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Well i just called that number and Richard Smith cant take any calls, the lady name Barb is screening his calls, and then they connect you to another person who never calls you back Richard Smith number 404-885-8000 we all need to call the Justice Department and file a complaint under the fair credit act they are voids by the spinkter muscle.

I work for an appraisal company that is owed more than 10 thousand dollars from Equifax.We have worked for them for over 5 years and have been given the run around concerning our pay for over 6 weeks.They have also bounced checks with us in the past.This is pretty sad when a company as large as Equifax can't pay the people who are making money for them. Shame on you.

Equifax is probably the WORST company on the planet to entrust our information with. For 4 years I have written, called, emailed and hired attorneys. The latter is the ONLY thing to get results. After spending $15,000 to get a fictional $58,000 Tax Lien removed, I thought my night mares were over. But that was the beginning. One small correction, and 4 dormant, Paid off accounts become "Active" and with that comes bells and whistles of "fraud," the are crystal clear that something is wrong. But they post this bogus derogatory, lower Score, again....and then add more damage weekly. Dispute it? Well wouldn't you know that they have conversations with anyone but the "creditor" in question and report that not only were they right, but it is worse than they thought. ARE THEY ACTUALLY GETTING AWAY WITH THIS?????? They have ruined my life! I have NO DEBT and make great money and can do NOTHING, OWN NOTHING, BUILD NOTHING. Corruption is bad. Postal?

Hows this? Being single handedly destroyed, dismantled-piece by piece by this "company" is like dying a death of bleeding through a toenail, in which screaming, yelling, talking, crying, begging, writing, faxing, calling, mailing, explaining, proving all have no impact on what they are willing to do. I just want to know how they picked my life to destroy. I pay everyone and over pay my bills. So, since I have no debt-they make it up out of dormant accounts. Buy Cars for Cash? No choice. Own the home I have worked for all my life? NOPE. well, lets see: Now they are adding other peoples bogus deroatories to my Business Credit Profile. So, I have PERFECT credit, PERFECT payments, PERFECT situation to create the American Dream....with that caveat that Equifax has veto power on all things needing trust or having value. Shock of shocks-they are criminals. It is time to take them down.

please people lets take back our rights who give these people the right to give other people in another country our personal information all the hate these country have against us they could anything they want to with our personal information .nasty people who you can't understand .we pay them to take our job over sea .when we pay them our money making there economy better taking jobs from us.close down this company .all of them trans union .experian eqifax bring our job back to the American people .they dont have a damn thing to do with us

Equifax should be in jail for what they do to people. I don't know who runs this company or how they have the nerve to destroy people's lives and do nothing about it. They should be ashamed of themselves...all of them from the people who answer the phones to the guys at the top. It's ridiculous! I am going to make it my personal mission to get justice. Something has to be done. Equifax needs to be held accountable for what they have done. The stories of other people who share in my frustration should all be compensted for the emotional, mental, and financial stress that Equifax has caused.

I agree with all these comments meaning I have been 7 months cleaning up my credit and I have all receipts and documents proving I have paid these collections and debts on my credit file and to add to this poor reporting agency I have even had all the creditors send paid or satisfied letters to this so called agency and still they will not update my file they keep telling me they have to do another investigation and will take 45 more days my other two bureaus have not given me much trouble at all they do what they say but equifax is totally a joke can anybody out there tell me is there a way to sue these poor run so called a company called equifax somebody in washington D.C. needs to get involved and run out the people that are running this company my dog and cat could do a better job this is a sad company

After we put a security freeze on my husband's file and my file, Equifax changed our current address back to a previous address and notified us of the change. I spent over 100 minutes on the phone with Equifax trying to get them to change the address back to the one I had given them, i.e. the correct one. I called back the next day using the confirmation numbers I was given to verify that the changes had been made and discovered that despite the confirmation numbers, the changes had not been made. I was hung up on, put on hold for more than 13 minutes, and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told there were no supervisors available and I should call back in an hour or write a letter. It's a shame there isn't an option for 0 stars because that would be a truer reflection of Equifax customer service.

