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I had the same thing happen to me as this guy did. (Expedia's agents give me an EXTRAORDINARILY hard time towards cancelling the flight. They put me on hold accumulately for more than SEVEN hours dialing through China Eastern Airline offices. Whenever I asked to speak to a supervisor the agent would redirect my attention towards contacting the airline myself, not try to get me through the higher management figure to help me solve the issue.) IT'S TIME TO BRING THE JOBS BACK TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

I booked a trip with expedia to disneyland the happiest place in the world but for us it was a nightmare. We booked through 1800 expedia and talked to an agent who barely spoke english who I would like to call a dump truck I advised her I needed a rm with no smoking I hv kids she confirmed till I got my email confirmation stating it is a smoking rm I called spoke with different agents which I basically told there was nothing they could do so we had to end up payinbg the hotel $50.00 more to change to a non smoking rm. I also was put on hold for long periods of time and when I asked for a supervisor I was hung up on totally unprofessional I am an operator myself so I know what they do is b.s and gives my profession a bad name. Also our friends that went with us booked through expedia and they were charged twice so when I called them to see why I was put on hold for a very longtime switched to several different operators so I had to explain the situation over and over which really pissed me off then when I finally talked to someone and they said they could not refund it wasn't our mistake it was the agent why should we hv to pay for it I asked for a supervisor once again I was hung up on so I had to call back over and over which really ... Cont

Friends of ours booked through u guys as well and were charged twice it was a hassle to get it corrected spent several hrs talked to incompetent operators told by them we could not get a refund even though it was the agents incompetence finally talked to a supervisor who did correct it your company is a scam and u r ripping us off mr expedia your company sucks and I will never use expedia again and I will let other know. How u r still in business blows my mind

Worst company ever. OVER charged my credit card and told me they couldn't fix it. BS! ~ No one answers the telephone or someone who doesn't speak or understand english does! Great. Even VISA can not believe that I'm going through this!

THANK YOU for getting back to me,,, I am however VERY disappointed in the entire experience with Expedia. The Hotel we were booked at had not been cleaned even after we went out to purchase bleach cleaner and disinfectant to help the overall smell of the place.Nothing will help finding pubic hair in the bathroom. On the 4th night, my son looked under the bed and found the missing remote for the TV (we had to got to the office to request one).. Well NOW we have two he said...He also found an empty condom wrapper. Thank goodness I was able to get it to the trash before my 7 year old found someway to play with it.!!!!! The bed was made each day, but poorly enough that I found my kids socks in the sheets--- instead of making the bed, the cleaning person just pulled the blankets up to meet the pillows. The furniture looked as though it had been in a bar fight, and I found it in my best interest to make note of it to the cleaning lady so we wouldn't be blamed for it. The tile that was the stairwell to the hotel hadn't been cleaned in a very long time...This was obvious due to the footprints left on the white tile of the bathroom floor after coming in from the pool. (a nice pool I admit) I feel that the tile could have been cleaned more often since I observed the locals urinating next to the ice machine. AT LEAST THAT AREA SHOULD HAVE BEEN WASHED, OR HOSED DOWN!!!!!! Now that was the hotel. The car we ended up with was great!!!! Of course it was not what was booked. I booked an economy car, KNOWING my 6'1" son would not fit into a compact (we drive an explorer at home and thought he could handle a 4 door economy for a few days) BUT THERE WAS NO ECONOMY CARS AVAILABLE WHEN WE GOT THERE. ONLY COMPACTS OR LARGER. So we were left to spend another $400.00 to get the least expensive car available. This turned out to be a 2011 (some sort of super car???) don't care what type it was - didn't matter ( I was pissed that it meant we were not going to the MOSI in the area because the car blew our budget!!!! On the first night of our stay, my husband did call Expedia to relay our concern for the lack hospitality and was told that they could refund our payment for the car but it would take up to 7 days. Great do that! I still wouldn't get to got to see MOSI. Still haven't seen any refund to my bank account either. Was this just something said to get him to not complain???? Overall I was quite disappointed in the Expedia service. I think there should be someone to look into the places you use and make sure its not a slum area and just clean!! Or not being taken for a more money ride without compensation!! I will be expecting a $400.00 refund to my account for the car I didn't want. And an apology for the lack of interest in the accommodations that are booked site unseen. The internet photos of the rooms are on a good day (how about a photo of an average day) what it really looks like. I am not speaking from an unrealistic point of view. I have in the past, worked in the hotel (beachside) industry and know that vagrants will do what they will. BUT THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO NOT CLEAN UNDER BEDS OR TO NOT HOSE DOWN URINE BESIDE THE ICE MACHINES! I am very disappointed with the life lessons my kids had to learn over vacation (that I booked through Expedia) Thank you for your time, I WILL be expecting some reply to this email, Have a great day.

