. DO NOT SAYS FB MAKE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE OR FAMILY WHO MAY CLICK ON THE WRONG CHECK POINT FB DEMORALIZED VENGEFUL (FACE BOOK DEMORALIZED SPY TEAMS WHO LAYING IN WAIT PLACED A NEW LAW FRAMED BY MISCHIEF BEHIND CHECK BOX NUMBER 3 TO CATCH MEN). BEWARE LEST YOUR ACCOUNT IS STOLEN FROM YOU, LOCKED UP WITHOUT TRIAL AND THROWN INTO SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR EVER. FB ILLEGAL CHECK POINT # 6,666,666,666: (Friend Requests Are Only for People You Know It looks like you sent friend requests to people you don’t know personally, which isn’t allowed on Facebook. From now on, please only send friend requests to people you know. Otherwise, you could be suspended from sending friend requests. "box" (check this box if ) I understand the friend request rules above. (end) How does anyone make a friend then? No one is a friend then according to FB lest everyone is a violator of FB policy and jail-able. Is this why the alphabet type gangsters, cops have the highest suicide rate, wife beating rates, drug abuse rates, thier own child abuse rates? Now FB with upstart funding from the string pulling murderous rogue spy wring, alphabet gangs, AKA CIA, FBI drug money's, who know no friends themselves, have not love, practice nazi SS morals, lawless themselves, constitutional tramplers and usurpers, and bible molesters, think they can dictate God's good neighbor policy and molest God's children by dictating how to make a friend, dictate to God's children what is friendly and who are your friends. Is it possible for those who never had a friend to have knowledge of such? FB gives a gun by click and makes possible friends to become bullies who can cut a friend request into shreds and the unsuspecting requester thrown into prison without a trial. What wickedness is this. How many FB users do you know with 5,000 friends and not more than 30 could possibly be a true friend or family? I sent a friend request that was easily converted into an wickedly imagined touch and harm by hidden rules regarding how to make a friend. The requested possible soon friend is defrauded having been given a check point check box with an hidden agenda an instrument to get revenge upon the unsuspecting friendly requester with outstretched loving hand of friendship. Having been defrauded by FB's lack of moral standing the friend requested upon checks the wrong box trying to get out of the jail of friend requests page that has been blinking or glaring at them in emails and on thier FB page for their attention, so they are misled and forced by FB to return the loving friend request, but not knowing they check it and make it an offense and attack, jail-able, solitary confined able, a revenge able not friendly anymore, but an attack, not a request, but a blunt blow. How can you convert a friendly friend request into an all out attack and touch and harm. You cannot unless you are wickedly imagining spy type deceptions all day long just as FB undercover agents do pulling the strings behind Face Books mask that is deceptive again. The alphabet gangs, spy wring convert things out of friendly air, So friendly open hearted looking for new friends becomes revengeful hateful hurtful to all, all by being provoked by demoralized FB spy teams to being led and having clicked on one of FB gestapo check point rat, snitch, false witness to convert your poor neighbor to violator click points. The results of which are sending my request for friendship into a Court of treason, containing, No Judge, No jury, No representation, yet a conviction and a Jailed account into solitary confinement for the duration. How long will my account be detained without trail? Will it remain in solitary, until I worship the CIA run FB antichrist, anti-friend rules framed by mischief? So to the spy's who blinded by thier many usurpation's cannot see they have touched and harmed God's anointed Psalms 105: 9-21. I am illegally being forced at gunpoint, after my account has been stolen from me, withheld without trial forced into yet another binding contract to enter into the hidden agenda of Nazi SS internet socialism. I do not agree nor will I comply with the spy's ploys behind all of this wickedness. Here again is the illegal demand from Face Book to comply or forever be cast out of your own account: Friend Requests Are Only for People You Know It looks like you sent friend requests to people you don’t know personally, which isn’t allowed on Facebook. From now on, please only send friend requests to people you know. Otherwise, you could be suspended from sending friend requests. (check this box if) I understand the friend request rules above

I have a fb id. Bt i forgot my password.n i can't access my account.i have tried many time.bt i cant

Dear Sir, My account is blocked from the beginning, One or two days open again blocked. Why is this can you explain me.I think some one disturbing me. If my problem let me which can do. I will ensure you that is never will done by me.Please you can open my account.I can not know what is my Rating. Thanks Rishi Das

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