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Face book keeps blocking me for adding friends and family I'm getting sick of it I'm about to file a law suit against facebook so please un block me take the 30 days block off I have to stay in touch with family I'm in college billyvanbibberf@yahoo.com

My ac Panjeree Payel was registered at first with my family no 01711032676. Then i downloaded 'facebook mobile' service in my mobile for browsing faster. They asked me for registrating the id at first for using it. But as a matter of fact, unintentionaly, registered the id with a phone no that i did not use for opening the id. The no is 01812653275. Now i can't log in my id with any one of these no. Now i want that Facebook corporation will close the id 'Panjeree Payel' for ever. ......Panjeree Payel from Bangladesh.

my acct is not allowing me to log in because its sending a code to an old phone number. i've since switched to a new number and it wont let me switch numbers bc to do so you must be logged in which it won't let me without the code....how do i get on my fb???

face book let andy jusuf hack me and take all my face book pages face book does nothing to protect me they let hackers steal our pages and our money they let them hack my pages and they are still on andeejay g ciccone is andy jusuf i made him that page i hate this shit they that all my page but andy has 200 fake pages he claims he works for madonna but he dont he is a hacker he is now lady gaga hacking people on face book as lady gaga

my facebook was hacked and my zynga poker chips were all stolen, I reported it then went through the security measures to secure my account again...no I cant log on to zynga through facebook...i can on my phone but not on my computer....then i got an email from facebook saying my zynga poker has been restricted....what the heck does that mean and how do i unrestrict it??

Want to know how the owner is a billionaire when there is so many bugs in this facebook.How many times do people dump money into these zinga games and turn around and they are missing money out of there city cash like in cityville. I mean even in a game somebody has to be jewish? When it comes to getting free stuff out of these games there always seems to be an error also. Facebook is not free, in fact i pay for internet and hundreds of businesses on f.b and they make money off of me. Im sure the founders won´t be to happy when someone hacks into their bank accounts and decides to send their money non stop to different accounts. DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU, ´´CAUSE ONE DAY IT BITES BACK!!!

Do you check out your sponsors? Do they deliver their products to their customers? The answer is NO. I ordered from an ad on facebook. I got NO product. They are still advertising on facebook. How many others will be cheated, scammed out of their money before something is done? Who much more money will they steal?

Facebook administration please enable my facebook account,this account is my life.I have many friends with which I'm able to contact only by facebook! facebook is my life and if my account is disabled,so am I too.please it would be my golden pleasure if you enable my facebook account name is -your name-, and describe your profile picture

i am unable to make a id on face book with a first name lucky despite my name is lucky singh can u suggest me for needfull.please a line of confirmation will be highly appreciated

I have been trying for the past 3 hours to delete my Facebook account. I keep clicking on the delete buttons at various sites that Faceebook sent me to but to no avail. This Facebook thing is like being in jail. Once you are on it you can never get off. I have failing eyesight and want out immediately. Anyone know what I can do next? Obviously the Facebook website does not allow one to leave. Thanks

I haver been trying for several days now to log into my facebook account. It is telling me I have to verify it with a pass code. Everytime I try to get a call with the number it tells me that it is busy and to try in a few minutes. After a few trys it says that I have tried too many times.

On Friday, November 18th, 2011 at approximately 3:40 am, I received a message on my cell phone to log back into my facebook account. I attempted to log in from my cell phone twice. I made sure I entered the password correctly. On the second attempt, it stated that I should "try again later". I proceeded to get out of bed and log in from my desktop computer. When I couldn't log in successfully, I requested to reset my password. I then logged in successfully, and that is when I noticed that my account was hacked. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN IF MY PASSWORD IS SECURED? Everything on my account has been lost. I have proceeded to re-acquire my friends. Four things have bothered me about this incident. #1 - The person who hacked my account, Justo Malakian (or Rama Lie) is constantly logging in to my account. #2 - This incident happened the day after a lifelong friend of mine from high school (26 years ago) finally contacted me after not being in touch with each other for over 7 years. Now, I can't find her because I deleted the email notification I received from facebook. She has a very common Mexican name so finding her is next to impossible. #3 - All of my games have been removed and all the progress I made on these games I played are lost. #4 - The person that hacked my account made an attempt to purchase game tokens with a credit card I used on a previous purchase earlier in the month. I would like someone within your organization to attempt to reset my account to the last known UNCORRUPTED or UN-HACKED account status. I have pictures and messages that I would like to keep. This is very disturbing. Your help feature tells me how to "recover" my account (which I have already done) but this "recover" only allows me to regain my account with no friends, no apps, no games, no pics, NOTHING!!!!!! In my mind "recover" means to regain control of my account with everything in tact (all of my friends, apps, games, pics, EVERYTHING). Please contact me at fuzzzster32m@yahoo.com

I recently was playing zynga texas holdem poker on facebook,well my zynga got hacked lost all my chips,my facebbok was hacked and then my yahoo email.Now i cant sign into either and have no way of retrieving a new password for my yahoo email so I can get a new password for facebook.What do I do?

I can't sign into my Facebook account because it tells me to enter the code that was sent to my cell phone.But I no longer have that number.How can I sign into my Facebook?My email is weston_and_keonnas_mom@yahoo.com

Can not log into my facebook page. FB keeps telling me to verify my account by entering in the code thatwas sent to my home phone number That number was disconnected 2 days ago. Set-up a new email address to get the "code" to reactivate since FB is not sending the reactiviation code to the email listed. I've been trying for hours. When setting up the email account, FB asked me a security question. It's not mine. How do I know? It is asking for the name of my first grade teacher. I skipped first grade. Seriously. Can you help me get back into my page? Thank you, Vicki Howell, dfwgrlfrnd@aol.com

Security question to get back on my page is not mine. It is asking me for the name of my first grade teacher. I did not go to first grade, I was skipped. Please help me get back on. Thank you, Vicki Howell...dfwgrlfrnd@aol.com

I have deleted my app created for timeline 4 weeks ago, but today i found the timeline back in my profile again and as i dont have any app how can i remove or disable the timeline :(

I'm hopeing to get help. My gifts on Farmville. On Facebook. The whole consumption is not working. My friends arent getting their gifts. I get the requests there is where the trouble comes in. It starts loading bypassing the names. And not loading right. The gifts are pileing up on me. I need this fix. ASAP. Thanks.

some one made a fake profile under my name and is harrsing me!!!!!! after tey where "Done' harrassig me they blocked me so no i cant even report them! please help. i know who it is too. ijsut want her to leave me alone!

The week of Dec 1 2011..Someone is adding FLASHPLAYER to members pages and stating that you need to download FLASHPLAYER in order to view friends music videos and utube uploads. I checked the facebook announcement page. There is no official notice that people need flashplayer to view. I believe its being stuck on pages and items and if you download a worm will be passed into the members page where they will be hacked. I would like to help FACEBOOK catch the hackers they are based in and around PARK FOREST IL ANd the south side of Chicago. They have targeted and attacked me many times over the past several years. They hide under an entity known as EN_US.. it is not a us authorized company .. they were hackers and criminals. and htey force changes into the Web addresses so you cannot get the real and true sign on pages to login , and they steal your passwords and deny you access. I tried very hard to report this to fBI chciago and I got little or no response as far back as 5 years ago because my money wasnt stolen on the computer.. They also put in phony news links and redirections to mess up all real and offical commerical webpages.. I would like that REMOVED FROM MY PAGE .. and or YOU NEED TO OFFICALLY NOTIFY MEMBERS.. I tell people NOT TO DO THE DOWNLOAD

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