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I wrote in about a week ago and gave you a no star rateing. I would like to change that to a 5 star rateing now . The crew at Rockville Center Enterprise came through and restored my faith in Enterprise. all my problems were taken care of. I am once again a Happy customer and would recommend Enterprise for your car sales.Evan Greenblatt, Mark Rampollo and Victor Marriotti are people who care about their customers I commend them all once again, THANKS GUYS !

I recently rented a car from the Atlanta airport for a week. After a week I called in and extended the rental for another week and paid for the additional week. On the day I was due to return the car A gentleman from Asset Recovery comes to my home to REPOSSESS the car stating enterprise sent him to collect the car for non- payment. he showed me some paperwork from Enterprise stating that I had never made 1 payment not even the initial payment to rent the car!!!! I was livid!!! I then go to the airport to get assistance from a manager only to be told that they cannot help me with the issue all they have the capability to do is put me in a car not research why the car was put up for repo. I MUST SAY I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BEEN TREATED SO POORLY EVER! THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE LAS TIME DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH ENTERPRISE BECAUSE WHAT THEY DID AND HOW THEY HANDLED THE SITUATION IS COMPLETE BULL! I WILL BE REPORTING THIS COMPANY TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!

Your offices are under staffed .They brush off custamers.The only time they spend with you is trying to sell you there insurance.Don't leave anything in the car because you will never hear back from them!

Salisbury NC I reserved a truck and a minivan last night for 5:30pm pic up. i stopped by the location early to check on the cars. There was 2 minivans there and the salesman told me they were the same cars with a different emblem. ??? The first van was filty and the other van was great! with leather and all the fixing. The salesman told me that they would have to charge me extra money for the van because it had leather. i asked was it a luxury vehicle and he said no. I asked, how can you charge me for something extra if its not considered different? The salesman then said its reserved for the 4:00 pm pick up and there are 2 ahead of you. I asked if I could pick the van up now (12:30pm) He said no! due the the fact that they would not haved a van to replace it by 4:00pm. thats 3.5 hours folks!! I understand the reserve issue. But why could I not have the nice van if i were going to get it right now. My family was in the parking lot. The salesman did say that I could have the dirty van. Oh by the way he initially said that they could not promise to have a certain van available to customers. First come First Serve???? based on reservations. they then called another location in Concord NC to see if they could get another van there before 4pm. The lady said yes they could! I asked how much extra would I have to pay? He then said there would be no extra charge. the salesman then said he would text the driver and see if he was available. We waited for the returned text and he would not tell me what the guy said. The salesman then said that they have to hire a driver to get it there. He never responded to me as I stood there looking at him. he told me that he would call me if they could work it out but I could not get the van now. There was no other explanation or communication at all. Some service huh!!!

The Pottstown, PA - West High Street Office employee named Ellie needs to learn how to handle her customers rather than hanging up on them! The employees at this facility are very unprofessional, especially Ellie. When you have a problem and ask for the corporate contact at Enterprise, she will just tell you to call 1-800-rent-a-car and hang up on you! Not to mention that this facility is incredibly dirty and very unprofessional looking. I highly recommend going to a different Enterprise facility - but NOT Pottstown!

dear sir/madam: legal department of services: corporate offices: we have been complainting for over one year and more about a moto credit card crime that took place at your new hope, bucks county pennsylania office by your new manager. please have your legal advocate in corporate Kansas City, MO ofices contact us at once..we were referred to your pa branches of risk managements and they were very disrespectful and did not execute or resolve the complaint and refund our overcharges on our last charges due in 2009. we have been excellent vip corporate clients of yours since 2005 in the ny /nj area. we have now reported this to the banking c/card fraud offices for motocrime and monies taken without authorization or approval and we are in serious dispute. send email to: yourcomplaints007@gmail.com EMAIL: YOURCOMPLAINTS007@GMAIL.COM ATTENTION: ONE VERY ABUSED EXCELLENT VIP CLIENT.. WE HAVE NOT RENTED SINCE THEN --OUR RECORDS MUST BE CORRECTED AND OUR MONIES TAKEN RETURNED..OVERCHARGED AND PROMISED FREE WEEKEND --WE WERE CHARGED AND THIS MANAGER MOTO CRIMED OUR C/CARD FOR CHARGES NOT AUTHORIZED. YOUR TWO REPS DID NOT RESOLVE OR SETTLE OR REFUND OUR DISPUTED CLAIMS FOR YEARS/MONTHS.. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER -- THIS IS AN OUTRAGE AND VERY VERY POOR CSR/SERVICES. REPLY AND RESOLVE/SETTLE AT ONCE. JUNE 18, 2011 9 AM EST

