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As of today within three months, I did two drop-off at night. For both of them, a claim was filed for both nightly drop-off. The first drop-off, I rented a charger which a dent was indicated then a claim was filed for a dent above the exisiting damage. Second claim, a four inch dent on the front bumper, the nightly drop off isn't a good idea. I have been renting from Enterprise for years, out of those years, I did two nightly drop-off which I regret dearly. They have lost me as a customer.

I was recently in Lexington Kentucy to help my sister after surgury and had a horrible expierence at the airport location. A few days after my sister's surgery and finishing chemotherapy she tried to rent a car. She had a economy class reserved and was told that it was not available and she would have to pay more for a larger car. My sister thought since she had a reservation, that the manager would work with her. To make a long story short, a Ms. Ashley N. Hutchinson manager of Lexington Bluegrass Airport Enterprise Rental Car, did not work with her and was very rude. My sister tried to use a debit card (even though she has credit cards) and Ms. Hutchinson apparently assumed my sister didn’t have any and asked for some copies of utility bills. My sister was very uncomfortable and actually thinks she was stereotyped because it was so weird from the beginning. Ms. Hutchinson even called security on her after my sick sister muttered one swear word. Of course when security arrived and saw my bald headed sister, they immediately backed off, realizing she was a cancer patient. This manager was arrogant and rude and as such our business will no longer rent from Enterprise.

Sioux Falls SD now has a new $75 max "excessive filth" billing policy for returned cars. Its clerk will define "excessive filth."

We rented a car to drive to Michigan from Pennsylvania and when we returned the car, the rude and conniving employee told us that the car had roof damages, and was claiming 2000$ from us. The damages were not even visible to us, and the whole process was nothing short of mental harassment and a fraud. They were trying to make us scapegoat to other damages in the car. This is very had and disturbing. I dont know what step to take next, but clearly this is a big fraud.

So first I got in a 'nothing you can do' wreck and tottaled my truck got sewed and got hurt really bad. Finally got home and spoke to my car insurance adjuster. Me and my husband have to share one vehicle and my husband had work at 5 am the next morning. So we begged our insurance adjuster to jump on getting us a rental and was so nice (farm bureau) and found us a car in longview enterprise which was an hour away because we were desperate. So we got there and got out car had it for 15 days and then started blowing up my husbands phone and mine as well at 8 in the morning saying they need to know if our truck has been tottaled out yet and we haven't even talked to our insspokes to our insurance adjuster about it yet. And we said we would call we spike our insurance adjuster. Anyway they are winsome at the longview, tzar location and seriously need to communicate with there staff. Sincerly

Contract 568765 Tinney 618 J. CLYDE MORRIS BLVD Newport News VA A Manager (Dave 757-872-6410 I believe was his name) called me and explained everything. He was exceptional and very professional. As he promised, the credit posted this morning. I apologize and now have a greater respect for Enterprise.

NICK HANNA at your Wichita, KS airport location is a scam artist and has terrible customer support skills. He signed me up for insurance after I told him I purchased it online when i reserved the car through expedia. he would only take 20% off--so the scam artist basically charged me twice for the same insurance---WHAT A RIP OFF!!! DO NOT DO business with this greedy company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! signed_VERY UNHAPPY NEVER AGAIN CUSTOMER!!!!

Rented Pick UP Truck Newport News VA 618 J. CLYDE Morris Blvd Saturday 30 July 2011 Contract # 568765 Total charge on receipt 108.81 Enterprise took 188.22 from my account. Avoid this car rental company.


Sioux Falls SD operation: fourth overbilling this week. Recommend reviewing all invoices.

Had the worse exsperiance of life had my honeymoon ruined because of the run around and lies of the San Diego Branch and the Mexican Insurance that I was over charged for . The car broke down in mexico and it took 10 hrs. 16 phone calls I had to cross an International border catch a ride to san diego to get another car. all this happened on my wedding day my honey moon began in a tow truck and I missed multiple resivations along with the reseption and A non refundable condo fee on the sea of cortez.

We spent nearly an hour just trying to call agency to report the accident, after an automatic voice message, someone answered and hang up. We were waiting for the tow truck and another car to take us to the closest agency which was located only 10 minutes away where we were. After almost three hours waiting for your assistance the policeman who was with us all the time, got tired of waiting, she stopped the traffic and guided us to the nearest branch - 2723 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Kissimmee, FL. Now comes the hard part ... after spending all morning in the hot sun of Florida, with my mother 72 years (high pressure issue) and four children excited to go Disney, we were very poorly served by your employee Alicia Wdchanski. She spoke clearly her madness because she was getting late for lunch. When I said I needed another car, she laughed at me and said it neither I nor anyone in my family would be able to leave with another car of “her” agency. I called my primary insurance agent (Progressive) to say that they would cover the costs of the accident, but Alicia Wdchanski did not accept and said it was not her problem. I called my credit insurance card, and asked for your credit card agent (Angela) to talk to Alicia Wdchanski that would also cover the costs; Alicia Wdchanski did not care the confirmation of Angela. I authorized to charge my credit card and she refused and made me sign termination of the contract, which there was still 5 more days and had been prepaid. Sarcasm, irony and lack of regard for our emotional state after the accident, it was everything we got. No one deserves, even the worst case. Anyway, after one hour trying to contact the agency, three hours in the middle of the street waiting for the Enterprise assistant that never arrived, and within two hours inside the agency, I was forced to closed the contract, ending up with my family (total nine people), many bags and starving, not knowing what to do without another rental car , as a tourists in an unfamiliar city. Only Jesus in the cause!

