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HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I am beyond disatisfied with my last encounter. My reservation was for 7/14/2011. I was told to call at 4:30 to the mt. Zion branch as a reminder, which I did for pick up at 5pm. The rep didn't pick me up to until 5:52pm. Once I got to the branch I waited an additional 25 mins to get seen. I had a free upgrade, which I told the rep when making the reservation and at the time of the reminder. They had no car for me on the lot. At this time the office was closed. Nicole had to call another branch off forrest pkwy. Cody from forrest pkwy and he had 2 ford escapes, which he let Nicole know that he was going to leave the key in the car. Nicole drove us over there and the keys weren't in the car. Nicole cont'd to call Cody and after many tries she reached him and he was in buckhead. He arrived at the forrest pkwy branch at 7:10. All this time we are sitting in the car waiting. The car was filthy inside and out; therefore Nicole washed the outside and clean the inside BY HERSELF. We didn't leave enterprise until 7:45. The only good thing that came out of the enterprise experience was NICOLE. This makes me think about going back again. This was not worth $300 plus.

Don't miss a toll, had my I pass in the car and it missed one 40 cent toll. Enterprise charged me a 15.00 dollar processing fee. What a bunch of thieves!!!! Any body but enterprise

on the 16 of july i called to rent a car at the enterprise rental company in slidell and they told me they could not pick me up because they only had two people in the office working ,they wasnt very busy i think one of them could have come and pick me up so i could rent a car,the guy trhat answered name was michael and he put me on hold so he would run out of time so he wouldnt have to pick me up and then the young lady that was working with him told me i had thirty minutes to get there and they couldnt pick me up because they only had two people in the office,i thought it was enterprise policy to pick up there customers if they didnt have transportation,i really think those two people should be fired because its not only causes enterprise to loose money ,but it makes your company look really bad ,and it just told me that you dont stand by your policies and i dont know if i could ever trust in enterprise at all ,and i would not recommend people like that to any company or buisness are my family members ever,so please give me a call if you want at 1-985-288-5041 my name is john twillie. i would report them usually to the bureau but i wanted to here from you first i take stuff like that very serious because i depended on that ride and enterprise fell through for me,very disappointed i have used enterprise plenty of times before and never been this disappointed.

I was involved in a auto accident and rented a car June 24, 2011 from the Enterprise Office in Houston located on Travis Street, with no problems. Service was excellent. Two weeks later I called and made reservations at the 1406 South Loop West location. I was asked to bring a check stub and current light bill. I explained the City of Houston is paperless and only do direct deposit, and the reservationist stated I could bring my bank statements which would have record of all direct deposits and i agreed. Once arriving at this Enterprise location I was told the bank statement was not accepted. The Enterprise representative name is Jimmy and his customer service is less than professional. This is one of my worst experience with a Rental Car Service.

I am a concerned customer and father-in-law. My son-in-law was employed by National Car Rental for approximately 12 years. Enterprise aquired National/Alamo so he then became an Enterprise Car Rental employee. Enterprise has a written policy that no agent is permitted to write up their own paperwork for a rental vehicle. National let it slip and Enterprise did not in this instant. Someone reported him and he was called in and was fired without any discussion. He made a terrible mistake. My concern is that he was fired without any consideration to his real character. He was honest, hard working and very dedicated to Enterprise. He was well liked by his co-workers at several locations including the Mpls/St.Paul, MN airport, 3M site in Maplewood, MN and the most recent at Cty Rd E, White Bear Lake, MN. He is the most kind, gentle, calm and loyal person I know. He goes out of his way to help people without any interest in recognition. He drove a special a distance to meet and be fired by someone he had never seen before. It seems reasonable that Enterprise would consider his work record and discuss the mistake. May be some unpaid time off or a demotion. Maybe a very stearn warning and reprimand. He made a mistake, but given his record I believe he deserves a second chance. I am very dissappointed with how this was handled by Enterprise. They have devastated this person and his family, my daughter and two precious grand sons dear to my heart. So far he has been denied unemployment compensation. It looks like concern for others has become a thing of the past. Who cares if someone else is suffering? Thank you.