Bait and switch. What a scam. My entire family lives in Miami. We needed to rent a van for a group outing to Orlando. After placing the reservation through AMEX Platinum for a van priced at 20+ dollars per day, we were rudely informed by a manger that we could not have that price because we could not provide a round-trip ticket in and out of Miami International Airport. Again, we live here! Suddenly, the price jumped to 80+ dollars per day and we would have to go to the airport to pick up the car. Of course, we requested a manager. We got a grumpy manager who was arrogant and spiteful. We were told that we were ignorant and uninformed. He stated that AMEX was also to blame. Instead of trying to talk himself and the company, out of this bait and switch scam, he simply insulted us and AMEX. None of us (26 in the family in Miami) will ever use Enterprise again. We have all sent this complaint to all of our family, friends, business partners and clients, and all of our students globally. The response has been overwhelming; no one will use Enterprise again. Most of us were loyal customers. Now we are looking into legal action. This is a classic case of "bait and switch". Shame on you! Businesses using these practices do not deserve to survive. If you keep it up, you will go under.

We recently rented a car at Islip Macarthur Airport on Long Island, NY. We just would like to say our experience with your employees was excellent. We will use your company again when we need to rent a car. Thank You & Kudos to your airport staff.

Rented a car via inssurance situation found enterprise not to be accommodating gave me a small truck that was filthy and smelled of pet odor and diesel fumes. Stated that I would get a call or to call them to check to see if they had something to the standard of my SUV later which meant more traveling and gas.

2910 NORTH EXPRESSWAY GRIFFIN, GA 30223-6495 Tel.: (770) 233-2830 Customer phone wait time is ridiculous. The average wait time is 40 minutes before anyone picks up. We use 4 phones to try to get through, we don't gamble but it sure feels like that's what we are doing when we call them. The motto is "The company that picks up" ha.... I wish they would pick up their phones. I've been their in office and saw a lady walk in looking as if she was going to shoot up the place and when asked if she was being helped she stated that she didn't appreciate the long wait on the phone so she drove in. This is the only fault I find with them and I think they loose a lot of business this way. If they would only pick up. On the other side of the coin in office they have an employee named Holly, she is great!!!! Very welcoming and professional and knows her business. Marie

I will NEVER, EVER rent a vehicle from Enterprise. I was charged the wrong rate, I was charged for insurance, AFTER I declined such options. NOW nobody at the 18601 Aiport Way, Santa Anna, CA seems willing or able to correct the issue. I further find it that nobody at "Customer Service" can correct this either. SOOOOO... no more Enterprise Car rentals .... you've failed the customer service test... miserably. Ellis Holman 317-566-3810.

Rented full size car and got mid-size Chevy Malibu. Plus run around from customer care...."we have it listed as full size," when Chevy itself lists the car as mid-sized..hate being dupued...pay for full size and get mid-size car.

The Enterprise car rental agency in Carol Stream rented a car to my daughter with a crack in the windshield. When my daughter commented about the crack the rental clerk said, "don't worry...we know about it". Being her first car rental my daughter is only guilty of being naive but nothing more than that. I know there was a crack in the windshield because my daughter called me before driving off the lot that Monday morning. I've tried to find a reasonable person to speak to from Enterprise but I now believe this task is NOT possible. When I finally called the corporate headquarters to again try to fix this problem they assigned a manager above the Carol Stream branch manager and told me he'll call within five days. Two weeks passed so I called to check on the process then the guy calls later that afternoon. The problem with this guy, John, is he defends the manager of the C.S. branch saying,"he wouldn't get to where he is if he lied". So after all these months of trying to find someone to correct this mess Enterprise sent a collection agency after my daughter for the $193 for the new windshield. It must be a coincidence that this same vehicle had another windshield replaced a few weeks before my daughter rented the car. I filed a BBB complaint but ultimately lost because the C.S. branch manager told the BBB that my daughter wished she saw the crack the morning of the car rental. If she didn't see the crack then who told me about it that morning? John Something from corporate said this mangaer doesn't lie. Someone impartial needs to check out this Carol Stream agency. They took advantage of my daughter with the ca cracked windshield and then they removed money from her debit account twice even though it was an insurance rental and it was a battle to get the money back. You should be ashamed of yourself Enterprise. Do you need money so bad that your employee's are allowed to lie for it? SO SAD!!!

Why dont you have a no star rateing .I bought one of your rental trucks & was told by the mgr &the salesman if I had any problems just call, I did call for a very easy fix, none of the tires matched, I could not rotate them when necessary. I was told the mgr was out & would be back fri. I called fri & was told he is still out but I would be called in a half hour needless to say I never got the call. I pay'd what you wanted and as usual was given the car sales speech, I am not asking for the world, different tires & pressures are a safety hazzard,this all could have been taken care of very easily, why is a happy customer turned into an unhappy one,I will not be going away, I will call Corporate , newsday, & better business,this is a safty issue.

