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Did not honor their product

I bought a round trip flight to SFO to Turkey which, I was notified after my credit card was charged, would not be honored by Expedia. I spent the better part of one day on hold, was not called back as promised, and given the ultimate corporate run-around. Worst phone customer service EVER! Don't use Expedia.

Rude as F***

I work in the customer service industry and if I treated people the way the way that they treat people I would not have a job. They do not listen. They cut you off in the middle of sentences. Their record keeping is mind-boggling. All I can say is come on guys. Get your act together. You will catch more flies with honey than you will vinegar.


Absolutely Horrible. They have outsourced their customer service. Changed my flights to the wrong dates and want to charge me again to change the dates to the correct dates. Put me on hold for over an hour because they don't want to speak with me.

Terrible Business Model

This company is doomed. They provide such terrible service that they can't possibly survive as a business. How they compute there costs is baffling and recommend you look closely at what your being charged for. If your not careful they will cheat you. Go elsewhere.

Horrible experience. Booked a hotel, credit card got charged. When I got to the hotel, no booking from expedia, no room available. Never expedia again.

Cancellation of Booking

Booked for an internationl arifare ticket on 5/27/2013, GOT confirmation and my card was charged but hours later expedia canccelled the booking citing that the airline is to blame for not issuing a ticket for my trip since the fares had gone up.This is not acceptable.

birthday getaway ruined

I booked an all exclusive trip for may 31 my 50th birthday For the ritz carlton hotel in montego bay jamica on may 14,2013 I called to checke my reservation when i was informed That my hotel was not booked but flight was in addtion my money Was not refuned intil today which is not on my card yet, I was futher told that there are no more rooms i have guest Coming that are staying at the ritz. My 50th birthday Is ruined because of a incomptent worker. Please fix this asap.

Rude Rude and Rude

Never expect a good customer service ever from this company. I spent about $10,000 with the company on multiple trips. Every time I called Expedia, about 4 times, regarding my travel, was NEVER treated with respect or with professional attitude. Their reps are so rude, lazy, and irresponsible. Should have spent my travel money with other companies other than Expedia. I don't get paid to write this review or receive any benefits, but my own time to write this review. Take my word, or you can prove what I said by experiencing bad customer service. I am so serious about it.

Good Morining Mumbai

Life would be so much easier, if you could actually connect to Customer Support, and stay connected. Making the initial booking worked well enough - discovering that we have three seats allocated and only two flying, and only two being paid for - this will provide an interesting outcome upon check in.

Upped my charged while on the phone!!!

While I was making 2 sets of reservations for the same trip, one couples charge was upped $100!!!! Can you believe it? Over the time of a few minutes, I was charged another $100 for the same trip, same airline, same hotel, same everything! Sounds like some rep. just pocketed his own BONUS!!! What is going on Expedia? I've never had so much trouble! And, never again!!!

BAD customer service

I booked flight a year ago but i had to cancel due to family emergency.Representative said they will not refund the money can give credit for future travel .I contacted them to use my credit but they refuse and declined .It was $1543.00 this not a small amount at this time .


I recently booked a hotel through this company and will never do so again! I was treated rudely by customer service and my complaints about the poor quality of the hotel was dismissed. When I originally contacted choice hotels about the comfort inn I stayed at, they informed me that there have been many complaints about this hotel. Given this information, I have two questions. Why would Expedia still use this hotel for their customers and why would they not have the courtesy to refund my money after such a horrible experience. I saved for months for this vacation. It was supposed to be a relaxing getaway for this stressed single mom. I left more stressed than I arrived.

Reservation change

I reserved a room for a friend for their birthday and he called me today to say he could not use the room and I called you company to explain the situation and all I ask was for the room to be changed from one Hyatt regency Milwaukee to Minneapolis Hyatt regency. They are telling me no and I have to keep my original reservation. After I called the hotel I was informed that they would not have a issue with it but it was up to your company to make the changes. After calling back to your company talking to 4 reps and a supervisior I they still will not change my reservation paid in full. You will never have my business again and I think that is very poor business practice. Thank you

Promises, Promises

We had booked and paid for through Expedia an Ocean View room at the RIU Santa Fe more than six months in advance. Upon arrival, we were told that they had overbooked the Ocean View rooms and all they had left were Garden View rooms. We were traveling in a rather large group (20+) but had each booked our reservations separately. It’s hard to believe that none of us would receive an Ocean View room. We were told that they would notify Expedia and a refund of the difference would be given at the end of the trip. They were not very apologetic and had a “there’s nothing we could do” attitude. We were then asked to sign a waiver that this is what we agreed to and that no further legal action would be taken against the RIU or Expedia. We had made no other accommodations in Mexico so we really didn’t have a choice and would make the best of it even though we were not happy with the situation. When returning home and calling to verify the refund, neither Expedia nor the hotel were very helpful in delivering on what they had promised. We had to jump through hoops to prove that we did not receive the Ocean View room. Each family had gone through the same frustrations with different Expedia agents. I’m very disappointed in Expedia and the RIU Santa Fe Resort in their customer service in this matter. We had found out that others had experienced the same and to add injury to insult, we were sent an email to “rate our stay” and when sending in our displeasure, Expedia would not post until the comments were edited (there was no profanity, just stated our negative experience). Needless to say, we will not be using either service in the future. I’m not the type to write reviews but I’m hoping our experience will caution others as Expedia and RIU are not honest when they only post positive reviews.

Impossible to apply for a job with this company's website

I tried applying for a career at the company's Bellevue office online. Unfortunately no matter how many times I create a user profile on their webpage it mysteriously vanishes. And judging by the customer service reviews it gives me an indication where this company will be headed in the near future

private information released

We booked a flight, room and airport pickup from Expedia and right before our trip get a phone call from some company with all our travel information, home phone number ,etc. trying to sell us activities and pick up service from the airport. After talking to Expedia today no one seems to know who called me. Could be the hotel or car service and now the number where the call came from does not work. Scary.

Wrong information online

Expedia company and some other company online says high desert motel JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK. Real business name is only "High desert motel",it confuse to innocent people who gets off 7 miles away from national park.It is illegal to give false information.

Horrible Policy and service

Going through the process of getting a room and then securing the room with a credit card was the worst of all customer experiences. Your policies are tantamount to robbery. I was not able to make a change without paying. I see no service in that kind of policy. I will never use this service again. I will make sure to tell my friends and co-workers how poorly I was treated by this company. If i could have given it Expedia a negative rating, I would have.

Disgusting customer service and corporate ethics

They authorized my card even though I told them I didnt want to book anymore and then I spent 5 hours on the phone and they did nothing for me and all they wanted to to was $100 expedia credit. I will never use them again and I will pass on to everyone I know to never book through expedia. I work in the hospitality industry and this service was appalling.

The worst possible customer service. It took over 6 hours on the phone to resolve what should have been a 20 minute booking.

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