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If there was a worse than poor star, I would definetley have selected it. The FTC should be aware of Equifax and their poorly run company and shouldn't be allowed to operate. All of their customer care representatives are based in India. Imagine that, a US company dishing out jobs to a foreign land while millions of Americans are out of work and to add injury to insult, make that kind of statement to the rep in India you are talking to and they'll laugh right at you. Why should they have the privilege of confidential information when they are not US Citizens and how are we protected? FTC, if you are reading this, do something!!!

I have tried to get my credit report from Equifax and still no luck. They cannot find my name aligned with my SS#. I have mailed them with the info, send a fax two times (at a cost of $7 each time). Yet they have no record of any information I sent. I don't understand how any financial institution uses Equifax to determine anyone's credit rating as they aren't very good at doing this work. The government should do an audit of them and their practices.

Equifax has been the WORST company I have ever dealt with. They allow some "company" to place a fraud alert on my account, can't tell me WHO. I have sent in 4 seperate requests to have the alert removed and am still trying ! I find it UNBELIEVEABLE that anyone can put anything they please ON your report, but you have to jump through months of hoops to even ATTEMPT to have the errors removed.

Unbelievable!! I am being charged $12.95 a month for their credit monitoring subscription when I clearly told the girl in the security freeze dept I didn't want it! It took 1/2 hour to just cancel the subscription that I never ordered!!! James in the customer care dept says he can't remove the charge! Now I get to write to the corporate office. What fun...

I have multiple inaccuracies showing on my credit report. I have filed online disputes to which Trans and Experian have acknowledged the duplicate reports and removed. However Equifax has informed me they do not own my report a company by the name of CSC does and Equifax can not give me any information or help. I filled a dispute with CSC with no response or correction of error. I will now contact my lawyer to decide how to proceed with Equifax not informing me of CSC owning my report and with CSC for not removing verified inaccuracies on my report. How does Equifax continue to get away with this unprofessional business practices?


Absolutely pathetic company from top to bottom. I am dealing with retards at the Canadian Office and my cat is more intelligent that most of these dumb ass immigrants. They ruined my credit by adding a mortgage to my file (which had a fraud alert posted) which is not even mine. They are now wanting me to go and get them proof that the account is not mine. They won't send me my file because I am not able to verify the mortgage which is not mine. These people are f*cken horrible. Transunion updated my file no problem, Equifax is pathetic! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS POSSIBLE !!

When I realized my credit reports were incorrect I filed disputes. In a matter of days Experian and Tranunion had my credit report fixed. Equifax is a complete and total nightmare. Because I am in Texas I must go through CSC. Equifax refused help. CSC received my certified mail dispute with verification from the IRS there are no IRS liens under my social security number. CSC refuses to correct it. You cannot call them and their online system does not work. The county where the lien allegedly exists has verifed no such liens exist. I will now sue under federal law. How the banks are willing to do business with this company is beyond me.

I have sent by express mail very sensitive information to the address given on the website for dispute resolution. I can track the date, time and person to whom the mail was delivered to Equifax in Atlanta. However, Equifax cannot locate where the mail and my documents are even though I have given them the USPS tracking number!!!! The same erroneous information is still on my credit report even after sending them two faxes with the correct documentation. What happened to my documents? Is it in the wrong hands? Are you information really secured at Equifax? I have some serious doubt.

this company is the total define of poor business morals, im shocked there still in business. they constantly break every law and manage to get away, ummmmmm they must do favors for certain officials

I hate to judge this because I feel this company shouldn't have any stars,this is the worst company I have ever dealt with,they play with peoples lifes,and think its okay.They dont have the right informaiton,but they go head,and use it.Also they lie because they say the credit scores are 100% free,and its not,they asked you to pay 1.00$Thats not free,what liers this company is.Im telling everyone if you can avoid this company I highly recomand you do.

I am reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau among other avenues. I have had issues with them every year. They don't reply to disputes. The customer service is VERY Poor and unprofessional. An error was corrected and reported to Equifax and they STILL did not remove it. I finally wrote to the Presiden't office only to receive a letter that they were unaware of the website and customer service issues and that they were sending me a free credit score in with the letter which they forgot to include. You can never reach a live person, it's a disgrace. Maybe if Management looked at their own site and read these remarks it would help or maybe they do and don't care. I will find a way to make sure they should not be a credit reporting agency for anyone.