I made a booking on-line from Australia for a week's car rental From July 2, 2011 from the Rohnert Park, CA, branch. When I arrived I showed them my International Driver's Permit. The lady (Amanda?) doing the booking said very abruptly "I can't let you have the car, it has to say 'Licence'. I said I'd been renting cars internationally for 20 years based on the same type of Permit document, issued by the Australian Government. She then rang her "manager" saying she had a customer with "this permit thing with lots of pages". The manager also would not allow the rental. My sister pointed out where the Permit stated it must be accepted as a Licence. Another call to the "manager" who then relented. I later checked on the Enterprise web site...it states; International Renters (Renting in the US or Canada): License must be issued from the Country of Residence. License may not be expired. International Drivers Permit required if the License is not in English. Must be inspected at the time of rental. My documents I provided complied 100% with these requirements. When I returned the car at the end of the rental period, I told the lady on duty (different person but same abrasive attitude) that perhaps the hiring staff at Enterprise should brush up their knowledge by reading the rules stated on their own Enterprise web site. She said "we don't look at our web site." Her assistant looked very embarrassed and rightly so. I've rented many cars over the years and never had such rude and ignorant treatment. The two people at Rohnert Park (and their "Manager") are a disgrace to Enterprise's business.

I was charged a 50.00 fee, which customer service said was against policy. then they tried to bully me into taking the LDW..."even if you have insurance, we will come after you..." no kidding. Oh yeah the 50.00 fee was charged for me bringing the car back late on 7/13/11...its ONLY 7/11/11 NOW!!!!! How would he know this? Enterprise is a joke...Ill call corp tomorrow and get a area mgr number...also notifying the ins. company and the state.....these guys do what they want, and Ill be using another car company and passing this to as many people as I can.


I am very upset at the treatment my daughter is getting from the Orlando Airport Enterprise. On May 24th she was hit by a Enterprise car and still to this day can not get ANYONE to even talk to her to get this taken care of. She has been without a car and is out of town in the College Program with no way to get around.You would think the least that could happen until her car was repaired would be that a rental car was provided!!! To top it off her program ends August 12th and her car is not in working condition now. I would like to think that this has been a misunderstanding and all will be handled before its time to for her to come home. You can best believe if it's not I will spread the word wide and loud about the service we received from Enterprise!! Just asking for you to make it right!!!!!

The St. Mary's downtown Enterprise office in San Antonio provided extremely poor service. We were scheduled for a 9:30 pickup however they arrived 30 minutes late. When they arrived we they did not have room for our entire group. Luckily, the hotel guest services provided a ride for us to the rental office. Once we arrived at the office we had to wait an additional 45 minutes. The employees answered numerous phone calls before waiting on the customers in the lobby. Several other customers who arrived after us received their rentals before us. We had to wait for our car to be cleaned which put us an hour behind schedule. We are very dissatisfied with Enterprise and would not suggest using their services to anyone.

I rent from Enterprise fairly often and have always been happy with the cars, the staff at the local Enterprise store and the pricing. I rented over the weekend of July 1st, returning it on the 5th. As always the car was marvelous, the staff friendly and helpful. I was surprised when I returned it though, to be told that my entire deposit of $300.00 had been used and I owed $24.34 more. That was unexpected, as by my calculations no more than $230 to $260 dollars should have been used. Certainly $300.00 as compared to the $167.77 that was on my confirmation of order is a big difference. Please understand that I am not disappointed with the rental and if the charges were correct I have no problem with them, but it seems odd to me.

