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worst service in world

please do not book with this company there customer service is terrible an they try to rip u off put hold on money they have no buisness to an then cant tell u why then they dont want to talk to you

Look at your reviews

Look at your reviews and open your eyes. Every one of them is bad. Doesnt this tell you something? Please do something to help future customers

Great customer service

Book with expedia a lot of times . and if I will be having problems , the customer service representatives are always assisting me .


I booked a hotel in NY with Expedia by mistake and then called the hotel to see what they would charge for the same room. It was $35 cheaper and I called Expedia and they told me because I booked the hotel as a guest and not a permanent user, they could not match the price !! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I have spent 20 minutes on the phone going form person to person to try and resolve this and the are refusing. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!

Rude customer service and charging more than the hotel itself

Expedia customer service is the worst! I spoke to a supervisor tonight about getting a refund because the rate I saw on their website was not what I was charged. I was charged more and when I call the hotel front desk the room is less expensive than booking through Expedia. Now dies that make sense. I want my money back ASAP! Don't play with me Expedia. I want every dime BACK.

Bad Business

I will never use them again. They are not very profession nor knowledge. Charge my card when I did not make reservations with them.

double charging of flight

Terrible Service!!! Had booked a package last March 2013 two way flights and a hotel. Palawan to Manila. When i reviewed my credit card billings i was shocked that my flights had been charged twice by the Expedia Sg and the Airlines. Had spoke with almost 4 agents, need to hung up for 30-1hr just to check regarding with the case and told that it will be refunded by the Airlines. But sad to say it was been almost 4months still no refund like nothing happened. Dont trust this company especially expedia singapore so lousy.

Please do not book with his company. I beg you-

This company is a rip off, please read all the reviews and you will see how they are ripping people off. Lets make a stand and not use Expedia anymore . Go to Hotels.com where at least they help with issues that can arise when booking trips. I have spent over 5 hours to get a supervisor on the phone for him to tell me I may or may not get a refund on a reservation I didn't cancel. It's sad please don't use this company..

Issue Resolve

I'd have to say my day was a total nightmare dealing with Expedia representatives,but after I got corporate involved they were super helpful in catering to my issue & needs at hand. I am very grateful to Ally at the corporate office...Thanks so much!

Do Not Trust Expedia

I booked my trip through Expedia. Arranged to have a car at the airport. It did not show. Expedia said it was my problem. Customer service in Central America. They were very hard to understand and did not give a darn about leaving a family at the airport without the car that had been paid for six months prior. I can not say enough horrible things about Expedia's customer service. I wish they had negative stars and that I could give them lower than a 1 star. They deserve no stars at all.


They ruined my wedding night!!!!!!! I asked them to change my booking date for June 22nd instead of June 19th. The hotel not only refused to give me a room, they penalized me for expedia's mistake! I was out of $97.97 on my wedding night!!! I have talked to 9 different people, been hung up on 6 times and only one supervisor was willing to give me my money back for a hotel room I never got to use. Still no money has been credited back to my account and this was almost 2 weeks ago!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!


This company is the abject pits. Rude customer service and impossible to deal with. I agree with all of the above!!!

Customer Service USA

Tried to call Expedia for advice re a 'plane journey while is USA; booking made in UK. After interminable period "on hold" the US "adviser" said that I had to call UK. Gave me a number and told me it was "toll free". It wasn't! Being "on hold' for UK office for more than 40 minutes and being cut off twice when I did connect with someone resulted in a telephone bill of more than $250! I have since been told by a UK expedia agent that the US office should have transferred my call internally at no cost to me. When it works, Expedia is OK -but don't have any problems, especially if you are in the US.

Biggest rip off company I have ever dealt with

Made a reservation at hotel on Panama City beach. Expedia moved us to a different hotel 20 minutes away from the beach because they had overbooked the first hotel. When I called to get a refund they charged me one night's stay at the hotel where they moved us. Then they kept me on hold for over 2 hours never talking to me before eventually hanging up.

Unacceptable Service, RipOff

If I could give less than one star I would. Without wasting time on details I will just say after using Expedia for several times a week I will no longer use them again. They ruined my reservation. I am paying over $160 for Westgate Palace for a room I never got to stay in. I spent over an hour and half trying to resolve this after Expedia acknowledged that their employee dropped the ball and essentially lied to me. I will also never give any Westgate properties my $ again. Both companies totally screw me and their lack of customer service and business ethics cost them a very good customer. I want everyone to know about their poor business practices.

Poor Service

I spent 4 hours on the phone line trying to schedule a trip from Louisville to Atlantic City New Jersey. Within than 4 hours 3 different attendants scheduled a flight but I notice the plane was not getting me Atlantic City. They came to the conclusion there was no flight . My husband lost his credit because they refused to extend his traveling date therfore they wanted us to go somewhere else since the flight they scheduled to Atlantic New Jersey did not really exist with them. Poor customer service. No allowance made for their mistakes.

don't waste your money

Expedia sucks, don't book with them they will offer something online and give you something else. I booked a flight to Miami to Church Hill Hotel. I ended up in a hotel named C-Crown which is a residential building and not a hotel. I was offered a ocean front view room and was given a room with a construction building in front. Experia messed up my honey moon and never mind customer service at the corporate level. Was offered a $200. coupon but was never given so.

Worst TV Commercial ever!!!

very disappointing to see two "lesbians" kissing and cuddling in a prime time TV show..nothing to do with Expedia corporative objectives or purpose!! Disgusting and very bad low taste.. never using Expedia again and talking everybody about your twisted marketing... loosing customers for political and mental corruption of the society!!! :( :S

Just Ridiculous

I was considering booking a flight and hotel with this company for a trip to Europe today. I'm a 23 year old male strict Catholic and saw their commercial promoting homosexuality. I am very offended and will never book with them and will encourage all my friends to do the same.

Our Loyalty means Nothing

Antonio and Gary B claims to bear the title of Corporate Supervisors for Expedia, but they don't act like one. They belittled me throughout our conversations and made me feel like the loyalty my husband and I gave them this past decade was worth nothing. Even if you're an "Elite Member" you are treated like you're a nobody. I'm in tears while writing this because I can't believe no one can hear us out on a Corporate Level. We have supported several companies, but Expedia by far is the worst from Customer Relations to Core Competencies. And for the record, no $25 coupon can win us back. To outsource your customer service outside the US is also a slap in our face. American people need jobs too.

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