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hostile cashier at Seal Beach Mobile franchise

Do not ever go and spend even one penny at this gas station. I have never experience such cruelty at any store or business in this country. Mobile franchise at Seal Beach Blvd in Seal Beach DO NOT BUY YOUR GAS OR ANYTHING THERE! They should go out of business.

customer service

Been trying to contact mobil by phone or email. Site won't work and can't leave a message on the phone. Corporate apparently has the same poor customer service as their stores, and have just lost a 27 year customer for their lack of effort to resolve my problem.

poor service

The mobile forced me to buy a car wash I did not want and treatened to call the police on me when I protested. The man was rude and tried to intimadate me because I was a woman and a senior. I tried to contact the store manager and corporate with no luck. You have lost a 27 year customer to QT for your lack of response. They know how to treat people with respect.

unbranded and valero gas in exxon tanks

I sent you an email about 3 weeks ago that I have proof of lehigh gas not upholding the exxon fuel agreement of exxon gas in the tanks at my location. I have proof of valero gas being put in the tanks on oct.8, 2012. 2000 gallons to be exact. That is just one example. Do you not care? I bet your consumers would. I would appreciate some kind of responce back.

car broke down after putting exxon gas

I went to Exxon gas station on fords n.j I have a brand new dodge charger which is runs perfectly and today when I got gas as soon as the dude was done pumping gas I went to start my car and my car wouldn't start I forced to keep it on by stepping on the gas pedal but it just went off on me. I had to call a towing company to take my car to the dealer's service to find out that the gas fron Exxon is a really bad quality gas. Super madddd!!!

car tag broke off

I go to this exxon quite often and it happens so that when using the car wash it broke my tag cover off and the manager was really rude he said i dont know how it happened and how do i know it happened in there i said cause it wasnt like that before i went in there cause i check my car before i get in it every day so i said you need to pay for it or my lawyer will get in contact with you soon. Therefore you have a defective car wash it says no antennas not car tag covers.so i will never go there any more.

car tag broke off

To whom it may concern i tammy winters am writing this complaint about exxon when getting my car washed at the exxon on ordinance rd the car wash had broken my purple ravens tag cover off of my tagand the manager is so inconsiderate that he wont do nothing about it but someone needs to cause its their place to replace it r my lawyer will get in contact with you guys this is rediculous

I stopped in exxon at 1225 Broadway in Houston, Tx. was gonna get some hot dogs but i didnt because that grill was really nasty, so i went to use the restroom (which was not well stocked) while i was in there the store clerk come banging on the door 3 times rushing me out of their and said there was other people waiting to get in and she was rude about it. when i came out there was nobody waiting to get in then she told me she thought something happened i was in there so long, i was not in there more than 15 min and there was no call for her rudeness. i did not see her greet anybody. i thk if she cant do her job any better than that she should be fired, for 1 for rudeness to a customer and 2 not keeping store very clean

I visited one of your stations in oceanside ca, 9/2/2012 I paid with my debit card, and was still charged for credit price, I spoke to one other cust and he complained about the same problem, I approached the clerk and in a very rude manor he stated. (IF IT'S NOT GREEN CASH IT'S ALL THE SAME), now I know when you pay with debit and its not credit its the same as cash, how many of your other stations are doing the same thing, please responded, as I would like a response, before I move forward with this issue. Thank you Jerry Garber

I was hired at an Exxon on the spot four days ago. No application, no new hire paperwork, no social security number or drivers license given. The manager worked me five and half hours, sexually harassing me the entire time. Needless to say, I never returned. I want to get this man fired so that he cannot do this to any other girls in the future.

I went to the Exxon at 18335 gulf freeway Webster tx, 77598. On their store window they said they were open 24/7. But tonight as I was driving home from main event, running low on gas, I pulled in to get gas and they had turned off the pumps and even after pleading with them through the call window they said they were "closed" and wouldn't help us what so ever. I hope who ever is in charge of that Exxon gets fired. Sincerely, pissed off.

Today while visiting the Exon Station on the corner of Ridgedale and Columbia Turnpike,in Florham Park, New Jersey, I found the attendant rude, hostile and a wise guy. He is extremely immature and comfrontational. With the price people have to pay for gas you would think they might get some courteous service.

Walked in and witnessed young staff selling cigars to a minor and never checked his ID. I told him the customer didn't look 21 and he smiled and shook his head no but said nothing. I paid for my gas, went to my car and documented which station it was as I was traveling. Guess they want to be fined? Rude and above the law... guess they won't be in business long! I give them NO stars

I have been going to the same Exxon for almost a year and now they want to tell me that I must pay 10.00 to break a hundred. They have never required that before and i want to know why now it begins. To me its bullshit I will never go to this store again. They have lost another customer. Maybe they should make their employees take a course in customer service because they need to learn that the customer is always right. I went to sales college and that was one of the main focal points. To everyone else God bless and have a great day!

Exxon Mobil fired me after I developed Eiplepsy. My doctor returned me to work, and an un-educated regular doctor said I was unfit for duty. I was an operator, so I did climb and watch equipment, unload trucks, ect. I have never been hurt, and always had good evaluation's. People have no illness's have gotten hurt all over the plant, what about them??? They treat people with other illness's differently, even though the illness's are closely linked to Epilepsy. Why??? If you work for {this company DO NOT BE HONEST it will get you fired.

I bought some cakes(honey buns, powdered donuts, sweet cinnamon rolls, and zingers with creme filling) on 6/4/2011 from The Filling Station at 1625 Hwy 1 S, Greenville, MS 38701. After getting home my husband began to take a bite out of the cinammon rolls. Low and Behold, it was stale. We drove 10 miles to return the cakes to the store for a refund. I was just in time because the clerk Keisha was just leaving at 10pm. Guess who was coming in on the night shift to relieve her, her husband. I really feel that this husband and wife team compromises the integrity of the station. However, the clerk, Keisha, was just leaving and I stated to her that the cakes were stale. I also showed her that there was no expiration dates on the bakery items. Keisha stated that the certain vendors never has placed expiration dates on the bakery items. I told her that was not fair to the customer and it compromises the integrity of the transaction. What if the vendor decides to sell you old stuff. You would not know the difference. She told me that her manager gets upset when they exchange something, and I would have to wait to come back and see the manager on the morning of 6/5/2011. I stated to her that gas was high and didn't feel like it was fair to me to have to drive back to the store. It was not my fault there was no expiration date on the cakes. After all why would you sell baked items with no expiration date. I told her that I would file a complaint and left to go get in my car. Keisha was parked in front of the store when I got there. She had her kids in the car. Guess what during this hold ordeal they were behind the counter and running around the store. (Reveiw the store camera, it's all on tape) After getting to the car, I told my husband about what was said. He went inside the store to ask the husband and wife team to call the manager to get a refund. The gentleman ( don't know his name but he comes in at 10pm and relieve his wife.) I guess my husband was too demanding and the wife, Keisha, eventually said and I quote, "Her ass shouldn't have bought it." This couple was very rude and unprofessional. My husband stated to her how can she work with the public with an attitude like that. I will not purchase anything else from Exxon Stores. The address is: 1625 Hwy 1 South, Greenville, MS 38701. mistyred147@yahoo.com


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