Expedia - my experience is too long to put down here - just the pits. There is a FedEx overnighted letter on its way to Mr Durchslag today. For others who may be interested, his address is 333 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 Tel 425 679 7200.

Last night I used Expedia to book a trip costing a total of $1,770.00 dollars. Upon hitting the SUBMIT button, I received a message that stated "Sorry, we are unable to complete your booking". However, I immediately checked my checking account online and lo and behold, there was already a charge for $1,770.00, even though I never received a confirmation of the booking. I called Expedia Customer Service, spending roughly 4 hours on the phone speaking with various customer service reps in India, who although for the most part speak decent English, they seem to have no interest in resolving your problem. Two supervisors did hang up on me, when I pressed for a solution. Now I find myself with no ticket and no money to book another one with a different provider. Expedia has a hold on the funds ($1,770.00) and such funds will not be available for the next 72 hours or longer. Expedia refuses to admit that this problem is their responsibility and I find myself in non man's land: NO MONEY, NO TICKET. Tiem is ticking away and chances are that the ailines tickets will increase in price, not to mention the fact that these funds were earning insterest in the checking account. I find this situation to be completely UNACCEPTABLE. I urge Expedia President SCOTT DURCHSLAG, to make this situation a priority and book my trip at the stated price of $,1,770.00 dollars o refund the money RIGHT NOW. I honestly would prefer to first option. Mr. DURCHSLAG, if you happen to read this message, I would appreciate it if you contacted me with an answer and a satisfactory solution to my problem. My e-mail address is kckate11@gmail.com. Signed Katie.

I've been using Expedia for years to book international flights. Recently, I booked two tickets for my parents. However, my dad's visa got cancelled (not like we've expected the cancellation), so I have to cancel his flight because of the unexpected visa cancellation. Expedia's agents give me an EXTRAORDINARILY hard time towards cancelling the flight. They put me on hold accumulately for more than SEVEN hours dialing through China Eastern Airline offices. Whenever I asked to speak to a supervisor the agent would redirect my attention towards contacting the airline myself, not try to get me through the higher management figure to help me solve the issue. The agents also tried to confuse me with the time difference between China and US, so that i probabely wouldn't know which office to call. Besides, they purposely mislead me to which China Eastern Airline Offices between New York office and LA Office that I should submit the supporting documentation for my father's visa cancellation. It turned out, the lady at the New York Office was from my hometown-Shanghai and she told me the "secret". Only talk to the supervisors and Expedia SHOULD accept my supporting documentation. So I called back and talked to a supervisor named "Charles" who tried to put me on the long holding again claiming that he was trying to contact China Eastern LA Office. I told him I just got off the line with LA Office and they said Expedia should accept my documents and resovle the issue and I asked him to call New York office to verify as well. The supervisor very rudely interrupted my suggestions and switched me over to the waiting line again (without consulting with me) and tried to ignore me again. I was totally FED UP with Expedia's BULLSH**!! I wasn't going give up until I found someone to solve my problem. I distinctly told the agents and supervisors that I have the supporting documents ON HAND if needed. They just tried to mislead and ignore me, put me on the long holding line to force me to give up asking for the refund I deserve. Finally, the head of the supervisor name "Herbert" contacted me after I told them that I've been recording all the phone conversations and I WILL report them to the proper authority. He provided me a fax number so I faxed the documents over. All those time, all I need is a fax number and a right authority figure to help me out. The MOST TERRIABLE customer services I had in my life. It was an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!! All those agents and supervisors who give me such hard time should be ashamed of themselves. A loyal customer doesn't deserve to get treated like this. I own a business too and I 've always been honest and helpful to my customers. If it wasn't because of my persistence, I would never in a million year got this $800 one way ticket refund. Guess what, you guys just lost my trust and my business, I will post this feedback throughout the internet so that the whole world will know the truth. Expedia DOES NOT deserve my business and I am sure millions of other customers who 've gotten unfairly treated would feel the same way as well. -A VERY VERY VERY angery customer.

