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Why in the world a company is allowed to have so much influence over average people's lives is beyond amazing to me. I find it hard to give Equifax a one star rating because a company as bad as they are should not even be operating to be rated. What is worst is that despite the many complaint consumers have written regarding their practices, absolutely nothing is being done by them to improve their services or by any government agency to make them more accountable. Equifax is an institution you can refer to as a very, very bad company who should not be paying such a vital role in people's lives.

I have tried several times to resolve my credit with this company. I am a military veteran and trying to use my VA to purchase a home. They combined my sister and my credit scores together which is not allowing me to purchase my house that I have been saving for all my life due to she has already purchased a home last year. My sister school loan is also showing on my credit score. I have sent emails and letters to the headquarter and have sent letters to the CEO, CFO, VP or marketing and eveyrone else in the corporate company. I asked for their fax number and they transfered my to a number that hung up on me. I have reported this company to the better business bureau and about to take legal action. I have already been approved for my loan and all the other credit companies have fixed the problem within a day and for some reason Equifax cannot do that....it will take 30 days and my escrow will close by then! If anyone can help and give me a fax number I would greatly appreciate it! I hate this company. I thought this company strives on their code of ethics, but they do not seem to have any ethics in helping their customer!


Was a loyal customer for years until I recently attempted to get a 3 in 1 report from Equifax. After charging my card 5 times their lovely outsourced customer service reps could not pull a report for me and blamed Transunion and Experion. I was directed to contact them which I did and they both were able to pull reports for me without issue. After contacting Equifax with this information they said it was still the other 2 agencies faults and that they couldnt help me. After spending 40 minutes on the phone asking for a supervisor to open a ticket I was told they couldnt do anything. However as soon as I mentioned calling their Corporate Headquarters they could magically open a ticket for me to have the issue reviewed. I'm not holding my breath that they did anything and have since taking my business to Experion who was able to pull a 3 in 1 report from all 3 agencies without issue.

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