I have always used Enterprise rental for all of my travel needs. I was completely satisfied with their services until this last trip. I made advance reservations at the location, like I often do. I made a reservation with an employee by the name Charlie. Charlie was very nice. I told Charlie I need a mini van for the 4th of July weekend. Charlie said no problem, I then asked Charlie to verify in the computer system that you will have it. Charlie, yes we are good, you are the only customer from this location that has requested a mini van for that week. Yesterday, I went to the location to confirmation the mini van rental. They told me, they were on their way to get the van and will have it ready for pick tomorrow. Well yesterday just before they closed, an employee by the name Monica, called and said we dont have any mini vans, would you accept an SUV. I told Monica, no I own an SUV, I specifically wanted a mini van. Now mind you, this is the day for before leaving. So I had to spend the day that I was suppose to leave, looking for other rental places that have a mini van, which at this time has been extremly impossible. I am very upset and how they waited so close to the date to give me this information. What a way to run a business.

Dear Manager- I have had several things happen in the past two months while driving 3 different cars from Enterprise while my car was in the shop. I had one car with an oil leak, one car that felt like the wheels were going to fall off, and one car that they are charging me for damage I did not do to the vehicle. I dropped the car off after doing a full surveliance, and one week later I get a call that there is minor damage to the exterior door, a large scratch, that is costin me $500 dollars out of pocket. There was ZERO damage done to this vehicle, no one did a walk-around with me, and they call me one week later to claim there were damages done? Very disappointed and not paying this. I am holding firm on this and will fight it if I have to. Never again renting from Enterprise. Lesson learned and family and friends will never rent from here again, either. Jill

We rented a van to take a family vacation,1st off they have all these rules about how you can't rent a vehicle with a debit card unless you have a returning flight,we are local residence therefore we did not have a returning flight,I was told I had to have a credit card(with the WHOLE amount of the rental on the card) here Iam with over 1800.00 on my debit visa card and 1200.00 cash in my wallet and my family vacation trip is on the line!because I did not have a major credit card on it with enough money on it,mind you the trip to the airport to rent this van! so I ask is there another enterprise I could use that would have a van and I could use my debit card...the CS rep said yes but failed to tell me it could only be rented out in your ZIPCODE and they did not have phone we could use,soooo after almost having to cancel my prepaid DISNEY TRIP for 5! my husband informs me that we have another CC we can use so I go back home get the other card go back to the airport to pick this van up for enterprise whom I really dont want to use but we were on tight time and needed to get on the road right away!I pick the rental up in a parking garage its rather dark...I check the van out and leave!ok when I got home the CHANGE OIL light came on and after driving the van I noticed it was out of line.. it had 2 BALD front tires on it as well! I was mad as hell! and you know it's an arm and a leg to even rent a van for 8 days! now the van was in no shape to put my family in for an 16 hour trip! REALLY! I called CS at the airport 3 times that day! we ended up having to stop in MOBILE ALABAMA to get 2 new tires and the front end lined up! yes enterprised was charged for that service BUT we had to sit at firestone from 1130 til 1:30 putting us 2:30 hours behind schedule for our arrival Florida! we had to change some of our plans,to accomidate services for a vehicle that should have already been serviced ! I will never rent from them again! I will be calling corp office tomorrow.

I wrote in about a week ago and gave you a no star rateing. I would like to change that to a 5 star rateing now . The crew at Rockville Center Enterprise came through and restored my faith in Enterprise. all my problems were taken care of. I am once again a Happy customer and would recommend Enterprise for your car sales.Evan Greenblatt, Mark Rampollo and Victor Marriotti are people who care about their customers I commend them all once again, THANKS GUYS !

