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Sherri- given inflation, I don't think precis in general will ever go down. Being bigger though, does increase our buying power, which prevents us from having to raise precis- and indeed on various products, allows us to reduce precis.Not sure if you noticed on our Facebook page or the signage in the store, but Consumer Checkbook Magazine did an objective price comparison of 152 organic items among MOM's, Wegman's, Whole Foods, Giant, Safeway, and Harris Teeter- and we beat them all by a good margin! We are able to do this also with our low overhead model.

Erica, It seems greed makes us quite blind; blind to ourselves and out true movttaiions. I have heard, as we all have, many explanations as to how the country got into the current financial mess. Much of what I have heard has been in the form of blaming one politician or policy or another. However, I am not so sure that many of us don't hold some part of the blame. America is a country of consumers and our standard of living is the highest in the world. I believe that, as a culture, most of us have grown accustomed to this and don't often give our life styles a second thought, except maybe to bemoan the fact that we can't afford more. It does not seem like too much of a stretch to see how in our culture (a reflection of our very nature in many cases) those who made the decisions that lead us to this point were not challenged more along the way. If people were making money and others were getting homes and credit they wanted, the left hand was washing the right. I agree with you that this should not have occurred and that arrogance, deception and greed have ruled the day for far too long. I also think many of us may have either not taken the time or been interested enough to find out what was going on or may even have turned a blind eye in some cases. Whatever the case, I believe the culture in the U.S. has played a role in making this mess possible. Buddy

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