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They were eating and fooling around like I was in a room full of animals! The manager didn't seem to mind it seemed. she thought it was quite humors . Naples mall very disappointed !!

Bad Business

Very bad business - this is the 3rd and finial time we will do business with this company. This time we made our purchase and paid extra for a 2 year warranty. After trying unsuccessfully 6 times to enter the warranty information online as directed I called the store and had to waste my time and gas to go back to the store Only to find out that FYE never reported to the warranty company that we purchased the extended warranty. Now we have to jump through hops to get this resolved. ?Very BAD business Practice.

Bad Company

I am getting so sick and tired of this company hounding people too buy the backstage pass! Once mine expires I am not coming back! These managers are mean and rude, this company need too keep their employess in line I am talking about bloomingdale,

Excellent customer service

I often eat lunch in the gallery in Philadelphia on my day off and i visit this store each time. I visit this store because of the level of great service that i receive each and everytime i am in this store. Store is always clean, staff excellent and items very affordable.

Never had any trouble with this store at all, if Item is defective, clerks or manager are happy to replace or give credit. Cheapest way to purchase items, can't beat their pricing, and is fun to dig to see what can be found. Have spent a great deal money here, to stock our video collection and will continue to do so.

Offensive Music playing in store

I took my 11 year old daughter to the Colonie Center FYE tonight so she could purchase a DVD with her allowance money at about 6:30 pm. The featured song and video that was playing overhead and on video screen were very offensive and degrading. I asked the retail clerk to please change the music, explaining how I was with my 11 year old, and she explained that she couldn't, how corporate office selects the overhead store music. I will not shop there again, would have walked out tonight except I promised my daughter she could buy a particular DVD there tonight (before we actually arrived at the store). Store selection very cheap and bad taste. Corporate office stooping very low. (another customer there nodded at me when he overhead me complain about the selection of music. it, the music and video were borderline pornographic)

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