I recently rented a car from the Atlanta airport for a week. After a week I called in and extended the rental for another week and paid for the additional week. On the day I was due to return the car A gentleman from Asset Recovery comes to my home to REPOSSESS the car stating enterprise sent him to collect the car for non- payment. he showed me some paperwork from Enterprise stating that I had never made 1 payment not even the initial payment to rent the car!!!! I was livid!!! I then go to the airport to get assistance from a manager only to be told that they cannot help me with the issue all they have the capability to do is put me in a car not research why the car was put up for repo. I MUST SAY I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BEEN TREATED SO POORLY EVER! THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE LAS TIME DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH ENTERPRISE BECAUSE WHAT THEY DID AND HOW THEY HANDLED THE SITUATION IS COMPLETE BULL! I WILL BE REPORTING THIS COMPANY TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!

Your offices are under staffed .They brush off custamers.The only time they spend with you is trying to sell you there insurance.Don't leave anything in the car because you will never hear back from them!

Salisbury NC I reserved a truck and a minivan last night for 5:30pm pic up. i stopped by the location early to check on the cars. There was 2 minivans there and the salesman told me they were the same cars with a different emblem. ??? The first van was filty and the other van was great! with leather and all the fixing. The salesman told me that they would have to charge me extra money for the van because it had leather. i asked was it a luxury vehicle and he said no. I asked, how can you charge me for something extra if its not considered different? The salesman then said its reserved for the 4:00 pm pick up and there are 2 ahead of you. I asked if I could pick the van up now (12:30pm) He said no! due the the fact that they would not haved a van to replace it by 4:00pm. thats 3.5 hours folks!! I understand the reserve issue. But why could I not have the nice van if i were going to get it right now. My family was in the parking lot. The salesman did say that I could have the dirty van. Oh by the way he initially said that they could not promise to have a certain van available to customers. First come First Serve???? based on reservations. they then called another location in Concord NC to see if they could get another van there before 4pm. The lady said yes they could! I asked how much extra would I have to pay? He then said there would be no extra charge. the salesman then said he would text the driver and see if he was available. We waited for the returned text and he would not tell me what the guy said. The salesman then said that they have to hire a driver to get it there. He never responded to me as I stood there looking at him. he told me that he would call me if they could work it out but I could not get the van now. There was no other explanation or communication at all. Some service huh!!!

The Pottstown, PA - West High Street Office employee named Ellie needs to learn how to handle her customers rather than hanging up on them! The employees at this facility are very unprofessional, especially Ellie. When you have a problem and ask for the corporate contact at Enterprise, she will just tell you to call 1-800-rent-a-car and hang up on you! Not to mention that this facility is incredibly dirty and very unprofessional looking. I highly recommend going to a different Enterprise facility - but NOT Pottstown!

dear sir/madam: legal department of services: corporate offices: we have been complainting for over one year and more about a moto credit card crime that took place at your new hope, bucks county pennsylania office by your new manager. please have your legal advocate in corporate Kansas City, MO ofices contact us at once..we were referred to your pa branches of risk managements and they were very disrespectful and did not execute or resolve the complaint and refund our overcharges on our last charges due in 2009. we have been excellent vip corporate clients of yours since 2005 in the ny /nj area. we have now reported this to the banking c/card fraud offices for motocrime and monies taken without authorization or approval and we are in serious dispute. send email to: yourcomplaints007@gmail.com EMAIL: YOURCOMPLAINTS007@GMAIL.COM ATTENTION: ONE VERY ABUSED EXCELLENT VIP CLIENT.. WE HAVE NOT RENTED SINCE THEN --OUR RECORDS MUST BE CORRECTED AND OUR MONIES TAKEN RETURNED..OVERCHARGED AND PROMISED FREE WEEKEND --WE WERE CHARGED AND THIS MANAGER MOTO CRIMED OUR C/CARD FOR CHARGES NOT AUTHORIZED. YOUR TWO REPS DID NOT RESOLVE OR SETTLE OR REFUND OUR DISPUTED CLAIMS FOR YEARS/MONTHS.. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER -- THIS IS AN OUTRAGE AND VERY VERY POOR CSR/SERVICES. REPLY AND RESOLVE/SETTLE AT ONCE. JUNE 18, 2011 9 AM EST

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