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Crooks and Thugs!

Ever home Mortgage does not deserve to be in business! They treat customers like scum, and are very VERY difficult to communicate with, get answers from, try and find a competent management level person to complain to and in general are not easy to work with. I think they are doing nothing more than taking advantage of the HARP program as a way to do business. They treat every LOAN as collection account and of course Collectors are just below Lawyers in the food chain. I have logged complaints with the FTC, the Florida State Attorneys General Office. I have contacted my US Congressman will make what ever noise I can about there lousy treatment of people, their lousy methods of doing business, Their questionable ethics and what I must assume are their crooked and uncaring executive management people. I have even writen to the EverBank VP of Mortgages and do not even get a reply. AVOID doing business of any kind with EverHome Bank or Everhome Mortgage and if like me you are stuck with them hope as I do that they sell your loan. I can't imagine anyone else being worse to deal with!

If your deal with them is for negotiating cash poffays and then getting the negative report off your rating, then it's good if the company is legit and you aren't paying huge fees (because you can do this yourself).If they are claiming to get rid of the dings without paying at least part of them off, it's probably a scam and you can easily do this yourself. I hired one years ago. I don't know HOW they did it, but all my bad credit went away, at least temporarily. I think they did something shady and probably illegal.

For some people 20% is a lot to put down. There are many inceansts where the parents could help out. They can sign onto the mortgage as a guarantor. After one year they can be removed from the mortgage through a lawyer. Lenders want to see that you are good with credit prove your responsible and lenders will have no problem with you in the future. There are many times a guarantor is needed for younger professionals without any credit history. Speak to a mortgage broker they can help you. The slow way is to get a credit card from your bank and start using it. Make sure your payments are on time and in 3-6 months you will start seeing your score. Typically, you need 1 or 2 open lines of trade (credit card, line of credit, personal loan) to get a higher score. Make sure you make your credit card payments right away and try not to carry any balances over to the next month. Keep your statement balance at $0 while using your card regularly

This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. My home was damaged during Hurricane Isaac. I contacted Everhome on September 17, 2012, to find out who to send my insurance check to for it to be endorsed. I then sent them their requested information by fax to them the next day. I have not been able to reach anyone that can make a decision. Each time you talk with a representative you get a different answer and reason why nothing has been done. To make a long story short, I have since completed all of the work of of my pocket and requested by fax and phone multiple times that an inspector come out. I have been assured everytime that an inspector will contact me, but to this date I have not been contacted. IF YOU HAVE A MORTGAGE WITH THIS COMPANY YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY TRY AND REFINACE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, AND HOPE THAT YOUR MORTAGE DOES NOT END UP BACK IN THEIR HANDS........

For a year now Everhome has been trying to take the home of my son a 20 yr. United States Military veteran. He was one month behind and their confusing tactics have ballooned it into 3 payments. Each time he gets the payments under control, they say he owes more.This has been going on for 1 year. It never reaches foreclosure because he meets all their conditions and then the next representative piles on more condition. They use tactics that are designed to confuse and destroy an individual. Each time one of their people calls, it is a different person who knows nothing of what the previous person has talked about. This is a sad state of affairs for someone who has served his country for 20yrs, unselfishly guarding the rights and freedoms of US citizens including the people who own this bank in some of the harshest, most treacherous conditions imaginable, that he would be treated this way by mean, treacherous money grubbers is inhumane, mean spirited and if it were up to me would be treason to treat US military in this manner with so little respect and appreciation for their sacrifices.

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