Expedia like most big Corporates Hide behind computers, 10000's of staff etc. The are inpersonable horrible companies that rape us daily!!

I called Expedia on 2-10-11 and reserved three rooms each with two queen beds for 2-12-11 in Heperia Ca for a Motel 6. The only reason that I called Expedia was that I was not able to contact the motel directly. I recieved three email confirmations for the rooms. Each stating our name, date and the motel. An hour before our arrival at the motel I called to confirm that they had our reservations and they did not. I called Expedia and they faxed over another confirmation to the motel. I call the motel and they stated that they had the confirmations but only for one queen bed for each room. I called Expedia again and they faxed over another confirmation after I told them I needed two queen beds for each of the rooms. I asked them to keep me on the phone while they called the Motel 6 to confirm the reservations. When the representative came back on the line she informaed me that the reservations were confirmed and I should have no problem checking in. This entire process took the entire hour dirve to the Motel 6. Upon arriving at the motel, we discovered that there were only 2 confirmations and each only had one queen bed. I asked the front desk employee to just give us the two rooms but switch to two queen beds and the other party would just purchase their own room. I asked the motel rep to contact Expedia to credit us one room since we had been charge on our credit card already. The rep could not get through to Expedia due to problems with their phone line. I call expedia and spoke to Doris a supervisor and she then spoke to the motel employee to confirm that one of our party purchased their own room. The supervisor wanted to confirm on her own that it was an actual motel rep so she tried to call the motel but had problems with the phone line. Doris called me back and I asked her to refund one room and possibly comp us for an additional room for all the problems we had incountered. She would not comp. the room that our party paid for nor would she comp. an additional $50. She offered a $100 coupon to use in the future. I asked her why in the world would I use Expedia again and she stated that I was sent an email and should have confirmed the number of beds. I advised her that I had opened an checked the emails and all they stated was our name, date and destination. She them informed me that I should have opened the actual itenerary to verify the rooms. I stated that since I had so many problems with the company I did not want the coupon and then she hung up on me. Two days later I contacted Expedia to confirm the credit for one room and to see if they would still offer the coupon for all the horrible service. The representative had me on hold for over 35 minutes after I asked to speak to a supervisor and after she came on she was not aware of my situation and I had to explain everything again. I was told that they could not credit me the room since the motel never was able to run the credit card of the other person in our party due to phone line issues. I reluctantly accepted the $100 coupon but can assure you that after using that coupon and booking a hotel with Expedia again, I will never use this company again and I will tell everyone not to use them and to call the hotel or motel directly.

This experience soured me on ALL these computer travel agencies. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. Everytime you tried to explain something they would say, oh, yes, I understand, and then mess up again. 1 hour and 15 minutes to make ONE airline reservation - and then 45 minutes to try to get the case number (from their incompetence) pulled up on the computer - I talked to Chantal in the Phillippines and Joven and finally Tier 2 Supervisor Anita and it took all that time to pull up a case number that they had sent me an email about and that THEY requested that I call them. Then, to add insult to injury, Anita said that a man had tried to call me back but he couldn't get through - A LIE - A BOLD FACED LIE. I asked for the name of the man since they have to document every conversation and they did not have his name - again - A LIE. I will NEVER use this company again and everyone should stay away from Expedia -

They lied to me, took my money, told me that I could have a cat in my hotel - and come to find out the hotel will not take cats. The entire transaction was based on a lie. They offshore jobs, and steal from Americans. Piss poor. Don't use them even if it's half price.