I have read several of the above and am quite discouraged that for 20 months I have paid for a product that probably wasn't the best in the first place. Now I call to cancel and have to give my SS# to someone in India. NO Way. Is this how you keep your customers happy? After calling several other times I get a message that someone will call me back. On another call she could not disclose location calling. Again, I will ony give my SS# to a corporate office in the US. You have our whole financial life in your pocket and I need to be able to feel good about it and I don't

I have been working and paying Equifax for almost 2 months. I had a tax lien about 1998 for almost 17,000.00 and it was paid in 2002.. they still have it unpaid.. I could not get my son a student loan because of it.. I spoke to them so many times..still nothing.. I sent them all the documents from the courthouse and IRS themselves... still they say they are sorry.... I guess I really do have to get a lawyer... I do not know what to do.. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know... and the other two credit reports,,,,not on there.

This is the worst company ever. They have me purchased some kind of protection for $169.99 a year. The made me faxed all sort of things to them but you call back nobody seems to know what's going on. They won't release my score to my bank after I told them that I might lose my deposit on a home purchase. I spent three hours on the phone to get it done next thing I know I have to mail the same documents that I've mailed three months ago. I'm frustrated to a point that I have to give up and force to sign a higher interest rate in fear of losing my $20,000.00 deposit. I wouldn't advise anybody to experience what I went through with EQUIFAX. please stay away from companies that deal with them.



I wanted one thing removed from my equifax and the representative removed 2 things. I have the ID of the representative and the lady that he said was his supervisor. The supervisor was very rude and nasty and refused to assist us by putting the product that they removed without out permission back. They were out of the country (out of the U.S.A.) in India and they were not customer friendly at all.

I hate to even grant this company 1 star, you should have a choice between 1 to 5 positive stars and 1 to 5 negative stars, i'm sure most would be negative. If you have reports with equifax and i'm sure you do, be careful, very very careful how often you check your credit report and scores. I was checking mine weekly, i didn't think that was to much, equifax apparently thinks it is, what equifax does is create split files, once they feel you have to many soft inquiries, they will split your file and start deleting positive reporting accounts or trade lines, they will even delete accounts that are current and still open, that's how nasty and disgusting this company is,the sad part is, soft inquiries don't really mean anything, they have no impact on your scores. there only concern is the bottom line, they could care less about the damage,pain and anguish they cause. I believe it's time we, the people equifax have screwed launch a nationwide civil suit and nail these dirtbags to the wall, it would be totally awesome if we could get enough people together to force them into bankruptcy and close there doors forever, I would feel bad for the people put out of work, but i definately would not feel bad for the company itself. Anybody that reads this, if interested, let's start a website, destroyequifax.com if available, let's put this company out of our misery.

the absolute worst of the worst.....bottom of the barrell......sorrier than the sorriest......absolutely terrible...

I have been trying for over 60 days to access my credit report which even equifax can't access. I have emailed, called, written letters - all to no avail. When I called I was advised that someone in IT was looking into the problem and would be contacting me within a week, that was over a month ago. How is it even possible that Equifax cannot pull my Equifax report????

Equifax is the worst company, very un professional company. Im as we speak in the process of buying a home. I was told by my lender I need to remove a disputed item. I put the request online got my confirmation # called back spoke to a rep thought I could verbally remove the disputed item. Had no problem with Experian or Trans Union doing within less than 10 minutes. Well Equifax to sum it up quickly told me I had to wait up to 30 days nothing I could do to fast track it. I'm not going to wait...I called the company had them fax me a letter stating they will remove it. I gave that to my lender they know Equifax is a joke and I was able to get my dream home... FYI- stop fighting Equifax no win process.. Call your attorney general office and file a complaint, or contact the Federal Trade Commission both will investigate your complaint. Also file a complaint with the BBB. We do have power and yes they can lie to US. But no so easy with big brother I hope this will help

I have never had such problems dealing with a company. I am trying to simply remove a consumer statement from my report. The other two bureaus did it within hours. These people not only won't do it without a full "investigation" but actually caused more delays by filing a dispute in error for an account that has been closed for over EIGHT years. When I asked for a supervisor, I was treated with even more disrespect by that person. They are costing me time and money on a refinance and both the actual creditors state that they reported the investigations as closed days ago. It should be illegal for a company to have this much control over your personal information without being held responsible for their actions!!!

I have tried to get my credit report from Equifax and still no luck. They cannot find my name aligned with my SS#. I have mailed them with the info, send a fax five times Yet they have no record of any information I sent. I don't understand how any financial institution uses Equifax to determine anyone's credit rating as they aren't very good at doing this work. The government should do an audit of them and their practices. Someone needs to do something about this company it is the worst company ever. The Government needs to get involve and straighten them out. EQUIFAX is horrible.

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