My car was hit and the Insurance Company from the other person was to pay for the rental or so it seemed. I received the car on 5/16/11. I was told that all I had to pay for was the gas. That Paul Cassell @ the North Hollywood Car Rental for Enterprise would make sure that the Insurance would pick up the Ins that was supposed to remain empty. They said that in order for me to drive the car off of the lot i had to have that insurance coverage. What was i to do,Paul said don't worry you just have to pay for the gas. I returned the car and my deposit of 100.00 dollars was returned to my account which to me signifies the end of my dealing with the Car Rental company. That was on 5/19/11 at 4:15pm my time. They had called my number and i was not able to return the call for hospital reasons. As of yesterday they stole money out of my account,never asking me if thaey could 35.969 was debted out of my account by Enterprise Car Rental By Paul Cassell. I was furious he said because i didn't get back to them the other insurance company didn't pay so we went in and took it. What kind of company is this. A word to the wise do not give your cards credit or otherwise to them,because as you can see they just take the authority on their own to remove what they can. Please anyone who has had dealings with these people Check your account any missing money look to Enterprise for it. There should be a law against thet kind of behavior.

Maurita Wisniewski. MSN, RN, CCRN 746 Venango Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15209 412-821-6765 06-08-11 To: Human Resources, Enterprise Subject: Customer Service given by Nicole McCue In March, 2011 I made a reservation for a Cadillac DTS at Cochran Megacenter, Monroeville to be reserved from May 24- June 1,2011. At the time of the reservation no one informed me of the limited mileage on the Cadillac. On May 24th, my boyfriend Richard Mareno went to get the car and was informed of the limited mileage. This was unacceptable to either one of us because we were traveling to Tennessee for my son’s wedding. The person at Cochran, I believe his name was Dan was not very nice nor was he willing to negotiate to accommodate our needs. My daughter, Jill Wisniewski Kolenda who worked for Enterprise in Wexford five years ago contacted the Wexford office and spoke to Nicole McCue who was most helpful in trying to resolve this situation. She had a Chrysler 300 car available for us to rent with unlimited mileage. She was so gracious, apologizing for the rudeness of the other agent. This, she did not have to do. She was so kind and understood our problem, truly showing empathy regarding our situation. This agent went above and beyond, and deserves that recognition. Ms. McCue is a true asset to your company, she handled our situation in a very professional manner and if there is an employee recognition award she should be considered for one. My aunt use to say when someone does something special, they deserved a star, well, Nicole deserves one. Too often, a company only hears the complaints from their customers, but I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Ms. McCue for the job she did and to let you know that she turned a negative experience into a positive one for us. Sincerely, Maurita Wisniewski

We used Enterprise last month and had great service so we are making another trip today and decided to use Enterprise again. We reserved a van because we are picking up my son from the military and taking other family members, we reserved this van two weeks ago. As my husband was on his way to Enterprise they called and said they had rented the van to someone else and the guy was swiping his card as they spoke. And then we find out that the baseball world series is in town so we cannot rent another vehicle anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. We will never use Enterprise again and will tell everyone that we see how they treat people.


My vehicle was recently involved in a hit and run, i contacted enterprise to rent a vehicle and was told that my insurance would pay for everything that i would not have any out of pocket expense, then i receive a phone call from the Emmaus PA office where I am renting my vehicle and was told that i have to pay 18.00 a day after Dan (employee) told me my policy would cover all the expense, now i am going to have to walk because i can not affored to pay any additional cost. i was told if i dont take the insurance and any thing happens with the vehicle i would have to pay an addtional 500.00 on top of the 500.00 deductible that i have to already pay. Well I am just one person that works hard and pay for my insurance and you probably wont give a second thought too, but i hope if you are every in my situation that you get better treatment then i have from your corporation.

My spouse and I rented a car from your company in Clarksville, Tn in Nov 10. The car was give to us with less than a half a tank. In the five days we used the car, it accumulated 100 miles. When we returned the car, there were no problems or issues. One month later we receive a bill in the mail for a repair required on the car because of "bad gas". Bad Gas?? If it had bad gas, how the hell did i get it back to the store, push it? Well i called the office we rented from and the manager was no help. He gave me the number to the regional manager. I spoke with him once and he will never answer another phone call or return calls. So i envolved my insurance company to look into it. Enterprise has failed to even respond to my insurance company. Enterprise had the car "repaired" before notifiying us and just sent a bill. Gave me no opportunity to rebutt their claims. My insurance company has been trying to get some response out of Enterprise for over two months with no assistance. So now i receive a letter from a debt collection agency trying to collect for Enterprise. I tried calling the coporate office for assistance, i might as well have called burger king. So now the fun begins. I am a combat wounded retired army veteran with two Bronze Stars. I can wait to see the response from Enterprise when i go to the press and viral with my complaint and lack of customer service. I am sure they would love the reputation of mistreating Soldiers and their family members. I am tired of their games and now its my turn. Ironmanstuart@yahoo.com

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