In my opinion, this company does not even deserve to have 1 star for their rating. This has to be the worst customer service I have encountered by far. My husband was in Dallas for a conference and became very ill. We wanted to get him home in time to go to the doctor, so that he would have to go to the hospital in Dallas. I was trying to change his flight for earlier the same day that his flight was due to depart anyway. After sitting on the phone for over 2 hours trying to change his flight and getting shuffled back and forth between Expedia and the airline (Air Tran) - NO ONE WAS HELPFUL!!! They kept referring back to the other company stating that the other person would need to help for my situation. Finally, when I was able to speak to a manager, she informed me that I would have to pay fees to change the flight. Really?! I sat on the phone, between hold times (15 - 20 minutes) and the lack of professional integrity, she decided to tell me that I would need to pay fees to change his flight. Why wasn't I informed of this a couple of hours prior, when I initially called. I would have been happy to pay to get him home, if he had been able to get on a flight earlier. My husband could have been on a flight and on his way home. At this point, they should have waved the fees and upgraded his ticket on their dime; which they refused to do when I brought that to their attention. Then they suggested that I just purchase a new ticket because that would be less expensive than paying the fees. And this was still not a straight flight home, there would be a layover in either Atlanta or North Carolina. They suggested that, "Maybe he should seek an Urgent Care Clinic instead." Excuse me! Is that what you would do for your own family? Is this the mentality of Customer Service Manager?! I will never use Expedia again to book any future flights, and for my business, we book flights constantly to send our guys all over the world. I will also be informing my colleagues in other offices.

I'm totally amazed that this company is still in business. It has been proven that some outsourcing should not be done and this is 100% the case for this companies customer service. I have a trip booked to New York City and just wanted to simply add a day trip to Niagara Falls but apparently EXPEDIA can not handle a simple add on excursion. I have tried for 2 weeks and have finally gotten so frustrated that I have contacted another travel company to handle my excursion of which was no problem unlike the hard time I have received from EXPEDIA. I'm very disappointed and would not recommend anyone using EXPEDIA for their travels. The savings is really not enough to deal with their overseas customer service who give you false names and can't return calls when they say they will or contact USA vendors to obtain important travel verification. I would expect someone to contact me and can be reached at bvorac@tampabay.rr.com or 727-434-4134. Word of month is the name of the game in todays economy.

We have had a horrible experience with your company. We attempted to book a trip from Detroit,MI to Cabo San Lucas on Thursday, 8/19/10 evening. Upon completion of our trip planning, we gave a debit card for the total amount due. In spite of having enough cash available, we were informed the transaction was not approved and to contact our financial institution or use another card. The next day, I made and paid for the trip using another card. We later discovered on Saturday AM, that your company had debited our first bank account for $1200.00 and also debited our second account for the full amount of the trip payment $1979.16. Our itinerary number is 13360467425. We received confirmation on this trip for the payment when made on Friday, 8/20/10. Never did we receive any notice, until we checked our first account, that $1200 was removed from our account. We spent the weekend talking to customer service employees who could barely speak English in order to get this corrected. We were on the phone multiple times on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for several hours each day. We were promised this would be corrected within 6 hours on Saturday and finally was settled at approximately 5:30pm on Monday, 8/23/10. My husband and I had to submit the banking information and phone numbers numerous times in order to get this resolved. We were offered $50 and then $100 off our next booking with Expedia. Frankly, this is nothing for all we had to do and the inconvenience we were caused over the weekend with $1200 removed from our account. Secondly, after this unauthorized removal of our money from our bank account, I seriously doubt we will ever use Expedia again. No one was able to explain how this happened since your web site stated, transaction was not approved. Several questions remain. 1. What gives your company authorization to take money from our account after you state the transaction did not take place? 2. How is a consumer protected against incidences such as this? 3. What type of compensation will we be given due to the inconveniences we have had from your company? Future discounts are not an acceptable option to us at this point. This trip is our second honeymoon and an anniversary celebration which has turned into an ordeal due to questionable business practices. We were promised by Expeida on Monday that a contact person would be e-mailed to us. This also did not occur. Seems to be a common theme with your company - no follow-up and lots of lip service! I may be contact via ggnam1@yahoo.com OR by calling 313-647-1893. We live in the US and are on EST. I hope the trip is better than the ordeal to plan and purchase! I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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