To whom it may concern, I rented a Chrysler 300 for the week starting on 7/22/11 and have been using it to travel back and forth from the DFW area to the San Antonio area while I'm moving. On the third day or I should say night I was pulled over for expired tags outside of Austin. This is the second time this has happen and both times I have been pulled over by a state trooper and given a hard time because of this. I called the office I rented the car from and Justin the manager was extremely rude and kept addressing me as "MAN" not Sir or Mr Lera. I'm now 300 miles from home with a car with bad tags and Florida plates witch has me now sitting in an enterprise in San Antonio costing me time and money. Ok it's been 2 hours later and several phone calls everything was taken care of my rental was comped and my weeks rental started over. So all in all I must say that the Arlington district mgr Kyle Buffalow and the two managers Russ Neal and Jonathan McCoy of San Antonio made my experience better and I will still be a returning customer. So my rating of one star goes up to a 4 just because of those 3 gentlemen. Just FYI if your in the Arlington area stay away from the location on Cooper and California street Mgrs name is Justin and is very rude not sayn to stay away from enterprise, just that location. Thanks guys you made me feel like a valued customer.

Augusta, Georgia The Enterprise office located Downtown Broad Street employee (name is Curtis) provided poor customer service. He was eating in the open, during the reservation process making calls out, and talking to others during the entire process. This is why doing business in larger cities you do not have to deal with such unprofessional workers. When ask where the manager was, he replied on vacation. I'm fully aware the manager does not support this type of behavior, but has no idea what is going on when they are out. This location needs to look into replacing this worker or provide him with additional training on customer service. The rental was secured through the Columbia, SC office, and they are very professional, helpful, and tell-the truth.

My daughter had to have her car serviced, normally the mechanic provides a loaner car but they were all out so he suggested she rent a car through Enterprise (Wayne, NJ)since they had a deal with them - $30.00 per day. She was in a bind so she agreed. She dropped her car off the next morning and picked up the rental which she ended up driving for 2 days. Imagine her surprise when she received a credit card bill for over $200!! NOT the $60. plus tax she was expecting. In calling Enterprise they said they had indeed made an error but only to the tune of $30. the rest they said were legitimate charges that had been tacked on but quite honestly NEVER explained. This was where mom stepped in, and in talking to the branch manager, who immaturely muttered under his breath, grudgingly took another $21.40 off the bill. In reviewing the bill, the mechanic felt there was at least $114. in charges that should not have been. While we have done business with Enterprise in the past (Parsippany,NJ) we will NEVER deal with the Wayne office and the mechanic (Lincoln Park,NJ) agrees. What a shoddy company to take advantage of people in a bind! I am going to be writing/calling their corporate headquarters as well.

We recently rented a car in the glacier area of Montana from Enterprise. I was pleased with the car, the office and the speed with which we were processed. We checked the car for dents, none. I forgot to mention the price was good too. However, we forgot to chek one thing-the license plate. In FL it is a given that your rental car has a FL license plate so you don't become a target for thieves looking for tourists to rob in the state. Apparently in Montana, there is no such agreement among rental co. We did'nt notice at first, but as we drove we noticed people trying to take pictures of our plate. We asked several people not to, but apparently they are not concerened with identity theft or harrassment in Montana and Wyoming because in both states, people completely ignored our wished,(we went there for beauty and the peace of the national parks). Right. The thing that was really great as when we came back from Waterton in Alberta,Canada, customs asked us to open our trunk and how did we get a care with Hawaiian plates to continental US? Oh that was special! I am glad that they are doing a good job at our Canadian/US border, but we should not have had to answer that question, as we don't know. I blame the rental company as I believe we were used and our well being was not considered because I think marketing ,"The Aloha State," to native Montana,Wyoming and Canadian natives was more important than our safety. I had to think this over and did not think I was angry, but I am. Shame on these marketing hooligans. Its' going way too far.

We rented a vehicle at Enterprise at Marginal Loss Angeles KM 13.5 Carolina PR on 7/16/11 at 11:06 p.m. Alex Santiago was the representative attending us. He checked vehicle gave it us and told us we could leave as we were trying to exit the lights were off and no attendant was available, as we exited, we got severe damage tire, he then charged our credit card for damage on tires and we told him wait a minute no attendant no lights, suddenly attendant came and lights were turned on. When I got back to Chicago after mother in laws funeral, I went to State Farm my insurance and was told under deductible but you must dispute charges because and attendant and light must be on, Valerie Rodriguez said she would call me in 30 minutes. I did not receive a call then I called Valerie Rodriguez the manager I could not under her she barely speaks english, she does not understand english either, after going back and forth with enterprise recovery and Valerie. Per Valerie I had to pay for damages to the vehicle, the representatives at enterprise put me on hold or would tell me no one could speak to me, call recovery unit, which I did and I was told at Recovery Unit to call my credit card and dispute charges they are suppose to have and attendant and lights on. I am very unhappy with their customer service very unprofesional at office. They should have people that speak english lights attendant at the exit. I will never rent from Enterprise I will dispute these charges until the day I die.