After calling Equifax customer service twice I remain VERY disappointed. I am very sorry I have purchased my FICO score through Equifax, I just hope they leave me alone and do not sell my private information. I rate this company below 1 star. Terrible. I agree with the other statements on this page, avoid this company. Equifax, if your reading this...please leave me alone, and pass the word on that your customer service call center sucks.

I have repeatedly faxed, called, mailed, and disputed online, a false, derogatory item on my credit report. I've told them it is Mistaken Identity, they put my credit report on a freeze for identity theft, which prevented me from getting a car so my PREGNANT fiance doesnt have to walk to work. I have disputed this item with Equifax 4 times over the past 2 years, twice by myself, and had it removed. Equifax put it BACK on my credit score so I called and disputed once through an attorney. Equifax had it removed. Now they have placed it back on my credit score for a THIRD time. I have done this process with Transunion and Experian, and both companies were very polite and efficient in removing it from my credit, and ensuring it would never be placed back on my credit. They did that the first time I called to inform them about the mistake. That was two years ago. Still haven't seen it on those credit scores since. Only with Equifax. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Poorly managed, poor service, absolutely no regard for the people whose credit they screw around with. I truly believe that Equifax should be removed as a primary credit reporting agency, and replaced with any one of the various 10+ secondary reporting agencies that actually provide good service and employ quality people. I don't blame the representatives of this company. I have seen them struggle to try and help me, with their hands tied behind their back because of company policy. Equifax Corporate Offices is clearly the responsible party, but of course, they don't give you the contact information for those offices. I wonder why? Perhaps because they know how incredibly angry people would be when they find out how Equifax sells personal information, even after opting out of such service. Or how Equifax lost nearly 2 million credit reports, resulting in nearly 750,000 identity theft cases. Hmmm... Sounds like a company that, if economic standards ruled, and the government didn't back them, would have been forced to fold out of business a decade or so ago. EQUIFAX IS THE WORST COMPANY TO DO ANY, I REPEAT, *ANY* BUSINESS WITH. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. AVOID COMPANIES THAT RUN EQUIFAX CREDIT REPORTS AVOID COMPANIES THAT REPORT TO EQUIFAX AVOID EQUIFAX IN ANY FASHION POSSIBLE BECAUSE ONCE YOU ARE IN THEIR SYSTEM, YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT. IT'S WORSE THAN BEING A FELON.

I had the state of Ohio put a state tax lein on my credit report the Attorney General from Ohio has written equifax to have this removed as it was their error and not to mention Ohio even sent me back a refund with intrest. Equifax still has not removed this from my report and it has been over 6 months. Then try and talk to someone at equifax that is another impossible task

Worse than poor! I have been trying to obtain a mortgage with two lenders for over a week. Both have been unable to access my credit file though they can access both TU and Experian. Equifax even sent me my file but will not release it to the banks. Equifax insists (in over 10 phone calls) that there should be no problem...no freeze, no fraud alert problems....and thus the problem certainly must be with the banks (which can get files on others but not on me). I have been very careful to give the banks complete and correct info to retrieve the file....but no luck. Equifax has already cost me over $5000 in both delays in processing the loans and increased iterest rates.

This is the WORST, most poorly organized organization I have ever dealt with. I have repeatedly faxed to them my power of attorney in order for this company's representatives to be able to converse with me on my husband's behalf. Each time I call, I am told that the documentation has not been received and am given a different fax number to RE-send the documentation to. I have been bumped back and forth multiple times between CSC (the organization who handles our credit reports) and Equifax (the organization who provides the credit score). At one point, I was told that once Equifax incorporates the documentation into the records, that it would also automatically incorporate into CSC's records. I have faxed the documentation several times (over the past two YEARS) to BOTH organizations. What are they doing with the information they receive???? If I handled my business the way this company does, I wouldn't even have a credit score!

Why is your company selling my family's personal information to Card Services in Atlanta? Mr. Harris, a supervisor at Card Services said he was sold my husband's SSN. This seems to be a privacy act violation. I plan to contact my State Congressmen and Senators. Your company does NOT have our permission to sell, or give away, any information, including our personal financal. If we plan to ask everyone who contacts us about credit information if you are the party selling, or providing, our information. Again, Do NOT provide, in any fashion, any private information without written permission from us. Bonnie Robinson 2243 Cedar Fort Drive Eagle Mountain, UT

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