Well, it is now late July and I have not had a courtesy of a response. Would someone please get back to me & refund my money.. Bil Tobey Thank you again for your message! Please keep this copy of your inquiry for future reference. To update or cancel your question, please provide your email address on our support site and click on the "History" tab. We sincerely appreciate the time you took in contacting us. We will be with you very soon. To access your question from our support site, click here. Discussion Thread Auto-Response 05/07/2011 01:08 AM Thank you for contacting us. Complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we appreciate your feedback regarding your recent experience with us. Your message and information has been sent to Randy Hendershot our Regional Vice President, and someone will be contacting you shortly. If you would like to contact us directly, call 916-787-4500. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. Customer By Web Form (William Tobey) 05/07/2011 01:08 AM On 4/22/11 I rented a car at the Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA location for one day. Late that evening I dropped the car off & locked the keys inside on purpose, you certainly do not leave a car unlocked in this neighborhood. The next morning I get a voice mail saying that I had left the car locked & that they did not have another key and would have to charge me for a locksmith plus the length of time the car was not available to rent. As I remember the daily rental was 39.95 plus 12.00 insurance approximately 52.00 plus tax & fees. My account was charged over 156.00. First, I was not informed that I shouldn't lock the keys in the car when I dropped it off. I had no idea that i shouldn't lock the keys in the car. i couldn't even imagine that you wouldn't have had a 2nd set of keys Second, it is inappropriate I am charged for your lack of a 2nd set of keys. Please credit my account accordingly.

I have had 2 very negative experiences with Enterprise, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. With my experience on the West Coast I had reserved a 7 passenger van 2 weeks in advance. We were doing a road trip with 5 adults and an infant. I called 1 week in advance and was assured the requested vehicle had been reserved. On my way to the office that morning I received a phone call that they did NOT have a vehicle for me. I continued to the office as I had people waiting at my house for me. I had a heated argument with the manager about the poor service I had received. His solution was to give me two vehicles for the cost of one. I explained to him that if I wanted to do this we would simply take the 2 vehicles we owned - that the purpose of the 7 passenger van was so we could all travel together and not have the cost of double fuel expenses, We ended up traveling 15 miles north to pick up an SUV which seated 5 and cost us additional time. Our East Coast experience was very similar. We went into Enterprise on Friday morning to reserve a standard class vehicle for Monday morning. We were told we would receive a blue Ford Fusion (our initial request had been for a Fusion) that was due to be returned that (Monday) morning. When we got there the Fusion was not available but would give us another vehicle in the same class - a Kia Sorrento. While the clerk was doing the paperwork for that another clerk gave the Sorrento to the customer they were assisting. I ended up with a Kia Forte and was told it was the same class as the Fusion! Because of the time factor and my need to get on the road I accepted this. Upon entering the vehicle I noticed a stain on the front passenger seat and reported it to the manaager, not wanting to get charged for the clean-up. The vehicle has only 1/2 tank of gas and I had no time to wait for a fill-up. The manager said to speak with him when we returned the vehicle, assuring us he would take care of us. He even went so far as to check his calendar to be sure he would be avaialable. Needless to say, when we returned the vehicle he wasn't there. After 2 such negative experiences we would be hard pressed to use Enterprises again.

EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE ALL AROUND AT TUNICA AIRPORT LOCATION. Dear Enterprise Corporate Manager, my recent experience at the Tunica Rental Facility at the Tunica Airport has turned me off from the idea of ever using Enterprise again. After getting a flat tire with in 10 mins of leaving the airport, I had to wait for road service. $70 or so was added TO MY BILL FOR THIS!!! I was told by Manager at airport office I would get the tow truck fee taken off my invoice and a little bit more for my trouble on 7-1-11. I got home and as I had figured your office people were either scalping me or are incompetent cause they put through the full charge including the tow truck charge and neglected to deduct my 10%coupon. I called and spoke to Courtney on 7-12 and after bickering with me and 1/2 accusing me of causing the flat tire, she would credit my account for $126, which I thought was not enough but was not ready to fight it anymore. A week went by and of course no credit appeared in my account. I called back again and spoke with Randy who said he would put the $126 credit through to my account right away. Today I check and only a credit for a lesser amount was put through. We have 2 choices here, I can either be issued another substantial credit for all my trouble soon or I can put into action a plan of contacting the Attorneys General of MS, MO and IL as well as the BBB of all 3 states. Also I will leave negative reviews of my experience on about 5-10 websites like Trip Advisor. I was going to let it go, but now that I was shorted on my refund, a hornets nest has been stirred up. Let me know soon your decision, a non-response will result in my plan in 3 days hence. Robert Huber 986 S Chippendale Dr Bartlett, Il 60103 630-372-6338 hooglesnorpus@comcast.net

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